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Roses…A small story of Seven Shots By Zaimal PART-2

Guys thank you so much for so many likes and such warming comments,but it is little strange things..likes 56 and comments so small…but i like them a lot and i have no problem and i will not stop posting here because tellyupdates is only place where i started writing and you all had encouraged me a lot before therefore its fine.

love you all,enjoy reading.

Swara felt small pain in her elbow joint and opened her eyes and looked at her elbow and saw a injection.

“injection…”swara murmured and tried to get up but sanskar holds her.swara’s vision gets clear.

“sanskar…what am i doing here?”swara said and removes his hands.

“i brought you here when you fainted”sanskar said in plain voice.

“thank you…”swara said while stepping down from bed.sanskar holds her hand.

“where are you going?..”sanskar asked in angry voice.

“i am fine now…”swara said and tried to pull her hand but sanskar was not in mood to leave her hand.

“doctor will decide this..”sanskar said through gritted teeth.

“she is perfectly fine..just had a small food poisoning.’doctor said in professional way.swara stares at sanskar’s face then pulls her hand.

“thank you doctor and thank you so much mr.mawheswari….now i should leave”swara said and stands on her feet.

“give me your reports…”sanskar said while getting up himself.

“reports…which reports?”swara asked confusingly.

“your medical reports…”sanskar said,throwing daggers at her.swara stares at him for a second then beats her forehead.

“now i got…why you brought me here…. i am not cancer patient.ragini had a small prank with my boss……those reports were fake.”swara said explaining him everything.

At that time,room door gets open and karan comes there with frustrated face.

‘what are you doing here…”karan asked from sanskar. swara walked toward door with red face.she was hardly controlling her laugh.

“was helping a ABLANARI…’sanskar said,putting his hands in pockets.swara stopped that instant,turned and walked back to him.

“what did you just call me?”swara asked,looking at his face angrily.

“get out from here..”sanskar said with stone face.

“i asked something?…”swara asked putting stress on every word.

“do you want me to call security?”sanskar said in warning tone.swara clenched her fist in anger then turns and leaves from there.sanskar smiles a little.


“please swara…my mom met with accident.i have to be there.please handle everything here”lucky said in pleading voice.

“lucky…why your mother met with accident during this function.”swara said in irritated voice.lucky looks at her worriedly.

“you are still here….leave”swara said making face.

“thank you..”lucky give her side hug and leaves hurriedly.

“hey bhagawan…why you made this jerk.”swara muttered angrily.she looks at her wrist watch and gets worried.

“such a short time…”swara walks toward kitchen.


“when this party will get over..”swara said while looking at party hall.she takes another sip of water and looks at her wrist watch.she again looks at hall and her sight met with sanskar.

Swara raised her eyebrows,seeing him staring at her.

‘swara…’ragini called her from back.swara turns back.

“i am such a stupid girl…how can i do this?”ragini said,cursing herself.

“what’s wrong?”swara asked,seeing her worried face.

“i forget about my mother’s birthday..’ragini said and hit her fist on her own head.swara blinks at her crazy friend.

“what to do now?…mom is really angry.she is not picking my call….do something”ragini said holding her from shoulder.

“will she pick my call?”swara asked,taking out her mobile

“when you buy new mobile?”ragini asked with narrowed eyes.swara ignored her question.

“Hello aunti….”swara said in sweet voice.

“hello swara..how are you?”ragini’s mother asked in gentle voice.

“i am fine….how r you?”swara said and ragini hits on her foot.swara hissed in pain and throw daggers at her.ragini points at herself.

“what happened child?..”ragini’s mother asked worriedly.

“nothing aunty…one donkey is standing near me..’swara said,looking at ragini.she pinched swara.

“aunty why are you not picking ragini’s call?”swara asked rubbing her arm.ragini keeps her ear on phone.

“why i should pick her calls when she don’t care about us a little?”aunty said in hurt voice.ragini takes mobile from swara quickly and keeps on her ear.

“mom how can you say i don’t care about you and dad….i had brought your birthday gift just forgot about it due to work load.”ragini said poutingly.swara smiles.

“i am sorry mom…”ragini said after hearing scolding from otherside.swara bites her bottom lip and goes outside.Her eyes gets filled,seeing mother daughter love.she rubs her shoulder with her hands.

“ablanari girls don’t know anything except crying”sanskar’s voice touched her ear.swara looks back then again looks forward.sanskar stands beside her.

“your taunting habit is still the same..”swara said,wiping her tears.sanskar looks at her face.

“what?…”swara said with raised eyebrow.Sanskar smiles strangely and takes sip from his drink.

“why are you behaving like this?”swara said turning toward him.sanskar’s face turned expressionless.

“behaving like what?…”sanskar asked in plain voice.

“like you don’t know me…”swara said in irritated voice.

“i am shocked….you run away from there.from where you got so much courage?”sanskar asked,somewhere taunting.swara looks at him and blinks

sanskar holds her arm in tight grip.

“why didn’t you tell me?….”sanskar asked through clenched teeth.

“sanskar..”swara hissed in pain,her eyes filled with new tears.sanskar closed his eyes and leaves her.he looks forward.swara rubs her arm.

“i am sorry…”sanskar said after composing himself.

“you are so changed….”swara said in low voice.sanskar looks at her face,he really wanted to throttle her for saying that but just left from there.



I was driving back home when her face came in front of my eyes.i jerk her face away,feeling too much hatred all of sudden.i stopped the car with jerk and hit fist on wheel and closed my eyes.


‘sanskar what are we doing here?  its my work hour.my boss will cut my salary.what will i tell chachi?”she said whining like a child.i rolled my eyes at that then hold her from shoulder.

“miss ablanari….will you please stop worrying about chachi and look there.i have brought you most beautiful place of India”i said to her and turn her toward Taj Mahal.

“i am dam sure…you had not seen it.even after leaving in Agra”i said but she didn’t retort back.i looked at her face and smiled.she was mesmerized to see it.Just then i released that she was wearing white dress,matching to the color of that monument.she turned toward me quickly.

“can we go inside?…”she asked with glittering eyes.Her eyes were beautiful!

i just nodded and she literally grabbed my arm and dragged me inside.i don’t know what was happening with me but i loved it.she was touching the walls as was feeling their magic and here i was finding Taj Mahal much more beautiful then that which i visited days back.suddenly my phone started ringing and i take it out and received the call.my eyes were still glued to her.

“sanskar baby!…where are you?”kavya’s voice touched my ear.

“Taj Mahal…”i just whispered,inhaling deeply.

“oh!…i have heard a lot about it.okay baby enjoy”she said and hanged up.i sighed and walked outside and buy chaat from small food stall and sat on bench.i should not have bring here.

i was so lost in her thought that i didn’t release she came after me.

“Boooo!…”she shouted near my ear and started laughing seeing my scared face.her laugh was also beautiful. shut up sanskar!

i scolded myself and threw daggers at her.she quickly stopped laughing,seeing my fake angry face.she was always like this.SCARED!

“why you came outside…”she asked after sitting beside me.she looked at plate with wide eyes.

“i had seen it many times…”i said in plain voice and give her chaat.which she took quickly and started eating.

“its beautiful…”she said with filled mouth.

“that’s the problem…everyone wants to see Paris but no one wants to see beauty of their own country”i said shaking my head.

“paris is also a monument?….have you seen it?”she asked while her full focus was on food.

i looked at her with raised eyebrows.what did she just asked?

“what?…’she said after looking at me.i laughed and nodded my head vigorously.she and her general knowledge.

“why are you laughing?…”she asked making a cute pout face.

“i just don’t understand what i should call you too innocent or stupid.”i said and laughed loudly.i can see that her face was getting red with every second but i was unable to stop my laugh.

“jerk..”she said angrily,got up and walked out.Oh shit!

“swara listen…i am sorry’i run after her and tried to hold her from shoulder but she jerked my hands as if she was allergic to them.

“you always make fun of me…i will never talk with you.keep this phone with yourself”she said putting mobile on my hands and again started walking with firm steps.

Ugh! i don’t know how to make girls up.i never tried to do it.i looked around and saw stall of flowers.she loves roses…don’t she? i scratched my head then bought one bouquet of roses.

“sorry!…”i said and forwarded roses in front of her.As expected she stared at them for a second,trying to make decision.

“last time and if you again did this i will not talk”she said and takes flowers with small smile.i nodded my head like obedient child.

“let me drop you home…then i have to catch bus also”i said to her,looking at my wrist watch.she nodded and obliged me silently.

“good night miss ablanari….’i said to her and she gives me glare.she hates it when i call her that.i just chuckled seeing her glare.

“Night…’she said and turned toward her house.sorry replace that house with hell.that was not really her house.it was an actual hell for her and i really wanted her to leave from there.

i was still standing there,just wanted her to reach till door safely.stupid of me! but she turned and took a step back toward me.

“sanskar thank you so much..’she said with her usual adorable smile.i was confused with that.what did i do?

“for what?…”i asked with raised eyebrow.

“for everything…”she said and hugged me and again muttered a soft THANKS!

I was spellbound with that.she break hug,passed me a small smile and walked toward that hell.i was still staring at her back.if Taj had any magic then it had surely affected me badly.


that was last time i saw her and then she just vanished.i tried really hard to track her but she was no where and that day i saw her in my office.i was froze,seeing her in front of me.now i needed some answers from her.i started my car and zoomed it toward her house.


“coming…hold your horses”swara shouted and opened the door and was shocked seeing sanskar.

“hey!…you here at this time?”swara asked with genuine smile.sanskar gritted his teeth,grabbed her arm and pulled her out from.

“sanskar careful please my foot hurts…”swara said,trying to match his long strides.

“why you didn’t you tell me you are leaving that place?”sanskar asked in furious voice.swara stares at him.that sanskar was new for him.she had always seen a carefree,funny guy.who was he?

“i had lost my phone…”swara said as calmly as possible.

“then you should have wait for me to come there….not vanish like that’sanskar said,leaving her arms with jerk

“why i should have wait for you?…”swara asked in hurt voice.sanskar didn’t bother to give her answer.swara holds his arm and turn him toward her.

“why i should have wait for you?….what was i to you that you would have come from Mumbai to Agra?..”swara said in confused voice.not able to understand the reason behind his anger.

“we were in relationship..”sanskar said through gritted teeth.

“you were time passing with me….”swara said,getting angry all of sudden and leaves his arm and turns her face to hide her tear filled eyes.

“I WAS TIME PASSING WITH YOU?…”sanskar asking,turning her with jerk and pierced his fingers in her arms.

“weren’t you?…you had said this yourself.”swara asked and looked at his face with teary eyes.a traitor tear falls down from her eye.sanskar looks at her tears and his grip loosened on her arm.

“for what you are so angry?….i was just a fun for you.”swara said in painful voice.

“nothing else but we were at least friends…..should have told me as a friend and second thing i used to make your fun so that you should get angry and fight for yourself….you just never tried to understand me.”sanskar said in serious tone,left her arms turned and walked away but for second he turned and looked at her.

“that time passing thing was a joke…..”

He was gone,leaving swara standing there while cold winds were passing through her body.


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