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Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 11 )

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Episode 11

Meghna: What happened? why are u all sad ? Where r karan and Cheeku?

Nirmala: woh… beta.. naina..

Meghna: Naina? kya hua naina Ko? wo thik toh hai na?

Nirmala: woh beta… ( she explained everything )

Meghnal were shocked. Everyone saw that meghna’s eyes were filled with tears of sadness, anger and guilt. She ran towards nairan’s room.

In nairan’s room,

Karan: Naina u should be ca….

But before he could complete his sentence, the room door flung open. he saw meghna rushing in towards naina with tears flowing from her eyes.

Meghna: Cheeku……..

Meghna  rushed towards naina and held her right hand as karan was holding naina’s left hand. Meghna had seen naina fine before she left and now in this state. Meghna cried more bitterly.

Meghna: Chiku…pls get up..Chiku pls…

Karan: Bhabi….naina will wake up after some time, She needs some rest.

Meghna ignored karan’s words. Everyone saw that.

Meghna: Cheeku…

Kunal came forward to console meghna and held her shoulders. meghna removed kunal’s hand. Everyone saw that. After some minutes, naina woke up. She held both her hands tightly. Karan and meghna could feel that and looked towards her.

Naina: Di….Karan…

All were happy as naina regained consciousness.

Meghna: Cheeku…

Karan: Naina…

Naina tried to get up but karan and meghna held back her hand.

Karan: What r u doing? U r weak… u need rest..so pls rest… Naina u r so careless ?? Why did u go out.. ?

Kunal: Karan, Stop scolding my saali….. Naina,  Actually what happened to u last night….

Naina: ( She explained everything that she went for water and then noise from storeroom and then she tripped and then something hitting her head ) After that I fainted and I don’t remember anything.

meghna: Wow! One day I went and my sister was attacked…. What were u all doing ? U all can’t even take care of my sister for one day ? What is happening? U all r so careless…

Kunal: Meghna listen…

Meghna: Stop kunal!

Meghna then turned to karan.

Meghna: Karan, What were u doing ? U can’t even take care of ur wife ?

Karan looked down.

Naina: Di…pls..

Vishal: Gudiya, Jeeju only saved cheeku..

Meghna: Actually, it is all my fault… I should hv not left u alone…. I should hv not gone… I should hv stayed with u… bcz no one takes ur care…. I…

Naina: Di pls…stop… it is not their fault….it is not my fault…. Someone hit me intentionally… Di someone hit me at night when all were sleeping…. Di u take my care but di u also hv to enjoy ur life and not always stay with me…u can’t always stay with me… u also hv ur life with jeeju excluding me….And di even if u were there u would be sleeping, so still I would hv been hit… So di…

Meghna: Base Cheeku…. So now u don’t even want even to be with u…

Naina: No di…

Meghna: Stop ! U r now not thinking me of ur own also…. After marriage Now life is only with karan….

All were shocked.

Naina: Di….

Kunal: Stop meghna ! Just stop ! Enough! Now u r being overprotective for naina….

Meghna was shocked.

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