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I blinked my eyes twice to make sure, that really the baster who spoiled my life, Ranjit is the one who is taking my interview i know he is from rich family but never thought he will be this rich.


What can i do now i need this job badly. God how much did i pray to you to bless me but you.

What does he want now? . Hell to him. Seeing him looking at me shock as same as me.

“Ragini what are you doing here” that’s it all my self control broke out made me bark at him like a dog. I could even bite him.

” you baster what do you think after snatching my friend and job. What will i do rather than searching for job” without giving him Time to speak, i continued ” And again you are here to spoil my life. I don’t need this job anymore ”

Ragini how come you become super stupid you need this job.  No self respect is more important than anything. I determined to leave this job, i can get other job easily. I think so, i can get another job.

“Miss. Your are not allowed to leave until i say so ” this voice, how could i for get it. Turing back i saw him standing there with a teasing smile.”because you are going to work for me” Oh!! god why on the earth i get to handle all the jerks in same day and  same time. I’m the one who always suffer. Now what this dude is going to do with me.

I  didn’t know how to reply so i sat down with huff. Throwing Ranjit a dagger through my look.

“Ranjit out. Now” his voice was cold and dark, it send shiver through my spine. There was silence for a second before Ranjit left cabin leaving me with this hot monster.

Okay Ragini cool, you can go through it. I chanted in my mind until he sat in his chair. I gave him my file containing my certificates.

“OK Miss. let’s start interview” he stressed the world Miss husky. There was major change in his tone. He was cold with Ranjit a while back now he is back to his normal. I nodded in response.

” what is your age” was this an question people ask in interview.

” 22″ i braked out.

I really felt annoy when he didn’t become my boss and Already started to bossing around me. Lift incident gave me negative vibration about him. Its better of i didn’t get job. But you need job, how will you fees yourself without money and job my subconscious has good mocking knowledge.

He stood up from chair and walked around me, stopped behind me grabbing my shoulders he bend down and ask ” Any experienced before” oh i can felt his warm breath fanning on my neck.

“huh.. N. No” i shuttered. Really he is making me feel something new and very fresh.

“How did you know him?”

“know whom?” you’re in interview not talking with friends there is a word called ‘sir’ which is used to call boss. My subconscious was right but I’m sure of not getting this job.

“Ranjit” he voice was icy.

“yeah, we worked together before”

“Oh” only simple oh.

“who is he to you?” who is taking interview me or him? So confusing.

“he is my half brother we share same mother”

“Oh” same oh for oh. I was enjoying this stupid interview atlas going to be rejected for my big over chatting mouth.

” you’re appointed” what the hell. Just stop day dreaming.

When my flat door opened i jumped into Pradeep and hugged him tightly. Now all i have is only him. He is my friend, well wishes and my family for now. Releasing from hug.

“you know what? I got that job” i jumped in joy  and hugged him.

“Then it’s celebration time, we should definitely go out”

“yeah but where and salary, take home 50,000Rs per month” i  was jumping like five-year old girl.

“That’s great then its your treat. What say?.” he asked with wink. He is such a positive fellow.

“sure, we will go for bub but no to drinks” i left to my room.

My new job. My life is going to be better from now on. After interview he asked to join from tomorrow and i signed in agreement for an year. Boss himself toured me showed me throughout  officer. His eyes didn’t leave me a second. There was intimacy in his behavior. Only boss cabin and my cabin was in 14th floor. And last floor is left freely so only 2 members in that floor. I should maintain some distance and should definitely control my mouth.

💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

I got ready in strap less white dress it had designed with shining silver on top. Its read a inch below my knees.

I waited in living room for pradeep. After waiting for good fifteen minutes he came with jeans and T-shirt with jacket in his hand.

We reached the bub parking my car we went in . While Pradeep kept his hand protectively around me. And finally we made to bar. I ordered for wine, pradeep ordered some for him. I’m sure about one thing today he is going to get drunk.

People were dancing like crazy. Few were on romantic world. Pradeep stood up and left from bar to  dance floor. Looking at him dancing carefree made me happy.

Pradeep had lots and lots of dream about his future but everything crushed in an accident. His father dead, sister in coma and mother and brother all living with his earning. He was just 20 when this all happened. Taking family expenses in that age without any guidance. He is very strong that is all i could say.

I felt like being stalked. Turning around i found no one and pradeep dragged me to dancing floor along with him its not bad dancing on night freely. So i dance my heart-fully  with random people.

Went back to bar i grabbed glass and gulped in one go. My throat burnt with sensation of drink it was not wine. I felt earth rotating fastest. My vision became blur then back to normal again blur.

Various crazy idea popped to my mind. I went to dance floor and continued dancing with strangers. I was dancing crazy i know, i couldn’t stop it. Swinging my hip i continued dancing. When a pair of hand held my waist, i was tugged to the Hard well built chest.

I looking up, spared a glance at the person who was holding me. Why do i see him everywhere, Laksh, my boss. His hard eyes became normal. I was in his arms it felt so good and secure.

I caressed his chest feeling it under my hand and played with his buttons i was merged into his body.

“what are you doing here?” i  sounded like baby.

“This is bub and a public place. So i can come” he said even in my blur i can see his smirk and ever handsome face. His hair were falling on forehead. He looked so manly. Tracing my finger form his chest, jaw, cheek and forehead, he stood watching me. His lips, i really wanted to kiss them desperately. Even in casual he took my breath away.

When the thought of me kissing Laksh came to my view i instantly felt turned on. Its just going to be dream of silly girl. The way he make me feel was new.

All i know is, I’m attracted towards him.

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