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Shani 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Young Hanuman pays a visit to Shani

Shani 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

|| Arrogance kills our ability to see the difference between right and wrong. Shani teaches that arrogant people don’t bend down before the ones they should thereby calling destruction upon themselves. ||

Everyone is teary eyed to see Hanuman apply oil to Shani’s hand. Even Hanuman’s eyes well up. Devi Chhaya says the real pain is that our sons are still friends yet Hanuman does not recall anything about it. He is unaware of it. Hanuman had applied oil to his beloved friends thus saving him in the past too. Sadly, we cannot tell him the truth even though we wish to. We know the treatment of his pain yet we cannot free him from it. Devi Anjana tells her not to worry. You don’t need to remember the past time to experience love. Hanuman was with Shani in the past too and is today too. I

am sure this time their friendship will fix everything this time.

Hanuman caresses Shani’s head. I don’t know why I am becoming so emotional. Devi Chhaya, Devi Anjana, Yami and Surya Dev recall their past memories together.

Narayan says sadly, we fail in taking care of their pain. We are the biggest power yet we cannot go against fate. Mahadev remarks that pain is the turning point of anyone’s life. It kills the distance between 2 people. When Shani and Hanuman parted ways, Shani experienced this pain. It is still inside him. Hanuman will surely regain his memory one day. That day, he too will experience the same pain. It will only bring these friends closer.

Hanuman requests Shani to open his eyes. If I have done my karmas nicely then you will open your eyes right away. Shani shifts in his place and opens his eyes relieving everyone. He finds his friend by his side as he looks up. I am thankful to you for saving my life. A tear escapes his eye. Hanuman helps him stand and wipes his tears. Thank you is not required in friendship. You need rest. Shani denies. I want to know how much time has passed since we returned from Lanka. Hanuman gives him his answer. We have enough time and you need rest. Shani denies. If I am right then Ravan must have come out of that bubble by now!

Ravan throws the stuff angrily. I have never experienced such a big defeat in past. I had all the Nav-graha’s in my grasp but Shani ruined my plan. I will not forgive you ever! I will kill you! I gave respect to your wife and gave you a chance but now you will see my real form! This time I will take your wife with me in front of your eyes! I will see how Surya Loka’s army will save her then. I will see who will save you from my wrath! I will be back soon.

Shani is drawn back to his past memories with Hanuman. I waited so many years to meet you but I had never thought that the pain of meeting you will be more painful than the pain of separation. I am helpless as I have to keep you away from me. I remember everything but I cannot remind you anything. Young Hanuman asks him what he is thinking. He addresses him as Falwaledata. Shani looks at him in shock. Young Shani says it is normal. It is not just pain which brings tears to your eyes. Sweet memories do the same thing sometimes. Young Hanuman says I might have lost my memory but you know how much time I take to learn things from you. Maybe this is the reason why I am taking my time again. I can understand your pain but I am happy to meet you again. I got my friend back. Young Shani keeps his hand at Shani’s shoulder. I am relieved that you have finally started to face your emotions. Make this pain your strength. Hanuman is unaware of the pain that you are feeling today but the day his memories return, he will feel it too. He will be guilty. One friend would need his other friend that day. You only have to bring Hanuman from this pain then. Shani nods. I am ready to do anything. Your friendship has taught me a lot. I only knew the language of karma. It was you who got me aware of the power of devotion. Hanuman adds that he showed him how karma is related with devotion. I might not remember you but we both agree on the fact that every emotion, expression makes me feel a strange bond with you. I don’t need any memory to know how deep that bond was. It is already present in our friendship. Shani says I wish I could make Hanuman aware of it. I am so excited and restless for it. When will the day come when we will recognize each other again? Young Hanuman extends his arms and Shani hugs him tight.

Hanuman enters in the room just then. There is a question which is bothering me. I want to know the answer to that. Whenever I look at you, I feel as if you have answer to all my questions; as if you know me. Shani smiles.

Ravan reaches Surya Loka with his army. You ruined my Swarna Mahal that day. See how I will destroy you today! Get ready to fight with me!

Precap: A very big fight is about to ensue between Ravan and Shani. The fate of world depends on it. See how this will end when Shani will finally accept the position of Karamfaldata.

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