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Shakti 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman haunted by Suomya’s bangles

Shakti 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Maninder was concerned about Surbhi being nauseatic. Nani and Bebe come there and were happy that Surbhi is pregnant. Nani suggests that Surbhi must get the good news to Varun by herself. Surbhi plans to go to Varun after office. Maninder was cheerful about being the grandfather, he was eager to celebrate the good news and goes to get the sweet.
At night, Nani and Surbhi come home. Shanno welcomes Surbhi for a good and a bad news. Surbhi asks about Suomya. Shanno tells her the good news, that Harman is conscious then tells her that he has lost his memory. Preeto comes there and insults Shanno asking if she understands the important that the heir of this house doesn’t recognize her. She takes Surbhi and Nani inside.
In the room, Suomya was worried about Harman’s memory loss and says she might

die if Harman denies recognizing her. Preeta tells her to calm down, he will soon get his memory back. She sends Suomya to prepare milk for Harman. Surbhi stops Varun and follows him in the corridor, he wasn’t ready to listen to her.
Surbhi locks the room and hugs Varun. He hugs her back. Surbhi says she got a good news to calm his anger down. She says she is pregnant and was excited about the news. Varun asks Surbhi who is the father of this child, he or Sumit? Surbhi slaps Varun for this character blame. Varun tells Surbhi that he understands the truth well. Surbhi calls Varun’s thinking as cheap and leaves the room crying.
Suomya brings the milk for Harman and presents it to him. She says Preeto mixed dry fruits for him. As Harman drinks from her hand, he gets flashes of Suomya breaking her bangles. He shouts to call Preeto and Harak Singh. He blames that Suomya has mixed bangle pieces into the milk. Preeta and Harak Singh explain its herb into it. Harman throws the glass of milk and insists of them to look on.
Everyone else leave the room. Preeta offers Harman and Harak Singh to drink together and goes to get Chakla. Harman says its Veeran who gets it. Preeto, Harak Singh and Veeran were happy. Outside, Shanno taunts at Suomya that they have a hearty relation with Harman unlike Suomya. Ravi joins her in the taunt. Suomya leaves. Varun was excited and goes to get the drink for them.
In the room, Suomya looks towards her bangles and cries. Preeto watches her and comes in. Suomya tells Preeto that Harman gifted her the bangles, she broke them in front of him. He must be hurt, but it wasn’t deliberate. Preeto tells Suomya that he will soon remember everything, she has to take care of herself as it’s her right and responsibility both to take care of Harman.
In another room, Shanno tells Harak Singh that Harman must be hurt as Suomya broke her bangles in front of him. Veeran also tells Harak Singh that Suomya will only make Harman crazier, its better to send her to her parents. Ravi asks Harak Singh to explain it to Preeto. Preeto had reached outside the room and says they don’t recognize Preeto well. She has crossed all the limits to throw Suomya out of the house, but now she owns Suomya and can cross every limit to keep her into the house. They may try and make her leave the house if anyone has the courage.

PRECAP: Suomya looks on for Harman on the street. He was with a drummer on the street. Later, Harman wakes up and finds himself tied with Suomya’s hand. He asks if he is a slave that she tied him. Suomya qualifies that she is actually the slave.

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