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SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part 84 & 85:SPECIAL MOMENT FOR DHEERA!….



BG: “After DheEra’s 10 days stay at Bahamas, they are now off to Casablanca- Morocco….Sailing through the Topic of Cancer was an epic experience….Everywhere you look just the plain blue sea; water, water!!…Serene, soothing; comforting….But the journey from one destination to the next, would be their longest yet at sea; 50 hours to be precise…..”


The rays of the morning sun, pierced through the porthole windows of DheEra’s cabin; thus waking Dharam….The upper part of Meera’s body was drapped over Dharam, who couldn’t help but smile; remembering last night….He moved her hair from her face and kissed her forehead😘: You’re glowing Meeru, you can deny it all you want, but I can tell- YOU ARE PREGNANT!…Mmm, Meera groaned in her sleep and tugged on the comforter, hoping to fit in a few more winks of sleep….


Dharam showed Medha the scenic views, that surrounded them….Meera came there and called out to them….Dharam turned around to see Meera dressed in only a white sheet…..Meera took Medha in her arms, as she needed to be feed….

Dharam: Where are you going😕?….

Meera: To the cabin, to feed the baby😊….

Dharam: Do it here😊!…

Meera: Out in the open😯!…

Dharam: Meeru, look around you….Besides US; there is NOT A SOUL around!….Besides, it’s so warm up here and the breeze is salty yet crisp….So refreshing!…


Dharam: NOBODY would DARE😏!…

Dharam sat just behind Meera and back-hugged her in such a way that his unbuttoned shirt, covered her upper-frontage…..

Dharam: This is the life, Meeru….Just the 4 of us; in the middle of nowhere☺!….

Meera: 3 of us Dharamji😊….

Dharam placed his hand on Meera’s stomach: 4, Meeru☺!….

Meera: I am NOT PREGNANT, Dharamji….

Dharam: Yes you are😍!….The first thing we do once we get to Morocco, is take you to a doctor….Then she can tell us WHAT I ALREADY KNOW!….

Meera just shook her head to him….


Casablanca, Morocco


BG: “As soon as DheEra reached Casablanca, the first thing they did was to get Meera tested and hence; they visited a hospital….”


Ghandi Hospital


DheEra arrived there and met the doctor, who took Meera for the test….The result was somewhat peculiar….

Doctor: Mrs Suryavanshi, your pregnancy test reveals that you are NOT PREGNANT, but from your husband’s explanation about your eating habits and the fact that you had 2 bouts of morning sickness….It’s clear YOU ARE WITH A CHILD!….

Meera: But the test was -ve doctor, then how😕?….

Doctor: Do you know what’s advance than SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY?….

DheEra: 😕

Doctor: The answer is THE HUMAN BODY!…

Dharam: Oh, so you mean it’s TOO EARLY for any scans or tests to show the pregnancy, but her BODY is already giving us signs😍!…

Doctor: Yes, EXACTLY Mr Suryavanshi….As soon as the egg got fertilized, her body began giving off the symptoms….

Meera: But😕….

Doctor: It’s true Mrs Suryavanshi; it’s a very rare occurrence; but 1 out of 600000 woman get pregnancy symptoms- the moment fertilization has taken place….Congratulations Mr and Mrs Suryavanshi, you are becoming parents once more😊….

Doctor held Medha’s hand: And you, little one- are not going to be “The little one” anymore….You are going to be a big sister😊….DheEra thanked the doctor and left….Meera was still in a daze, while Dharam was floating on cloud 9…..


Meera: Dharamji, I don’t believe it….

Dharam: Believe it Meeru….You are two weeks pregnant and we are having a baby☺!….

Meera hugged Dharam tightly….

Meera: I am going to have a baby😍!….


Dharam wrapped his arm around Meera’s waist and gave her a slight pinch: 2 down, 8 to go….Right, Meeru😉?….

Meera: In your dreams Dharamji!….

Dharam: I think we should cut the trip short and sail directly to India heareafter….

Meera: No Dharamji, I want to visit this exotic locations, which I have seen only in magazines….

Dharam: Are you sure Meeru?….

Meera: Yes Dharamji, very sure😊….Once we get back to India, it will be back to work for us, then the baby’s arrival….We will never get a chance to do another cruise like this!…


BG: “After 2 weeks of sight seeing in Morocco, DheEra were off to Spain….”




Dharam cancelled his entire itinerary of Spain, as Meera only wanted to visit Madrid….



BG: “After reaching Madrid, DheEra decides to visit PALACIO REAL, the Royal Palace of Madrid, which is the official residence of the King of Spain….”


DheEra arrives there….Meera gets awe-struck by it….

Meera: I wish I could stay here, Dharamji😍😍!….

DheEra clicked selfies and enjoyed a lot….Dharam clicked Meera’s picture with the Palace’s interior Palace…..

BG: “Time passed soon and their Spain journey came to an end….Now DheEra are off to France….”


France, Paris

Meera: Paris is just so romantic, Dharamji😍!….How long are we going to be here😕?….


Dharam: 20 days, Meeru…..We will leave for Italy on the morning of 26th😊…..

Meera: I kinda hoped😞….

Dharam: Hoped what😕?….

Meera: That we did spend the 27th on the Eiffel Tower…..

Dharam: Why?….What’s happening on the 27th😕?….


Meera: NOTHING😑!….

Saying this, Meera stomped her foot and left Dharam alone…..


BG: “As planned, the family left France on the 26th and docked in Italy the same night…..”




BG: “Meera was sulking in their hotel suite…..”

Meera: How can Dharamji forget the significance of the day😟….



Dharam took Meera and Medha on a gondola and rowed them through the canals of Venice…..




Film Club Restaurant


DheEra arrives in the beautiful restaurant…..Meera looked around but found no one, as Dharam booked the entire venue for the OCCASION!!….Dharam clapped his hands and confetti fell on Meera🎊, who was standing in the middle of the restaurant…..Meera surprisingly and emotionally looks at Dharam….


Meera: You remember that Dharamji😢😢!….

Dharam: You thought I forgot THIS day😯….How can I Meeru?….Though at first I didn’t wanted to marry anyone, but DESTINY had it’s own PLAN and that’s why instead of Vidya I got married to YOU….I remember NOT accepting this marriage and thinking you married me for money and I even got divorce papers ready….But it was YOU who changed my thinking and made me see the truth and gave me the best birthday gift ever😍….I didn’t knew then, that it was the happiest day of my life when my EMPLOYEE became my WIFE!….

BG: “THIS was DheEra’s 2 year marriage anniversary….”

DheEra are shown having candlelight dinner….

Medha is shown sleeping in a cradle….Dharam asks Meera for a dance, by giving his hand to her….Meera gives her hand in his….

Soft, romantic music played, as DheEra slow-danced very closely with each other….


Dharam gives Meera a pretty good chain with a diamond encrusted locket….Meera opened the locket to find a picture of Medha on 1 side, while the other side remained empty….

Dharam: When VIRAAT comes, we will add his picture☺!….

Meera: You named our son VIRAAT….I love it Dharamji☺….I love you Dharamji😘!…

BG: “DheEra spent the rest of the night “lovingly” in each other’s arms….”


BG: “DheEra planned 3 weeks in Italy and decided to visit different places….First they visited POMPEII….”


Dharam clicked Meera’s picture there….


Meera clicked Dharam’s picture there….



BG: “After visiting POMPEII, DheEra visited PIAZZA DEL….”



BG: “At night DheEra went to see CAMPO….”

DheEra enjoyed there a lot….



BG: “Now it was time for DheEra to see LAKE COMO….”





BG: “DheEra decided to end their trip with a small tour of Rome….”



BG: “After arriving in Rome DheEra decided to see COLOSSEUM, the largest amphitheatre in Rome….”


Inside the  COLOSSEUM



BG: “Now it’s the VATICAN, which is the most Serene, most tranquil, almost heaven-like place; in the world!…”




Part 85-


BG: “Now it’s off to Greece for another 20 days and MYKONOS was top of the agenda…..It’s a picture perfect town, comprising of tiny streets and white washed homes….”


Meera: Dharamji, I want to live here😍!…

Dharam: Meeru, you have said that in every country we have been to😒….


DheEra arrives there and gets amazed, as it served as a temple, church, mosque and fortress; all in one!….


BG: “Now the family went to SANTORONI, also known as the VOLCANIC ISLAND, because of it’s very own active volcano…..”




BG: “Now it was time for the family to go to another destination….But the HIGHLIGHT of been in Greece was- Medha saying her first word, not the usual “MAMMA” or even “PAAPA”…..Medha spoke her first word as “MAAPAA”!….”

DheEra are shown getting thrilled and filming Medha calling out to them and even mailing it to the relatives back home…..


BG: “DheEra docked in Turkey next….”





Meera: This resort fits us perfectly😍☺!…

Dharam: Yes☺!….



DheEra’s Suite

The in-house chef is shown coming in the suite and placing pregnant Meera’s, very weird, midnight cravings in front of her….

He goes from there….



DheEra’s Suite

The in-house chef brings Turkish staple- APPLE TEA for Meera, who ordered it to cure her morning sickness…..He goes from there, while Meera happily drinks it….



DheEra arrives there for shopping….But Dharam didn’t knew that it would make him almost bankrupt as Meera “HAD TO HAVE EVERYTHING”, that her eyes fell on….

Meera: Please, Dharamji😟….

Dharam: Hmm😔….


BG: “Today as it’s the last day in Turkey, DheEra decided to visit THE BLUE MOSQUE, a name given because of the 20,000 blue ceremic tiles that adorned the inside walls and 200 large blue-stained glass windows, and a dome that was decorated with the verses of the Qur’an…..The shrine gave peace to whoever visited and DheEra felt it too!….”




Meera is shown watching the yacht pass through the SUEZ-CANAL, to reach Egypt….





Dharam: 10 days is enough to see the Pyramids…..

Meera: Yes Dharamji😊…..



DheEra sees the Pyramids….



BG: “On leaving Egypt, there was trouble approaching….Getting into the RED SEA meant inviting troubles, but there was NO OTHER ROUTE!….Passing countries like- Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen meant encountering vermin of the worst kind!….”

Dharam through his binoculars sees the trouble approaching them and gets scared: Oh no😥😥!….



Corsairs cause trouble for DheEra😟!….

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