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Raglak ff: She is my wife Epilogue 1

Chiraag’s men returned back to his house in forest after watching Raglak’s reunion. They went to his room to inform about it but were shocked to see him lying on the floor unconscious. They immediately rushed towards him and took him to a nearby hospital.
On the other side, Laksh took Ragini in his arms in bridal style. Ragini pushed herself closer to him by placing her hands around his neck and smiled shyly. Laksh grinned at her and walked towards his car. They moved towards their home!
At MM,
Everyone was enjoying the Ragini’s return as well as Raglak’s reunion like a festival. They were pushing the sweets into the other one’s mouth while pulling each other’s legs. Laughter and giggles and girly whining sound were heard in the hall. Suddenly their laughter died when they noticed a pair of longing eyes looking at them with tears. Laksh’s body stiffens while Ragini smiled warmly and others were confused and frustrated by ‘his’ arrival.
Laksh in a cold voice: What are you doing here?
Ragini flinched hearing his tone while Chiraag chuckled bitterly.
Chiraag smiled smugly and said: I just came to say a bye Mr. Maheshwari! Nah nah! Lucky!
He wiggled his eyebrows at Laksh making him to clench his hands in a fist. Chiraag grinned looking at the irritated face of Laksh which increased his frustration even more.
Laksh in a calm yet dangerous tone said: Don’t dare to call me ‘Lucky’ Chiraag!
Chiraag frowned at Laksh like he was denying his right which made Laksh to narrow his eyes at him. Ragini was thinking desperately to divert the two men’s attention. But before that she heard Chiraag sigh sadly and saw him moving towards her. Before he could come a bit closer Laksh stood in between them. Chiraag looked at Laksh mischievously and smirked at him.
Chiraag teasingly: Don’t have that grumpy face lucky. I am not going to take your wife away.
He sent a wink to Laksh in turn he glared at him saying: Don’t you dare!
Chiraag made a terrified face and said: I am scared!
By saying that, he bursts out in laughter. Laksh’s nostrils flare out in anger. He was about to do something but was stopped by Ragini’s melodic voice calling out his name. She stood near Laksh and looked at him with pleading eyes. He took deep breath to control his anger and all the while Chiraag was just grinning at them.
Laksh tried to say calmly suppressing his anger but still his frustration came out along with his words: Look! I don’t have time to withstand your stupidness. Speak up soon or else I don’t mind to call the cops.
Chiraag’s smile vanished away. He let out a sigh and masked his face with a serious look. He looked at Ragini and smiled warmly making her smile a little at him.
Chiraag: Ragini! I came here to say thank you to you. I know I am in the position of asking your forgiveness but more than that I am in need of saying ‘thank you’ to you, for making me come out from the envy world I had created in my mind. If you didn’t have confronted me Ragini, then I wouldn’t have realized what and all I had done to a person who gave love and care for this orphan when others just walked past like I never exist. You are really a gem Ragini. I really like you so much. But now I realized that you can’t be mine.
He looked at Laksh and smiled warmly. It’s the first time there is no wickedness or smirk or mischievous in his action towards Laksh. It’s a genuine smile which made Laksh’s anger replaced by surprise.
Chiraag: Lucky! Indeed you are lucky! You have a beautiful family also Ragini as your wife. Take care of them as your priceless heart. I am saying all this because I love you so much Lucky. You are the best thing that happened to me. Don’t hurt or spoil your family by your stupid impulsiveness. Then you will be the most suffering one. I am saying these as your Twinie! (Laksh’s eyes widens in shock.) I hope you remember me, (He shrugs his shoulder to hide the hurt face of his and composing himself.) if not, that’s ok!
With that Chiraag was about to go but was stopped by an arm grabbing his wrist. He turned around to find Laksh’s hand on his wrist. He looked up and saw his teary eyes and confused face while others were looking at the both in confusion.
Laksh: Twinie!?
He said it like registering in his mind. He then shook his head and looked at Chiraag with rage eyes. Before even Chiraag could react, Laksh placed a punch on his jaw. Chiraag growls in pain while Laksh placed another punch on his nose. He was about to give another but Chiraag raised his hands on the air in surrender.
Chiraag while panting: No Lucky! I can’t take another punch!
Laksh just huffed in response and pulled him closer. He took everyone surprise by hugging Chiraag tightly like he would never let him go.
Laksh while hugging said: You know how much I missed you Twinie! You don’t know a damn thing. Why you had left me suddenly and then come inside like I am your only enemy? Why?
Laksh broke the hug and noticed that Chiraag also had tears in his eyes. Chiraag whispered: Sorry! I am sorry for everything. I am the worst person ever. You cared for me, you love me. But in turn I envied you for having everything that I didn’t have. I am a horrible person Lucky! I don’t deserve you. Let me go!
He was about to turn but Laksh grabbed him by his shoulder and said in a threatening voice: Don’t even dare then you will be counting the red marks in your pretty face tomorrow while standing before the mirror in our house!
Chiraag looked horrified and yelled: NOO! I can’t take any more punches. These two is enough for today. (He said while caressing his jaw and nose.)
Everyone burst out in laughter while Chiraag and Laksh hugged once again signifying that they are together as ‘Twinky!’
Suddenly they heard a girly shriek “OMG!”
Chiraag groaned in response while all others were surprised and looked up to see a girl in her early twenties standing with her hands on her cheeks, eyes widened and a shocked and relieved expression on her face. She was dressed in a yellow long skirt and white tank top with her hairs bouncing on either sides of shoulder and a hand full of bangles while on the other with a watch also wearing a nerdy glass making her look cute and adorable. She ran towards Chiraag and made Twinky to break the hug and touched his forehead and neck like checking the temperature with a curious and concerned face while Chiraag was shooting glares to her. Laksh and Ragini were looking at them curiously and then looked at each other. They shared a mischievous grin. But before anyone could find it they masked with a confused face like others.
That girl sighed in relief: Thank god! I thought you got unconscious again and had fallen on that poor boy. (She refers Laksh.)
Laksh looked innocently while Chiraag looked at that girl in disbelief and said: Boy? Seriously?! He is going to become a father for a boy! So call him as a man, woman!
He said like a strict officer in turn that girl rolled her eyes saying: Whatever.
That’s when she noticed the confused face of the whole family. Her cheeks became red in embarrassment. She smiled sheepishly and came forward to them and started saying: Hey beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman! I am Arshitha Kapoor!
Raglak mumbled in a slow voice: Soon to be Mrs. Modi!
They giggled while Chiraag and Arshitha snapped their head towards them: What?
Raglak stiffened but still smiled innocently saying: Nothing!
Arshitha smiled and continued: So I am 21 years old. At present I am doing medicine also working as a personal nurse for Mr. Grumpy face from the past 3 hours due to the order of my brother who wanted to keep his boss safe and healthy. Seriously! If he wants it then he should be the one following it but he forced me to do it. Stupid brother! Huff! I don’t know how I am gonna tolerate this grumpy face.
Chiraag interrupted her: Hello Miss Chashmish! I am the one who is tolerating you. I even don’t know why I am following your brother’s order whereas I am his boss. If at all he takes back his order I wouldn’t mind of naming all my properties to him. Then I would be happily working as a chef in a small restaurant.
He said dreamily while Arshitha scoffed at him saying: If at all my brother takes back his order then I would make him the ‘coffee’ he was asking me for many years.
Ragini couldn’t hold back anymore. She burst out in laughter. Following her Laksh and the family members laughed at them fighting like a kid. Chiraag’s and Arshitha’s face becomes crimson red in embarrassment. Finally they stopped and Swara started saying: Enough of today’s drama. I am so exhausted today. Also I am feeling so sleepy. Let’s continue tomorrow.
She said while yawning and placing her head on Sanskar’s shoulder lazily and closed her eyes. At that time only they realized that it’s time to go to bed. So they nodded at her. Chiraag cleared his throat to gain everyone’s attention and said: So I am leaving now. Let’s meet tomorrow.
Arshitha frowned at him and pouted in turn Chiraag glared at her and signed her to follow him but before he could go, someone holds his hand. He turns around and found AP glaring at him.
AP in a motherly strict tone: Where do you think you are going? You are also a son of this house. So be a good boy and go to sleep now.
Chiraag’s eyes brimmed with tears. Before even he could say something Arshitha jumped and shouted in excitement: Thank god! I thought I am gonna tolerate this Grumpy face all night but you saved me aunty! Thank you.
Everyone giggled and chuckled at her while Chiraag narrowed his eyes at her for which she rolled her eyes at him. Swara suddenly comes towards Ragini and grabbed her arm taking both Raglak in surprise.
Swara in sleepy tone: Come on Ragini! Let’s go to sleep.
She pulled her along with her but was stopped by Laksh: Where are you taking her? I am there naa let me take her.
Before Laksh could catch Ragini’s wrist Swara comes in between and said: Today it’s ‘girl’s sleepover’! So you guys go and have boy’s sleepover. Bubye!
Sanlak was shocked to hear it and so they shouted: WHAT?
Swara was irritated now: What ‘WHAT?’ Ragini, Uttara, Arshitha, Mishka, Avni and I are going to have a girl’s night. So don’t dare to disturb us or spoil our enjoyment. Now shoo shoo! Go away! Don’t come in our way.
With that Swara took her girls and moved towards her room. Ragini couldn’t deny her so she looked at Laksh pleading with her eyes while Laksh made a puppy face and signed ‘Don’t leave me’. But this time his ‘all time winning puppy face’ failed because of the villain of his love story.
Laksh huffed and mumbled: She is indeed a villain of my romantic story.
Sanskar was also having a grumpy face as he couldn’t have his wife in his arms. Chiraag looked at the face of the brothers and chuckled. He puts his arms around their shoulder and said: Come on bros! Only for tonight! Come on! Come on!
With that he drags those grumpy faced brothers towards Raglak’s room.
At Raglak’s room,
Chiraag and Laksh had changed into their night wears and Sanskar had gone to change. They both were sitting on the bed in silence. Suddenly Laksh broke it.
Laksh: Twinie! Did you stay at that orphanage till you had completed your studies?
Chiraag shook his head in no and said: Few weeks later from our first and last meet, I was being adopted by a business Mr. Suresh Modi. He had actually lost his family consisting of his son, his son’s wife and his grandchild in an accident. He doesn’t want to give away his successful business and properties. I don’t know what he had seen in me other than bruises and untidy clothes; he had adopted me as his grandson. He gave me tasty food, clean clothes, large house, new identity, best education. But he denied giving me the thing I was earning for. Love! According to him, I was just his heir of his properties and business and nothing more than that. His love and care were only for his late grandson. I couldn’t ask him to love me, care me as he had already done many things for me. (He sighed sadly.) I just did what he had expected from me. So after my graduation, he named his everything to me and went to meet his late family in heaven. At that time only I had saw Ragini and then you know all the drama that had happened.
He smiles sadly and was about to say something but Laksh didn’t let him. He just hugged him like the way he did when he was just 5 years old.
Chiraag whispered: You are the best thing that happened to me Lucky!
Laksh whispered back: You are my bestie Twinie!
They broke the hug and smiled at each other. Their moment was broken by Sanskar’s fake cough: Ahem! Ahem!
Twinky looked at Sanskar who said: There my wife had ditched this handsome husband! Here you both had ditched this awesome brother! You guys are so mean!
He pouted and sat on a corner of the bed while Twinky called: Hey drama queen! Enough of your drama! Now come on.
With that they dragged him to the centre of the bed by his shoulders and started to laugh.
Few hours later,
At Swasan’s room,
Ragini and Arshitha were in one bed while Swara, Mishka and Uttara were in another bed with baby Avni in a cradle. Everyone was sleeping having a night full of masti except Ragini. She couldn’t sleep due to her mood swings along with the absence of her husband’s arms around her and her champ. So she stood up and decides to go for a walk to have some fresh air.
At Raglak’s room,
Chiraag was sleeping in the middle while Sanlak were sleeping on his either sides. Suddenly Chiraag felt a hot air on his right shoulder. He moved uncomfortably and that’s when he heard Sanskar’s murmuring: Mmm…Swara… (He smells something twitching his nose.) You smell…different…
Chiraag slowly opened his eyes and found Sanskar sleeping so closely to him and smelling him thinking Swara. His eyes widen and tried to push Sanskar away that’s when he felt a hand creeping on his waist. He looked down and then the owner of the hand ‘Laksh’. He was tracing his palm on his flat tummy. He looked horrified.
Laksh mumbled with a frown: Whereisyourbabybump…Ragini? (He again rubbed his tummy and this little fast with a deep frown) baby…? Champ…? Come out of mom…see… your father is trying to trace you… Don’t hug your mom so tightly… She will feel pain…come to daddy…
Like that he was blabbering something while Chiraag shook his head in disbelief. Suddenly he felt another hand on his arm slowly creeping towards his chest. He couldn’t take it anymore. He started to wiggle but their hold becomes stronger than becoming loose. At a certain point Chiraag loses his patience and kicked the brothers from the bed causing them to fall down with a thud. Sanskar and Laksh woke up from their fascinating dreams and looked around to know what had happened. When their head snaps towards the glaring Chiraag they looked confused while having an innocent face.
Chiraag shouted: Don’t keep that innocent face creeps!
Sanlak in a sleepy tone: What did we do?
Chiraag made disgusting face and said: What you haven’t done? I feel pity for your poor wives. Don’t know how much they were tolerating the creeps like you. YUCK!
With that he pulled himself out of the bed and reached the door making sure he didn’t move a little closer to the brothers.
Sanskar: Where are you going? Come let’s sleep!
He yawns while Laksh was full awake and doesn’t want to sleep anymore. Chiraag made a horrified face and said: Sleep? That too with you guys? I won’t make that mistake again.
With that he ran away from the room making Sanskar shrug his shoulder and jump on the bed and tried to continue his sleep while Laksh was just sitting on the floor staring blankly.
At kitchen,
Chiraag entered the kitchen to get some water. Before he could turn on the lights he got bumped on something or say someone and that someone had fallen on the floor with a thud. He thought it was a thief. So he too immediately falls on the floor trapping that someone beneath him. That someone tried to push him off but couldn’t. Suddenly a ray of moonlight falls on the kitchen which made him to look at that someone’s face. His eyes saw that someone’s mesmerizing and innocent eyes looking back at his’. He felt his heart skip a beat. He gulped his saliva feeling a new change in his everything. Before even he could think about this feel, he was pushed by that someone. He was still in his hypnotized state but was pulled back to conscious when the light in room was turned on. Obviously that someone is Arshitha.
Arshitha while having her hands on her hips and a frown on her forehead glaring at Chiraag: Don’t you have eyes Grumpy face!
Chiraag once again was mesmerized by looking at her face, as she didn’t have her specs but still he masked his face with a smirk and said: Oh please! It’s you who had forgotten your eyes at your room. (Referring to her specs)
Arshitha let out air through her nose and gives him cold glare while Chiraag just smirked at her to irritate her more. She started: You…
(Let them have their cutie beauty fight, we move towards the next couple.)
At Swasan’s room,
Swara was sleeping tiredly. She felt a hand caressing her face softly. She smiled and mumbled: Sanskar!
Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead softly. Swara smiled and asked him: Didn’t you sleep?
Sanskar said: I slept after so many difficulties but this Chiraag kicked me and then I couldn’t sleep anymore. (He pouted.) So I came here for some sleep and some kisses.
Swara slowly opened her eyes and whined: Sanskar! I had slept just now. Avni didn’t let me sleep even for a minute.
Sanskar said: Aww! My baby princess disturbed my sweetheart’s sleep! That’s ok! Let me put you sleep!
With that he took her in bridal style and moved towards the bed where Ragini and Arshitha had slept earlier without disturbing Mishka and Uttara. He knows that they both won’t come here anymore so he can use the bed. He cuddled with her and drowsed into a peaceful sleep.
(Let them have some sleep. We can move towards our hero heroine.)
At garden,
Ragini was standing in the garden without even having her shawl blanket. She was rubbing her hands and placing them on her arms to make herself feel warm in that cold night. Suddenly she felt a soft thing over her. She jerked and found that it’s a shawl blanket which was brought by her husband. She looked up at him with a soft smile while he glared at her.
Laksh in a strict tone: You should have taken something to cover. (His voice turns into concern) You were shivering when I saw you from our room’s balcony. (Once again his tone changes into a strict one.) You should be more careful Mrs. Laksh!
Ragini was smiling sheepishly all the while Laksh was speaking. She saluted him and said: As you says Mr. Ragini!
Laksh’s mood changed immediately seeing her cute gesture and chuckled when she called him ‘Mr. Ragini!’ He said with a cute smile: ‘Mr. Ragini!’ Well I like this name, Mrs. Laksh!
Ragini gave him a proud grin and said: Because I named it!
She showed her tongue while Laksh chuckled at her. Suddenly Ragini’s mood changed. She had a frown on her face.
Laksh looked confused and asked her: What had happened Ragini?
Ragini glared at him and said: You scolded me for not having a blanket but didn’t have one? You will also be affected by this cold wind. Only I know that! You would be sneezing in morning and whining ‘Ragini I won’t go to office today! See I am having fever!’
Laksh was amazed by her words but still masked them with a puppy face to stop her lectures and it worked. Ragini’s eyes soften. She opened her blanket and signed him to come inside. Laksh grinned and immediately get inside with her. Ragini’s cheeks turned pink and smiled shyly. Laksh made her to cuddle in him while he holds the soft blanket too closely making Ragini to snuggle into him more. He kissed her hair and placed his chin on her head. Ragini smiled brightly and closed her eyes feeling his warmth around her.
Laksh whispered: I have a surprise for you!
Ragini looked up at him with curious eyes still in hugging position: And what’s that?
Laksh smiled mischievously and said: Mrs. Idiot Maheshwari! It is known as ‘surprise’ that too from your hubby, i.e. me! Then how can you expect me of breaking it.
Ragini glared at him and said: Well Mr. Idiot Maheshwari! You don’t have to break anything. I will find myself tomorrow. Now I am feeling sleepy. Don’t disturb me.
With that she puts her head on his chest and slept. Laksh smiled and said: Aww my wifey! You will definitely know it!
Done with Epilogue 1!
So ‘Arshitha Kapoor’ you can imagine anyone of your own. She was the sister of the man who prayed for Raglak when Chiraag sent Ragini out of his mansion for 1 day. I guess you don’t have any confusion about Chiraag and his past did you? I am asking you only devil, because of you, I have to think how he had his name as ‘Chiraag Suresh Modi’ well thanks for that my smart devil!
So how is the part? What will be the surprise? Any guesses? If not that’s ok! Let’s see in Epilogue 2! Keep smiling all! Take care! Bubye!

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