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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gokul people stop nand baba.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha and kanha both crying. Radha says kanha please don’t go, I will do whatever you say from today, I will never disobey you but kanha don’t go. Kanha says I don’t want to go radha, but I have to go as nand baba says. I have to live in vrindavan.
Kansa asks guru shokracharya how was his mother killed? What did Vishnu do to her? Shokracharya tells the story and says he and his mother lived in his ashram but his mother was too old and she hated Vishnu, Vishnu did not approve of this and he punished my mother but she wanted salvation and so Vishnu appeared in the ashram one night and he killed my mother with his chakra by cutting her head. Agni dev then came and gave a funeral to my mother using his fire. Shokracharya says Vishnu had been harsh to my mother

and I will never forgive him, I will use my powers to defeat Vishnu however I want. Kansa says that’s right, an enemy’s enemy is a friend and that is why I need your help guru shokracharya to kill Vishnu and end his rule over the universe.
In gokul, at night kanha yashoda nand are in the house. Kanha says mother why have you kept these old clothes of mine and this small ring when I was a baby? Yashoda says I have kept it with me as a memory of you kanha, it will always be close to my heart. Kanha smiles and says mother I love gokul, I will always miss everyone here. Yashoda says yes kanha, I don’t know how we will live away from gokul. Nand feels sad. All of them go out of the house, radha comes with all people of gokul and sarla kaki. Sarla kaki says nand baba did you think we would let you go? People say yes nand baba, you all cannot leave gokul, if you and kanha go then what will happen to us? Sarla kaki says nand baba, kanha has been our supports system now and if we lose him we wont be able to live without kanha. Sarla kaki says kanha has saved us, he has helped us, he has loved us and we have achieved so much because of kanha and you. People say nand baba, if you want to go then you can go, but you will have to go from our dead bodies.
Nand says people don’t do that, let us go, it is better this way only for you all. People say nand baba, if you want to go then we will come along too, we will all leave gokul and stay together. Kanha smiles. Keshari tells manik to break the people’s unity. Manik says people stop, let them go. People say are you mad manik, just shut up. Manik says see, nand baba and kanha have to go then let them go, it is no use stopping them, we all can live like this in gokul ahead without them. People say manik are you mad? You don’t know anything that nand baba and kanha have done for us and gokul, you are justa useless son with a spoilt character. Manik gets angry and says what did you say? People say you have a spoilt character so done talk too much. Sarla kaki says stop fighting everyone, my son doesn’t know anything, I will tell him what kanha and nand baba have done. Sarla says nand baba, no one will go from gokul.
There keshari takes manik with him and is angry on him, she says manik I told you to break the unity of the people of gokul but you yourself got reprimanded from the people, you are no use like this. Keshari says I have given a promise to maharaj kansa that I will destroy gokul myself and this promise means a lot to me. Manik says what can I do now? Keshari gets angry and says you fool, you will work for me now. Keshari turns her eyes black and hypnotizes manik. Manik says yes, as you say I will do.

Precap: kansa cuts his head as dakshina to guru shokracharya. Shokracharya gives back kansa his life and says he will help him to kill Vishnu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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