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Love is hard part 94

A week later yuvraaj received a phone call informing that they caught baby
Suhani: humara jina unse haram kiya tha
Bhavnaa: yes but now everything is fine
Pratima: now there will be happiness in the house
Suhani: haan ma, krishna ki bache ke saath ek nai kahani shuru ho jaigi
Yuvraaj: its so strange how from the start till now how much their story has changed, they used to hate each other and now saiyam takes so much care of her
Badi dadi: haan sai kare ho. I learnt many things to
Pratima: vasai yuvani or karan kahan hai, they were suppose to come over today.
Suhani: abhi any minute,yuvaani nai meera ko tiyaar bi karna hotta hai
As soon as they said that yuvani walked in and karan also holding meera.
Yuvaani:hi everyone
Yuvraaj:hello hello
Suhani:karan yeh sori hai
Karan: ha auntie, she not feeling well
Suhani: haan she is only 8 months old. U need to take care of her
Yuvani:haan, mumma just don’t ask, all the time behind meera
Yuvraaj: haan toh it’s fine na
Karan: where is saiyam and krishna
Suhani: krishna had doctors appointment she wasnt well
Yuvaani:oh okay
They were all laughing and talking

A while later suhani got call from saiyam telling her and yuvraaj to go to hospital
Suhani: voh bohut dara va tha
Karan: me and yuvaani will also come
Bhavnaa: haan yuvraj or suanhi karan or yuvani jai or meeea ko ider chorde
They all rushed to the hospital
Suhani: saiyam what happened
Saiyam: i took krishna for ultra sound because she was having pain and doctor said that the cord is strapped around baby
Yuvraaj: and krishna?
Saiyam: doctors are checking
Saiyam: I am very scared
Yuvani: nothing will happen

Doctor came out
Saiyam: how is krishna
Doctor: krishna ab teek hai but we doctors think that she will be ready any time now so we will keep her here
Yuvraaj: per uska time be pura nai hua ek maheena reta hai
Doctor: thats why she was having pain because her baby is still premature but because of the cord being dangerous at the moment we may need to do operation
Yuvanni: can we go see her
Doctor: haan we gave her a private room u go to see her
Saiyam: thank u doctor
They all walked in the room
Yuvaani:krishna how are u
Krishna: i am okay now
Suhani: krishna u need to really take care of urself now
Krishna: saiyam does all that, voh toh muje kuch karna hi ni deta
Suhani: haan toh teek hai na thats what husbands are for
After a while there visiting hours closed and the four of them had to go back home.
Saiyam:tumm theek ho
Krishna: haan saiyam. But u look more scared than me
Saiyam: i dont want u going through all thiss
Krishna: u wanted a child first
She was laughing
Saiyam: krishna tume haasi ari hai or muje dar lag ra hai
Krishna: toh mat darro na, tum ho mera sath. Muje kuch nahi hoga
They both smiled.

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