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Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 24

Preeta and Karan still spend quality time with each other after many days of staying away.

“Did you see my full match looks at stars while talking to her

Preeta : of course, that you were losing till the end, made everybody freaked out

Karan : come on baby doll, its my style after all, you should know that at least by now

Preeta : yes yes I know you more than anybody okay don’t even think something else

Karan ; when are you we going for our holiday? lets go after few days, I want to take some rest

Preeta : who said we are going tomorrow? i have not got day off from hospital yet

Karan : don’t worry if you won’t get day off, we will go there and send you so many pictures

“Fine you can go alone, I will tell Shrishti, she will get another company for her Preeta pushes him away from her lap

Karan : at least you could have given me good massage, I was just joking

Preeta : you have to joke around for every single things in life, be serious sometimes (Sees a shadow again near his car)

Karan : okay I am sorry, at least look here when I am talking with you

“Karan, see somebody is there near your car Preeta points to him

Karan : where?

Preeta : can’t you see, behind that window

“Today, let me clear your illusion, come lets Karan drags her downstairs

Both goes slowly around his car but end up finding a small puppy there.

“You are so sweet kareli, you found a puppy for me takes the puppy in his hand

Preeta hits him and runs inside the house.

“Now what happened, I went with you but there was nobody there Karan tries to make him understand

Preeta : please believe me, somebody is keeping an eye on us, I have been sensing somebody from so many days

Karan : Preeta, who would spy on us? that Prithvi is in jail right now and there are no traces of Sherlyn is there too, everything will be fine, now take rest I will leave

Preeta ; bye, be careful

Karan leaves before anybody comes there

“Why are you not understanding Karan, somebody is stalking on us for big reason Preeta gets surprised with Karan’s behavior as he is always first one to get intuition of any problem in their life.

Sherlyn goes in a house far from city and hugs a guys with pleasure. It turns out to be Prithvi who was bailed out by somebody.

Sherlyn ; what was so urgent ?

Prithvi signals her to look at the other side. A lady with saree enters there room which is shockingly none other than Kareena Luthra.

Sherlyn ; thank god aunty its you, i was scared for a minute

Kareena ; whats the fun when there is no suspense, here is your gift (hands her an envelope)

Sherlyn opens the envelope to find Karan and Tanya’s pictures from cape town and ground field previously. Kareena had hired spy behind Tanya and Preeta to keep an eye on both girls. She was able to find out Karan and Preeta’s love eventually.

Sherlyn : but aunty, will this really work? I mean Preeta is aware of everything

Kareena : there is too much power in jealousy and doubt dear

Prithvi ; aunty is right, we ignited the spark now karan will not believe her because only she can see us, and then we will add fuel when fire will spread around every where

Kareena : I always thought why is this Tanya so close to this luthras specially to Sameer, but luckily I found out during Kritika’s ceremonies

Sherlyn : thank you so much aunty for helping us, don’t worry nothing will happen to your family, our enemy is only with this two girls, and I will make sure both suffers worst then hell

Kareena : we both have same enemies, and same goal to get rid of those girls from our lives forever

Prithvi : we have to be careful, nobody should know I am out and specially that you bailed me

Kareena ; nobody will know because the inspector who bailed you out will not open his mouth easily

Sherlyn : whats the next plan ? aunty i hope seeing those pictures our table does not turn back to us, if Karan tells everybody he love Preeta they will agree immediately

Kareena ; it won’t happen, even if they get to their marriage, I will make sure that Preeta break the marriage, and that pinky will herself back out by one threat


Nandini’s condition gets on stable and regains consciousness.

Tanya : mom, are you okay, thank god, you don’t know how happy I am

Nandini does not give much reaction to her and look at her daughter’s terrified face.

“Mom, you know now I will not go away from here, I promise Tanya gets hyper

“Don’t leave me alone again or else I will die now Nandini begs her daughter

Tanya ; I am sorry for everything (sobs loudly while crying)

Nandini : take me from here, you know I hate hospitals

Tanya : you stay here, I will tell doctors that I want to take my mom right now

Nandini : okay, hurry up

Doctors tells Tanya to take extra care of her  mother she is still not well.

Doctor : and make sure she is out of stress

Tanya : thank you so much doctor

Doctor : here is her medications, give her on time with food

Tanya : alright (Signs the discharge forms)

Later the mother daughter goes back home.

“Welcome by dear mother, wait here okay Tanya runs inside making her stand outside

Nandini ; what are you upto now?

“Patience my mother india, hold on for one minute brings tray of prayer and does aarti

Nandini : what are you doing

“Most of the time mother welcome their children in this world but today a daughter is doing grah pravesh Tanya tells her to push the urn and tells to comes inside

Nandini : you have grown up so quickly, thats good change how come

“Mom, I want to tell you something but please don’t be angry on me Tanya sits on floor holding her hands

Nandini : whats wrong?

“You know I went to india for Sherlyn’s marriage and I met those three there, her fianc was Rishab Tanya is relieving the burden on her heart

Nandini is quietly listening to her daughter’s confession without pouncing.

“I tried very hard to not let them know that i am their pinky but you always said na that heart relation never stay apart, I don’t know how did Karan and Sameer found out, I remained helpless have tears in eyes

Nandini keeps caressing her head without having any kind of complaint against her daughter.

“Mom, when I saw you on death bed, I felt my whole world is empty, I left everything and came back to you, I decided I will never go back to them, my life is torn in this two names, one is my identity other is past that still did not leave, I am tired of everything”  Tanya finally musters courage to look at her mother how her life is messing between two identities

“You didn’t have to tell me all this, and as far as trust goes I have full faith on my daughter more than this whole world Nandini kisses her forehead that brings out the flood of tears in both of their heart.

“I am sorry for everything mom, you lost so much because of me Tanya sobs

Nandini ; no you did not, it was destiny and if god took something away from, he gave a precious diamond in return and nothing is worth in front of her

“So from today, we two ladies will stay together like always okay Tanya decides to fill her mom’s life with all happiness


Karan texts Preeta at night for spending amazing time with her. She sends love symbol in reply.

“Why are you so cute baby doll, i don’t know what noble deed i have done in my life to get an angel like you Karan is talking to her picture as he could not call her at this time of night but remembers his pinky.

Karan : I completely forgot that pinky left without telling me anything, she is not even picking my calls, I hope she is safe

He messages Tanya of their trip to Lonavla and come back soon before they leaves. Rishab misses Tanya’s company while logging at night time. Her attitude, child like behavior, all her concerns for him was something he never felt with Preeta in so many days.

“Why do I feel so habituated with her, even with Preetaji, that was only one sided attraction Rishab starts thinking about the girl he met only few days ago and became his wound healer. He passes from Sameer’s room who is still awake doing something. His mind goes to past when Tanya advised him to fix the old relations strings before holding the new ones. He has never been fond of Sameer like to his Karan. Was it because Karan was his blood and Sameer was just outsider.


Tanya asks Rishab about his detachment from Sameer.

“I don’t know why I still could not give him place in my heart” Rishab gives her reason

Tanya ; I tell you why, because you are scared of letting people come close to you, ones who are not your own am I right, look even if you don’t say I can still read your eyes

Rishab : maybe but I always wanted to know Sameer but some where in all this responsibilities, and everything I never got time

Tanya : listen to me, you have held the string from past very tightly just for once try to loosen it, fix that estranged and hold new string of relation then see how beautiful life become, my mom always say, you cannot run or hide your past, you have to face it only then it will you will be able to live your life without any kind of guilt

Rishab : I don’t have courage left in me now to fight with anybody

“Then make yourself strong but this time only for you, not for anybody, put this hand on your heart and ask does it agree with what you are doing to others and yourself is right” puts his hand on heart

Rishab closes his eyes on her insistence listening to his heart for the first time. He should fix his past first before moving on in his life.

“What did it say” Tanya gives him a true smile

Rishab : I got my answer, thank you

Flashback ends

“Sameer, you didn’t sleep yet, what are you doing comes inside the room

Sameer ; bhai I was preparing the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting

Rishab ; you call me workaholic and still busy in your work whole day

Sameer : no bhai, actually I was not sleepy so I thought I should do some work

Rishab : close all that and come with me

Sameer : where are we going bhai

Rishab ; just some walk, I want to talk something with you

Sameer : sure bhai (puts everything aside and goes with him)

Both of them takes troll outside the house. It has been very weird interaction between both of the brothers.

“Sameer, can I ask you something Rishab asks with little crack in his voice

Sameer : yes bhai, you have all rights

Rishab : in all this years I was not able to give you the rights of brothers like Karan, didn’t you have any complaint against me, you never said anything

“I didn’t feel the need bhai, I had some faith on me that someday I will win your heart but I regret for thinking that Sameer hesitant to reveal his feelings

“Mom, Karan, dadi, dad everybody gave you place in your heart, but I could not give the deserved love Rishab’s voice changes to guilty for not been able to see Sameer’s goodness

“Because you are feared to make new relation in your life, that they will go away from you, maybe thats why you were not able to accept me, but I have nothing against you Sameer looks in his eyes while revealing something nobody dared

” I am sorry for everything Rishab breaks down seeing Sameer’s pure heart. Everything he went through in his life was nothing compared to the brother who lost the precious relationships in life.

Sameer : bhai are you okay

“Why could I not see the pain you were going through all this years Rishab hugs him like a father shelters his child

” I used to miss mom dad a lot, but today I got everything, you don’t know how much I craved to hear this from your mouth Sameer shows his emotion by wiping the tears of Rishab with his own hands.

“From today, this brother will never let you miss anybody and thats my promise Rishab kisses his forehead

Sameer : can I ask you for something?

Rishab : now you have all rights,

“Settle down bhai, I cannot see you like this, when will somebody come that will share your life tells him to get married

Rishab : now you are with me, then this will also happen, and somebody told to fix the old things before holding new ones

Sameer’s heart tells him it will only his pinky who can give this advice to anybody when she herself is conflicting in web of emotions between two identities.

Rishab : where are you lost?

“Nothing bhai, just thinking how pure that soul would be whose small words changed your whole perception looks at other side

Rishab : I guess its bit too much for today, now go to sleep, don’t go back to your work

Sameer : I won’t, good night bhai

Rishab ; good night

Karan sees everything from upstairs and gives thumbs up to his brother.

Next day Karan meets Preeta outside her clinic during work. He tells everything about yesterday night.

“You know Preeta, what I could not do in years, that girl did in only few days that too in small word, changed my brother’s whole thinking Karan’s shares his feelings

Preeta is too elated with the news as she always witnessed how Rishab is detached from Sameer according to her knowledge.

Karan : i can’t tell you right now, how much my heart was so relieved, I felt like a big burden of guilt was removed, I always wanted bhai to understand Sameer but then I stopped myself thinking he already has so much stressed

“Karan, you should be happy that Rishabji have put aside his years of experience and opened arms for somebody else in his life Preeta put her hand on his shoulder for comfort

Karan : I am very happy but whenever something is good in my Rishab’s life, he ends up getting the pain

Preeta : nothing will happen like that, as far as his love life goes, you see he will get  world’s best girl who will not only give him comfort but cease his all pain with love and affection

“Really, baby doll, then about us pulls her towards him

Preeta : listen we are in public okay, behave yourself

Karan : fine I just came to tell you that bhai said we are all leaving tomorrow morning for Lonavla, because the booking is tomorrow, I am leaving bye

“Wait, you are forgetting something Preeta stops him teasingly

Karan ; I don’t forget things

Preeta gives him small peck on his cheeks and runs away. Karan puts hands on his cheeks seeing her cute gestures.

At Luthra house

Rakhi is yelling her children about packing clothes for the trip.

Rakhi : you all are so irresponsible, see the condition of room, mummy ji, let their wives come then all will come on track

Karan ; mom you are so sweet but why do you worry so much about marriage, we are all so young, look at us

“My dear son, don’t try to act smart with your mother, I know you very well twists his ear hardly

Karan : what enmity you have with my ears? always somebody teases me

Rakhi : you deserve that sunny boy

“Yes, Sameer just fix the meeting after two weeks and tell them I will come to see them  personally talks on phone while coming in the room

Mahesh ; here comes one more mother’s beloved son, what brings you here

Rishab : excuse me, I am here to meet my mom and what mess is made to our room

Rakhi : ask your brother

Karan ; bhai please save me, mom is giving me hard time today

Rishab : I am sure dad might have played some trick

Mahesh : see this are your son, always cursing me for no reason, nobody values me in this house

Rishab : don’t worry your daughter in laws in future will be on your side and we will make sure of that

Dadi : and why do you think so

“My innocent dadi, we are enough people on our mom’s, me, Rishab, Sameer, what will girls do, let them be on dad’s side and lose Karan pulls his father’s leg who runs after him

Mahesh ; wait, your mothers’ spoiled brat, today I won’t spare you

While running Sameer enters the house and Karan takes advantage of him for saving himself from Mahesh.

Mahesh : Sameer, move from between today this boy will get good one from me

Sameer : uncle relax, why are you both fighting like kids, calm down

“You both can fight all day, let that poor guy move away Rishab interferes and takes him from there

Sameer : thank god you saved me, I became basket in between both of them

Rishab : leave all that, did you finish everything

Sameer : yes bhai, and I also did the booking of the house, here is the brochure our house is on very good view behind the mountains, it will be so much fun

Rishab ; this looks great, thats why I trust, anyway, you finish your packing on time we will leave tomorrow morning and please inform girls to be ready

Sameer : sure bhai

Kareena sees her game losing with Rishab and Sameer’s bonding that before.

Kareena : before Rishab didn’t even talk with him properly and now he is giving him position of brother, I will not let any orphan get share in this property

Precap : The five reaches Lonavla for their holidays with new start. Tanya mends relation with

her mother within course of time burying her pain.

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