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Before starting the episode HAPPY HOLI

She left. Mr. Chatterjee asked her to stay in contact for always. She nodded yes and he pampered her just like his own daughter. Tears welled up in his eyes but he had no other option.

“Anika beta… I know you will succeed, just never forget that your father is standing with you… go and be the winner” he said. She has received so much from this man that she cannot thank him enough for whatever he did. And he cannot thank her enough from the day she almost died for him.

She was going away to her mission. She reached in front of a vast mall, though it’s dark completely after the day a sudden bomb blast took place four months ago. Yes this was the news that compelled her to break the engagement suddenly without any second thought. She was in Mumbai on the verge of starting a life full with happiness and light whereas in Kolkata everything got dark that day.


Anika came and stood beside Shivay when her phone rang. She looked at Shivay as if taking permission for picking up the call. He permitted her and she went behind a pillar to speak to the caller.

“Yes sir” she replied very happily.

“Anika beta… I know it’s your engagement day… but…” Mr. Chatterjee stopped, she can completely sense that something is wrong. His cracked voice was making her more tensed.

“But what sir” she held the phone with both her hands so that it doesn’t slips down listening to the actual story.

“Here… here again a bomb blasted few hours ago… department tried to take the crowd in our control but then everything got slipped away from our hand, I just… I just don’t know what to do” Mr. Chatterjee… a man who is in his mid sixties, whom Anika never saw or heard of breaking down got broke down that day.

“Sara… sara died Anika” he said breaking down when someone from his department came to console him. He has lost his grandchild that day in that bomb blast. Everything inside him broke that day but he had faith that if Anika comes then he will get back at least minimum of his strength.

“Relax sir… I am coming” she tried to reply staying as strong as she could.

“Anika…” she was going to cut when again the trembling voice spoke up from the other side. She put the phone back on her ear “yes sir” she said.

“You have to leave Shivay for some days… and you are not allowed to disclose about this to anyone… as per the bond papers” he said and guilt was clearly audible.

“But sir… why Shivay?” she asked.

“Because, the men gave us threat that if you marry Shivay then another bomb blasts will continue” he said.

“What is with Shivay? I know they have been targeting Shivay’s vast business from past one and half years almost… but sir what’s the agenda? How is Shivay and his business linked to our mission?” she asked.

“That is the main question now… till now we were thinking that they have been targeting Shivay because he owns major companies which is the vast employment key of our country… and plotting blasts in his companies will lead to major destruction of human kind… but apart from that something more is there too… that you have to find out now, do whatever Anika but please make Shivay believe that you are going away from him… at least for some days” he said taking deep breath and wiping away her tears in between.

“Yes sir” everything broke her into pieces. She was trying to figure out everything but then one question was stuck to her mind that why Shivay is being targeted. She tried for past long years but no clue was there. Lastly she made her mind.

She went back. Her happy face was gone by then. Dark emotions played over her face.

As she said “stop this engagement… I just don’t want to get engaged to this man” she completed, threw her phone and ran away from the spot. She was lost before anyone could catch her.


Her thoughts came to an end and she slipped inside the mall through a broken door. The interior of the beautiful mall that glowed some days ago is totally black. She started walking very slowly without making any noise. The mall was so silent that she can hear her own breath. But according to her calculations and indication of all the threat calls this is the place from where every blast is being operated after that day (the day first blast took place in that mall- Shivay- Anika’s engagement day.) She went upstairs using the stopped escalator. The south part of the mall was entirely broken. She went around slowly and then when she heard some sound coming from the section or say room to the extreme north.

“Yes… no… next will be Mumbai… tomorrow… ohh okay… okay… no… Shivay… yes… yes his companies… ohh haan… yes yes” came a man’s voice. She understood that the man is talking over phone. She went close and tried to listen to his further words but the environment became silent. She peeped in and there were total of six men checking out their weapons. Suddenly a man came from behind and held her face. She immediately turned and hit at the correct spot of his head, his eyes were on the verge to close when she took out her gun and shot him before he could shout or speak anything. Soon the man drifted to the slumber of death.

She huffed lightly and looked back to see only four men left of six and other two men are coming out. She ran away from there and stood beneath the escalator to second floor. Two men silently without making noise went up taking a box of weapons along with them. She followed them and went upstairs when she noticed a vast section filled with only weapons and the section next to it with computers. A man suddenly turned back and spotted her.

“He..” before he could complete Anika ran to him and again hit him hard over his head. She shot him too. She knew it is getting dangerous for her. But she had to kill the other man that day itself. She followed the other man and he got into the room filled with computers. She allowed him to work further and he turned on one computer.

“What? Hacking system?” she thought and waited for the man to click the password. The man clicked and then she shot him. The entire data came in front of her. Almost all the systems of all the business men of our country are hacked. She scrolled up and down. But Shivay’s company and some other big companies are not included. She left a sigh of relief but then her doubts took over. She switched on the next account and changed the password of the entire system from the previous account. Every single computer were interlinked and she successfully got the virus they have been regulating into the hacked systems of the company.

She looked here and there. Steps of few more men were heard. She immediately clicked the shut down button and unplugged both the computers she have been using. She ran from there and stood behind a wall. Her heart throbbed thinking that what will happen if the men of their gang sees three dead bodies. The steps came close.

The men who came to check saw the body and shouted “who is here?” She knew that either it would be her end or the start of the mystery to get unfold. She silently stood there.

“Listen… who killed these three won’t be here, he should have ran away… hey… no one from our group has ditched us right?” another man said doubting over his own group members.

Anika smiled thinking that why can’t anyone think that a girl can also kill some dangerous men in some easy tricks. Those men walked away taking the body. She carefully noticed them going down. She understood that going down then would be highly dangerous and as usual she took the risk. She went down as silently she could and went out of the mall hiding from everyone. She gathered enormous information on the first day itself. She went back to her car, which is home for her before she gets information related to all the next planned blasts.

She informed her sir that these men are planning something big the very next day. She said that there are two possibilities… either in Mumbai or back in Kolkata. IGP Mr. Chatterjee soon informed Mumbai police about probable blasts. In few hours entire Mumbai got covered by police protection and in Kolkata too same actions took place. Every crowded region got covered in the sheet of protection. Anika waited for a good news of catching some of the men from the terrorist gang and yeah as expected… she got the news she have been waiting for.

She perfectly saved Mumbai…the city of dreams from getting attacked by terrorists. Her happiness had no boundaries while IGP congratulated her. Moreover the leader of the Mumbai bomb blast planner was caught. Mumbai police thanked Mr. IGP but only he knew who was the actual credit holder. He called Anika and asked her that if he can disclose her identity because he cannot take the credit which does not belong to him.

“No sir… after Mr. Mathur’s (ex-SP) mysterious death… I don’t want to die before completing this mission.

“You are really blessed Anika… I just wish that we catch the real master mind soon and you gets to come back to your position” Mr. Chatterjee said.

Mumbai police took charge over the terrorists those were caught. Random sessions of questionnaire with the arrested people continued in Mumbai to know about the mastermind but the people were so genuine to there gang that they did not open their mouth.

PRECAP- NEXT DAY VISIT TO THE ISOLATED MALL… here starts the story of Anika’s mission. I tried my level best to describe everything that an officer does in the best possible way. Did you all like it? Actually I thought to just skip these parts and move to the part for which I asked permission yesterday but then when I started writing today’s part I realised that boosting up Anika’s character a bit is required before we move on to the rape scene.

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