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Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 71

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸Hi everyone sorry for late I’m busy in my work and went out of the town more Ill too sorry if I didn’t comment in anyone ff sorry again,

belated happy birthday to Anusha Di 🌸♥️❤️.

Happy holi too. This Holi colour Brings happiness colour in your life.

so here is Kiya.

Episode started.
Next day morning.
Maya was hell happy because today her family is comings while Twinkle send kunj to receive Maya family from airport.
Everyone was sitting for breakfast they had their breakfast.
Maya: Aayat Nani coming.
Aayat: haa mamma.
Ansh: let’s go Aayat. Left for school.
Maya: Anant you take off from office while Anant look at her. Manohar see this.
Manohar: yes Anant your in laws comes you should.
Anant: But Papa.
Usha: yes Anant. They will come soon.
While Twinkle checking each and everything personally not given a single chance to Maya to complain which spoil her mood. Twinkle did their all arrangements clean guest rooms. Organised all their necessary things.
In car Kunj was on the way to airport juster than get call from office.
Sara: sir come fast.
Kunj: why?
Sara: sir client is waiting for you here everyone was coming for meeting even Yuvi sir too.
Kunj: you started meeting I’ll come afterwards. While Yuvi snatch phone from Sara.
Yuvi: kunj first come here do your works afterwards this meeting is very important for us. Kunj think for while.
Kunj: okay I’m coming Sara you go airport and I’ll send their pictures and pick up them from airport respectively receiving them nicely get it.
Sara: okay sir I’ll do my best.
Sara immediately left for airport. While Kunj turned the car and left for office.
Soon kunj reaches office he directly went in conference room. In conference room everyone was sitting just waiting for him only.
Kunj: sorry everyone he settled down next to Yuvi. All switch of their cellphones.
Soon Kunj give presentation and explaining all details. Everyone busy in project meeting.
Soon Sara reached airport just waiting for them. Later Maya brother come with his wife along with his mother and sister little niece (Esha )same age of Aayat.
(Introduction. Names )••••••••••••
Maya brother- Dev Varma. Younger brother.
Sister- Varsha Mehta.
Daughter – Esha Mehta.
Bhabhi- Priyanka Varma.
Mother- Ambika Varma. •••••••••••••
They come out from airport Sara saw them. She went near them. While dev look at her in confusion.
Sara: Dev Verma.
Dev: yes I’m.
Sara: I’m Sara PA of Kunj Sarna sir he sends me to receive you all. Welcome.
Dev: hmm.
Ambika: let’s go I’m dying to meet with my daughter and my grand daughter. While her both kids look at her in OMG.
Priyanka: Maa come.
Sara: come sir. They all sit in car while driver kept their luggage’s in car. They left for Sarna Mansion.
Next side Leela and Rt sitting and talking about their kids.
Leela: I’m so happy for Mahi ji.
Rt: yes me too. What about Pallavi.
Leela: Arey she was talking about her daughter to find good boy for her bas.
Just then Raman and pini come.
Pini:OMG didi ji. 😱 boy for whom?
Leela: Arey for my friend daughter you both sit where is bubbly.
Raman: sleeping queen. All laugh 😂.
Pini: your both son in laws didn’t come to meet with us didi ji huhu.
Leela: I can’t say anything on this.😋
Raman: pini ji they both are busy not like you free always.
Rt: Raman no.
Pini: see jijaji.
Leela: you both continue. I’ll see Asha.
See went in kitchen there Asha making Yummy food for Rt close friends coming for lunch.
Leela: aroma was good. They busy in their work.
While other side.
Mahi went for routine checkup along with Anita. After hospital, they went for shopping.
Anita: Mahi you should take care of your self.
Mahi: I’ll mom.
Anita: This Yuvi He should take off from office for sometime.
Mahi: no mom you there for me.
Anita: yes I’m. Now come let’s see new comfortable clothes for you.
Mahi: hmm. They went in shop see many good and beautiful simple dress for Mahi.
Anita: This one is good for you Mahi.
I think this all was good let’s buy all for you.
Mahi: what no.
Anita: it’s final okay. Soon they buy many clothes for Mahi pay the bill. Left for Home.

At Sarna [email protected]
Twinkle and Maya in twinj room.
Twinkle; bhabhi you wear this saree you should look amazing okay.
Maya: I like this one.
Twinkle: whatever you like it take okay.
Maya: thanks Twinkle. Maya takes the saree while Twinkle give her nice accessories. Soon Maya went in her room and get ready nicely. While Twinkle in hall waiting for them.
Sara reached along with maya family. Their car stop in front of Sarna Mansion.
They come out of the car. While servant come take their luggage.
Sara: let’s go. While Sara left for office from here only.They all went inside the mansion. In hall, they all entered. while
Twinkle see them went towards all. While Dev looking here and there.
Twinkle: namaste.
Ambika: namaste beta.
Twinkle: come please she greets with them. They come and settle down.
Meena: call Maya Bhabhi.
Meena: ji. While Usha and Nani to come and meet with them.
Usha: how’s you all.
Dev: we all are fine aunty.
Varsha: what about you all aunty?
Twinkle: good. Twinkle went in kitchen prepared Tea and snacks for them while maya come and see her family after months. She gets so happy to see them.
She ran towards them.
Maya: MAA. While both mother and daughter hugged each and other’s. She meet with her sister as well with brother Bhabhi and Esha too.
Esha: massi where is Ansh.
Maya: Ansh went school.
Esha: okay. While Twinkle come with tea and snacks help with Meena.They served them. Twinkle to sit.
Dev: where is Anant.
Usha: he just went out with his Papa come soon.
Priyanka: I think nobody is in home.
Twinkle: bebe along with sheetal and Niki they went temple. She said with a smile.
Maya: how’s your journey.
Varsha: great one Maya.
Priyanka: Maya di you look amazing 😉.
Maya: Thanks.
Usha: Twinkle send their luggage in their respective rooms.
Ambika: Twinkle beta show me my room.
Twinkle: ji. While Ambika went with Twinkle along with Varsha and Esha.
Twinkle show their room they both staying in one room while next to their room it’s Dev and his wife room.
Twinkle: you people get freshen up till lunch and please give me one voice if you need anything don’t be shy.
Varsha: yes Twinkle why’ll be shy after all its Maya house too ( in taunting way).
While Twinkle didn’t see her in what way she tells her. Twinkle tell meena arrange their clothes in their wardrobe. She went in Dev room too check all things.
Twinkle: any else you want Priyanka?
Priyanka: nothing Twinkle.
( Twinkle and Priyanka was nice friends. They meet oftentimes in Mumbai when Maya take her with herself)
Twinkle: okay. She went from here.
She went in kitchen rechecked all dishes.
In Meantime Anant and Manohar too even Bebe as well niki or Sheetal.
They all get freshen up soon take rest for sometime. Anant went in their room. She saw Maya.
Maya: Ho so you come very soon Anant.
Anant: did you have any work to me.
Maya: my family come but you didn’t bother to meet with them once.
Anant: I meet with them oftentimes it’s not for the first time my dear wifey.
Maya: Good do whatever you want to do.
She left from here. Anant went in washroom. He to get freshen dress up properly.

At lunch [email protected]
Twinkle off her phone from since one week someone calls her from unknown numbers and send her obscene messages and pictures as well too.
Twinkle tell servant call each everyone for lunch. While she personally went and call Maya family. Maya arranged dinning table nicely. While Priyanka come in kitchen.
Priyanka: Maya didi can I help you.
Maya: if you want. Just than Twinkle come.
Twinkle: no Priyanka you go sit.
Sheetal: yes after all you are the great guest of this Sarna Mansion. They all look at her. But Twinkle smile on her tell her on this.
Twinkle: you are the right Sheetal great guest, but she isn’t even she was too family members of this house.
Guest those are who come and stay whenever they want and went whenever they want.Indirectly and directly slap on her mouth but in her way rather than lifted her hand. Let’s go bhabhi food will be cold. At dinning area all comes settled down.
Manohar: how’s you all.
Ambika: Great Manohar ji. Anant come and meet with all and touch her mother-in-law feet’s. Take her blessing. God bless you my son. Just than Anjali and Om too come. While Manohar introduce them.
Manohar: Ambika ji she is my daughter, and he is my son In law. While Anjali and Om meet with them. Twinkle and Sheetal served them food while twinkle make Maya to sit with all. All loved the food parsing the food.
Dev: very yummy food who make this?
Maya: Twinkle Dev.
Dev: hoo in fine way.
While Sheetal whispers in niki ear that.
Sheetal: Maya iss ke bacho ki nanny hai and Twinkle Maya ki family ki.
Niki: right.
Priyanka: Twinkle you to sit.
Twinkle: no you all have. Juster then Rahul and piya coming while making noise. They all understand.
Sheetal: O my babies come I’ll see them.
She went near them and make them stop.
Told something in their ears, and they both went in room.
Esha: Till now massi Ansh not come. Before she can.
Usha: don’t you want to meet with Aayat Esha?
Varsha: Its nothing like that aunty.
Usha: I’m just joking.
Varsha: While aunty you people didn’t tell us that you have one daughter too why?
Immediately Priyanka.
Priyanka: Arey Varsha Maya told us na why you ask again. Varsha cut that moment. While Twinkle chance the topic.
Twinkle: Ambika aunty have this Kheer to I make for you specially you loved it na.
Ambika: Thanks beta it’s so sweet of you.
I’ll have afterwards okay now I eat so much After all you make all food so tasty.
While Dev just giving glare to Anant.
They both didn’t share much good bond.
After lunch, they all sit in hall together.
Other side in Office.
Soon their meeting get over finally it’s very long meeting there all things perfectly they discussed it.
Yuvi: Finally this headache over.
Kunj: Acha. Let go have something even in morning too I didn’t have anything.
Yuvi: why? Your dearest wifey not make breakfast for you (in comedy way).
Kunj: hehe it’s funny.
Yuvi: Yes.
Kunj: I don’t think so bro now you are coming or not tell with me haa?
Yuvi: yeah bro I’m too hungry 😋. Come let’s sit and Oder something for us. They both went in Yuvi cabin and sit soon Yuvi Oder something for them. While Kunj was hell hungry he didn’t look here and their Just stared eating. While Yuvi look at him in shock today.
Yuvi: O bukhd have some break bro. This food not going anywhere.
Kunj: (morsel in his mouth) hmm I know kutte 😜. They both started fighting for food kunj snatching the food here and there they both fight like a Tom and jerry.
After sometime later. Surprisingly Rishi come along with Naman.They just went in Yuvi cabin like a wind so fast. While Kunj and yuvi was busy in work.
Rishi: Hello. They look at them.
Kunj: You?
Naman: Yes we. They both went towards them and sit.
Yuvi: good you both come.
Rishi: by the way what you both doing?
Kunj: chilling in funny way. What people did in office normally.
Naman: we know this but actually in you both matters can’t say anything 😛😛😛. Rishi and Naman did hifi and laugh on them.
Yuvi: Shut up.
Rishi: okay we just come like that only.
Kunj: good weshe bhi tu milta nahi hai kamine.😛😝
Yuvi: hmmm Find someone new?
Kunj: god knows.
Naman: Sanaya knows😝.
Rishi: f**k.
Yuvi: whom 🤭🤭🤭😜😜.
Naman: I really Pity on my sister yaar.
Kunj: Look who is talking 😂😂😂.
Yuvi: You aren’t less than Us.😎
Rishi: Hell truth.
Yuvi: He talks like that his sisters are very innocent 🤪😂. They don’t know anything. They more cheap than us.
Rishi: Acha.😛
Kunj: I m not with him. Talking about My wife she is very much innocent. You can do crime in front of her still she can’t see and understand as well this we think.
They three of them look at Kunj in confusion way. But she understood everything but not speak till it’s not below the belt.
Yuvi: Risky when’ll volcano blast you don’t know 😝.
Kunj: this absolutely right volcano she blasts like same.
Naman: no you 😂😂😂.
Yuvi: While Tere upar toh earthquake comes every day 😂😂😂. They all friend continue like this only.
Next side again in Sarna Mansion.
They all sitting together while Twinkle get worried about her kids till now they didn’t come back from school-time ups. But not showing everything to everyone.
Usha: Arey till now Ansh and Aayat not come?
Maya: yes mummy ji.Before she speaks more Just than Aayat and Ansh entered in hall with funny face because their face fully covered in colour.
Esha: they both come massi.All turned and see them.
Usha: good finally they come.They both went towards all.
Anant: Why you come so late.?
Ansh: Wo daddy we all playing in garden that’s why.
Anant: Okay. He holds both kids hands and wiped their face.While Dev look at them in weird way.
Maya: Aayat see Nani and all’s comes.
Usha: yes go meet with your Nani.
Aayat:Hmm. She went towards Ambika and meet with her simply.While she too same not too much interest after she meet Varsha and Dev too Priyanka only the one
Who meet with them with heart.
Anant can see their expressions how they meet with his kids actually just control on his self.
Ansh: hoo Esha.
Esha: let’s play Ansh.
Usha: Aayat what happened to you?
Aayat: nothing.
Dev: she didn’t happy with us (in very weird tone)
Anant: Why? Dev come Aayat with me.
He lifted his daughter in his arms and went in their room. While Twinkle too.
Soon Ansh and Aayat get freshen up. Anant feed both of them with his hands Dev and Varsha see this.
Dev: He just doing this in his whole life.😏
Varsha:True bhai. Just baby sitting of this two. Even Maya too.
Aayat: Papa why Nani comes.
Anant: Just meet with you.
Aayat: Haa she gets happy so much.
Ansh:She I told you na like my Nani come here to meet with us both even your Nani to come.
Aayat: Hmm right I thought too much.
Anant smile and (think) don’t think about them and sorry for I lie to you. I’ll lie which maintains your smiles Aayat whole life. I Just want smile in your face not let anyone snatch this from your both face.
Aayat: Papa done.
Ansh: Me too daddy.
Anant: okay. Esha comes there.
Esha: now come Ansh and Aayat play.
Anant: Go you both okay. While Aayat make face on her. They both don’t like this each other.They went in garden play all kids together.
In [email protected]
Esha: Aayat you know Dev maamu brought new dolls for me. 🙂
Aayat: acha Good even my maamu And Chachu too😉 for me.
Esha: acha even you have maamu too.
Piya: Arey Your maamu also her maamu too Na.
Esha: He is just my maamu.
Aayat: Good nobody wants. Piya di come we play together.
Esha: What about me.
Aayat: Did you play with me when me come Nani house.
Ansh: let’s play Aayat forget they all playing hide-and-seek.
While next side Twinj room while doing her work.While just than Varsha comes there.
Varsha: Hi !Twinkle turned and look at her.
Twinkle: Aap. Come sit please.
Varsha: yeah. Sit beside in side couch while she just look Whole room. Nice room Twinkle.
Varsha: Compared to your room with Maya yours is better than hers.
Twinkle: What?
Varsha: Nothing.You Handel all works perfectly alone.
Twinkle: No I can’t Handel all works alone without Bhabhi almost She did I toh learns from her.
Varsha: Hmmm after What in her hands.
Twinkle: Even nothing in my hands too nicely give her answer.
Varsha: Yeah. Where is Kunj.
Twinkle: In office.
Twinkle: How’s your husband? And others.
Varsha: He is fine and others too. In busy life don’t have time busy in Esha.
Twinkle: This was right in kids life fully become busy.
Varsha: Your not too much maybe Maya is here na almost she Handel them right.
While Twinkle don’t know what to say she can give her answer but not stop just because of Maya.
Twinkle: yeah we both Handel Them after she is their MAA.
Varsha: hmmm. Okay I’ll go.
Twinkle: okay. She left whole day went sadu didn’t even give me a miss call. Huhu.
Later in evening Twinkle didn’t late Maya do any work she did all.
Sheetal: Today Twinkle you do all work alone.
Twinkle:Why you really care for me suddenly.You here na for help me.
Sheetal: Hmm.Yeah Sheetal prepared Tea and snacks take them for everyone.All comes Sheetal served them.
Varsha: Thanks Sheetal.
Sheetal: Thanks for what For each and everyone Maya Bhabhi did today We so what me and Twinkle hardly did anything she said this purposely. Dev and Varsha look each other’s.
Dev: Acha.
Ambika: Meri beti.
Maya: We all did together MAA. After sometime later in night.
Varsha purposely take Maya in room. They both sisters sit together and talking to each other’s. Not let her do any work.
Varsha:You sit with me after year we both meet with each other’s. Always you only do work haa.
Maya: Arey it’s nothing like that Varsha.
We both doing all works together and Twinkle did more than me.
Varsha: Acha I can see you and jiju handling their kids why?
Maya: Varsha please don’t say this they both are our kids as well There too. No difference between us you people please don’t make it. We are happy together and talking about Twinkle she respects me lot so.
Varsha: Okay. Aayat come there.
Aayat: mamma.
Maya: yes what you want.
Aayat: Nothing mamma. Give me my doll.
Maya: okay she went towards wardrobe tale out her doll and give her too. She takes and went back. While Maya.
Maya: what you all brought for my daughter haaa.
Varsha: Nothing and what’ll I.
Maya: What do you mean. Voice come from back Priyanka Arey Maya di I brought don’t worry 😉 😘.
Maya: good. 😍
Varsha: You really enjoy after all you meet with Twinkle hmm.
Priyanka: Yes I’m after all she is my good friend before any other relationship.
Varsha: acha 😏😏.
Maya: not started here please.

@Next side..:
after having good time with friends Yuvi and Kunj they all left for homes. While Yuvi and Kunj.
Yuvi: okay bye.
Kunj: hmm headache day.
Yuvi: hmm after see you wifey face it’ll gone.😛
Kunj: What about yourself?
Yuvi: Due to her mood swings my life ufff😒😫😫 her mid night cravings Kunj.
Kunj: it’s just a starting bro I know bearing
Lot two time experience 😎😝😝😝.
Yuvi: acha what about your sleeps.
Kunj: hmm sleep right so what yaar you have whole time to sleeps. Still my sleeps disturb they did fun inside in. They both sleep peacefully I saw them ultimately I felt like I sleep and peacefully bas.
Yuvi: Owww Kunj amazing.
Kunj:But remember girls have mood swings whole life 😝😝😝😝.Beware look me still bearing 😜. Okay chal
Yuvi: Hmmm Anant Bhaiya in laws waiting for you 😝😝😝.
Kunj: acha. Punch him. Soon they both sit in their cars and left for homes.
At luthra [email protected]
Soon Yuvi reached he get freshen up.
Yuvi: how’s your day mood swings lady😝😝.
Mahi: What? My day was good what about you.
Yuvi: Great like always today we had lot of fun.
Mahi: we means?
Yuvi: me and naman and Rishi Kunj.
Mahi:Hoo. Here my getting bored and you enjoying haa.
Yuvi: You And mom went hospital what doctor said haa?
Mahi: Nothing everything is fine.
Yuvi: Good you had your meals na.
Mahi: Haa Dadi maa is here😊😛.
Yuvi: yup. 8months more Mahi.
Mahi: only 8months.
Yuvi: It’s not only 8months this only I know how I bear your mood swings heheh😛😛😋8months 😭😭😭😭 help me babaji.
Mahi hit him with pillows after sometime later servant call them for dinner.They both went downstairs.While Anita and Surjit waiting for Them.They both too sit.
Anita: Mahi puttar eat properly.
Yuvi: Mom not give her pickles Please.
Mahi: Why? Mahi take the pickle bottle and started having pickle and showing Yuvi and eat.
Anita: Yuvi puttar let her eat everyone eat pickles during In pregnancy days.
Surjit: Right.
Mahi: see.
Yuvi: huhu. They all having their dinner.
Yuvi: Mom didn’t you went Sarna Mansion today.
Anita: Arey not No one is in home and I can’t leave Mahi alone so not.
Yuvi: Maya Bhabhi family comes na.
Mahi: haa when.
Yuvi: today is morning Kunj told me only.
Anita: hmm. After dinner they went in their respective rooms.Mahi and Yuvi sitting
Mahi: You know Yuvi sometimes I think Life is so complicated na.
Yuvi: Hmm.
Mahi: Our is fine. Compare than Twinkle Di.
Yuvi: Can’t say anything mahi. Yuvi reading stories and tell her.
Next side Sarna [email protected]
They all come and sit for dinner. Twinkle serving all.
Usha: Twinkle puttar you sit meena will serve.
Twinkle: no mummy ji I’ll.
Ambika: so Caring mother-in-law you have Twinkle. (In taunting way)
Anant: Why only Twinkle have even Maya to have. 😏😏.
Anjali: Twinkle you sit forcefully they tried with her but Twinkle not sit.
Aayat: Twinkle chachi give me my food too.
Maya: Sit with me. Aayat look at Dev she gets scared.
Aayat: Mamma I’ll sit with bua.
She went towards Anjali and sit next to her. Soon Ansh to come he to sit beside Om. Anjali feeding both of them even Om too. Varsha look at them and burned.
Priyanka: awww.
Sheetal: They both only heart of this house.
Varsha: hhhh. Just than Kunj comes. He about to went upstairs while Nani give him voice.
Nani: Kunjj.
Kunj: Yes nani.
Manohar: Come have your dinner.
Kunj: I’ll come Papa first get freshen up.
He went upstairs goes in their room without wasted any time he gets freshen up soon and went downstairs.Kunj sit beside
Kunj: Hi.
Dev: Hi.
Twinkle served Kunj dinner Twinkle find something weird in Anant behaviour.
Ambika:You must very busy Kunj.
Kunj: Hmm slightly aunty nowadays. I hope you all didn’t find any difficulty to come here.
Dev: nope. We thought our Anant jiju comes to receive us but not it’s okay. They all look at each other face. Aayat look Esha and Ambika she feed her with her hands.
Aayat: Bua bas.
Anjali: Okay.
Ansh: even me too. Anjali wiped their face. Usha sign her. She understood.
Anjali:You both Go with Om okay.
Om take them with himself. He helps them in their school work.After dinner all done. They went in their rooms.
While Twinkle doing all works and clean each and everything Anjali help her.
Niki: feeling so good to see you both like this.
Sheetal: yes 😏😏😏.
Twinkle: Anjali Di I’ll do it na you go na.
Anjali: Ho so what since morning you only do all work. Happily they both doing all work. After Anjali went in her work she to sit beside both kids with Om too.
Kunj coming from study room Sheetal see him.And from next side Twinkle coming.
Sheetal purposely slightly falling her Saree palu and bump with Kunj. She about fall down Kunj hold her almost her blouse see.Twinkle see them and stop there.
Kunj see Twinkle get shocked.
Sheetal: Hmm kunj. Kunj leave her hand she stands. Thanks Kunj didn’t look at her. He looks at down in awkwardness.
Twinkle come towards them. She looks at Sheetal. Without saying anything he left from here.
Twinkle: She took her pallu. This for cover yourself not for falling down and covering floor Sheetal. At least respect yourself.
Sheetal: What do you mean ha?
Twinkle: Acha do this kind of things in your room in front of anyone but not in front of my husband get it. She left from here.
While in varsha and Ambika room.
Dev they three of them sitting.
Ambika: varsha give this too Maya and Anant.This too Aayat and Ansh. Just than maya and Aayat come there.
Ambika: Aayat this for you. Before she gives her.
Esha:aww Nani so beautiful doll please this I want it.
Dev: okay you take it.
Nani: okay Aayat I’ll send you another okay.
Maya: Arey Esha you take other one this for my doll.
Aayat: No mamma I have so many dolls.
I’m going to sleep you come. She left from here with sad face.
Maya: This is not good.
Dev: what not good Maya ha.Our first priority is Esha before than Aayat.
Nani: Ab Aayat was in her place can’t take Esha place. 🙂 Maya didn’t say anything she takes other gifts and left. ( This all Aayat heard)
Don’t play favourites in your family. It destroys the core value of what family is all about that’s why I love the fact in good family we are all equal.•••••••••••••••
Next side twinj @
Kunj sitting and doing his work.While just than Twinkle entered in room.She was hell tired today. Just than Ansh comes there.
Ansh: mamma give my night dress.
Twinkle: Kunj give his night dress please make him wear too.
Kunj: What happens to you.
Twinkle: Please. Kunj did what she said.
Ansh: mamma I’m going in MAA room.
Just than Aayat comes there. She went in side and sit. Aayat see chocolate box kept there she open the box and started eating continuously lost in herself. While Kunj and
Twinkle look at her.
Kunj:What happened to her haa?
Did you do anything with her haa.
Twinkle:Why should I kunj. Hardly I meet with her My whole went in kitchen.
Kunj went towards her sit beside Aayat while Twinkle take her clothes went in washroom.
Kunj:You’ll eat whole chocolate today only.
She didn’t reply him back. Kunj shake her.
Just than Twinkle to come back and sit beside them.
Kunj: Aayatttt. She come in sense.
Kunj: What happens to you.
Aayat:Nothing( in simple but in pain voice)
Hide her tears.
Kunj:Twinkle you give her medicines?
Twinkle: I toh didn’t give if her mother give so can’t tell.
Kunj: mamma give you medicine Aayat.
Aayat: (nodded her head in no.
Kunj: You give her.Twinkle get up take her medicine give to Kunj. She just open her mouth kunj give her medicines. Today she didn’t do any drama while taking medicines strange.
Twinkle: Are you okay na.
She wiped her tears with back hand palm.
Ansh: Aayat let’s sleep.
Aayat: Hmm I’m sleeping in Anjali bua room.
Ansh: okay I’ll to come with you.
Kunj: Today you sleep Ansh.
Ansh: Aayat hai na Papa.
They both left from here.Twinkle closed the door. She remembers what happened downstairs kunj and Sheetal.
Kunj went towards her about to cuddle her.
Twinkle: Stop don’t dare to touch me.
Kunj: What😱😱😰. Why?
Twinkle: before touching me go and get bath huhu.
Kunj:Why I just get freshen up Twinkle haa.
Twinkle: You want to become superman haa.
Kunj:What do you mean haa. Just than he clicked.🤭🤪🤪. It’s nothing like that Twinkle she about to falls just.
Twinkle: acha 😏😏🤨. Sadu. Go take bath 😡😡😡😡😡😡.
Kunj: okay. Kunj went in washroom take bath come after sometime. See Twinkle I did what you want okay.
Twinkle: hmm. They both lay down. Twinkle resting her head on Kunj chest.
Kunj: kya hua siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Nothing much Kunj just get tired today.
Kunj: acha than why you do all work.
Twinkle: acha 😋ji Maya spend sometime with her family bas.
Kunj: Okay. And what happened to pidhi.
Twinkle: Nothing Kunj just maybe tired.
Twinkle: Kunj Why Anant Bhaiya not happy with Maya Bhabhi family ha.
Kunj: I really don’t know what reason behind it. In starting Dev and Anant was good friends now don’t know.
Twinkle: matlab Kunj.
Kunj: Leave na unke in laws hai unka tension. Kunj pecked on her cheeks.
Look at in her eyes.
Twinkle: Kya hua why looking at me like this ha.
Kunj: nothing bas. She wants something Twinkle.
Twinkle: Kunj it’s normal you think to much. You know her If she wants something which she not had. Pure ghar ko sar phar uta leti hai. She let you and Anant Bhaiya sit in peace.
Kunj: Hmm still I thought.
Twinkle: Now you don’t make her zidhi Kunj:Acha I did if I didn’t fulfil their wish you only the one who kill me with your taunts 😛😛. Twinkle hit him. Kunj rubbing his face against with Twinkle face but Twinkle get irritated with her beard.
Twinkle: haa Kunj.
Kunj: What.
Twinkle: Kunj I told you many times to shaving your face. ☹️☹️☹️
Kunj: why. I’m looking hot.
Twinkle:acha ji. Now don’t rubbed your face with mine. You look good in stubble too. 😝😝. Kunj come top of her.
Kunj:Now toh I’ll not do it. Now more he rubbed his face with her more. While Twinkle laughing more Kunjjjj bas na baba.
Kunj: maza Aaya. They both sleep in each other embrace.
Next [email protected] Anjali and Om room.
Om love spending time with ansh and Aayat. They lay down in middle of them bed while Om and Anjali sleep beside them both side of bed.
Aayat:Bua can I ask you one question.
Anjali: Yes.
Aayat: Bua your Nani love more than in you and Papa or Chachu.? While Anjali and Om get confused slightly.
Anjali: our Nani love we three of them Aayat.
Aayat: But more whom.
Anjali: For nani we all are equal, so she loved us equally Aayat. Na.
Aayat: Haa. (Think) but My Nani not bua
They all love Esha more than me. 😭😭😭.
Anjali: Aayat where are you lost.
Aayat: Leela Nani loves us equally bua. Means.
Om: you and Ansh equals for her simple Aayat.
Aayat: haa.
Anjali: Now you sleep okay. Papa ji princess Aayat closed her eyes but pain in her small heart tears in her small eyes. Which always fill with happiness.
Episode end.
Hope you all like this episode as well.
If you happy than comments 💗💗.
Those did thanks. For this.
Please ignore any grammatical mistakes.
What you all think about maya family behaviour towards Aayat?

Bye love you all♥️♥️♥️🌸happy holi again

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