Tuesday , December 1 2020


Hii frnds. Sorry for the delay as there was no proper signals in our hostel. HAPPY HOLI for all my frnds and readers. Hope this holi brings colours in ur life. This episode is holi special gift for all. Hope u will like it. Ignore grammar mistakes.


Some days went away by their nokh-jokh and it is a day before holi. All are busy in their arrangements as it was their first holi in sdch. All are very excited for it. And veer determined that he will apply colours on sanchi first.

Next morning , everybody got ready in their white dresses to enjoy their holi. The hostel environment was filled with colours,loud music and enjoyment. Sanchi was looking like an angel in white chudidar. When she came out f rom room, a bucket full of coloured water fall on her. She was totally drenched in it. Suddenly she heard laughing sounds of interns and veer was laughing like a maniac by holding his stomach. Sanchi understand as it was veer prank and she noticed a plate full of colours kept at a table. She evilly smirked and went near veer. Veer has no idea what is running in her mind. Suddenly she throwed that plate on veer and ran from there. Veer chased her and finally caught her. But due to misbalance both fallen on ground with veer on top of sanchi. They shared a Romantic eyelock which was broken by loud music on the speaker beside them.  both went to their frnds and  applied holi colours on each other.

“BALAM PICCHKAARI” song was played in the background and all are moving along the beat. Everyone got shocked by seeing kabir dancing. Now veer entered with bhaang wali drinks only for boys. But accidentally girls drank them even. Now the  bhaang was showing its effect. Our couples sanveer, satigya and ishbir are in their own world. Satish and pragya finally confessed their feelings for each other. Everyone hooted for them. Kabir and isha developed feelings for each other. And our sanveer were happy with their fights. People says that we love people whom u fight the most. Hope these two also realise this.

The whole programme was recorded in a camera. After enough playing with colours all went to their respective rooms and fall asleep in that dresses only. Due to bhaang , all over slept till next day morning. The recording was seen by anand and sunil and they are not able to control their laughing. They decided to confront their children in a different way.


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