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Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-13

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Ragini got sanskar call..she doesnt lift..then she got message “if u are not lift my call i will come to ur home”..she immidiately lifts d call when it rings again..
Ragini:what sanskar..dont u had enough for what u hav done before
there is silence..
Sanskra shown fully intoaxited by alhocol ..his eyes wr red,tears formed in his eyes…
Ragini(softened her voice):sanskar
Sanskar:tell me one thing(he asked his trembling voice)
Ragini:sanskar did u get drunk..y did u drink this much..
Sanskar:leave that…tell..if u really ready to do like that..(he askd painfully)
Ragini can sense pain in his voice..tears rolling down on her cheeks..
Sanskar:te..tell ragini
Ragini cries..
Sanskar:i need answer
Ragini:sanskar we will talk later..sleep now..u drank so much..
Sanskar:no..tell first
Ragini:sanskar plzzz..
Sanskar:u cant do like that nahh..
Ragini cuts d call ..she says haan sanskar i cant do like that …im helpless sanskar…i cant break my promise which i gave to my dad…she cries..

Ragini woke up nd comes to hall nd sees the hall covered with flower bouquets..
Ragini looks puzzled..
Shekhar:raagu ,sravan sent these all for u..
Ragini smiles wkly
Shekhar:he sent ur fav bf also…(he caressed her hair)..he loves u so much raagu..im really happy for u.he will maku u happy lifelong..
Ragini smiles fakely nd goes to her room hiding her tears..

Ragini comes to sravan cabin..
Sravan:how are u
Sravan:vo..i jst sent those to make u feel better..u like it na..
Sravan:ragini..vo…vo…do u still love sanskar..vo..i mean..vo..(he was hesitate to ask)
Ragini:i knw what u r going to ask about…no need to wry sravan..our mrg will happen..
Sravan nodded smiling..
Ragini gives a faint smile..
Sravan:fine..i nd sanskar going to meet one of client in xyz restareunt..
Ragini:with sanskar??
Sravan:dont wry i will manage..haan..check these two files..
Ragini nodded..

Sravan left…she sat on chair nd checking files….some one came nd back hugged her..
Ragini with widening eyes mumbles sanskar..
Sanskar:wahh..u found me by my touch..
She jerks him nd stood up nd sees sanskar who is smiling widely..
Ragini:what u are doing here..srvan told u r going somewhere with him..
Sanskar laughs evilly..ragini looked at him confused…
Sanskar takes his mbl nd dials sravan..
Sravan(asks annoyed):where are u..im waiting for u..

Sanskar:ohh sorry man i cant come..kya hai na..meri haalat bahut karab hai..(he said dramatically)
Ragini gives a what the look..
Sravan:what the hell..u should hav told me before.i would take someone with me..
Sanskar:calm down man..u can manage single..i hav trust on u..go a head..all the best..
Sanskar cuts d call smirking nd sravan fumes there..
Ragini:what is this sanskar..y r u troubling him..
Sanskar:bcz he was troubling me snatching my love..
Ragini mbl rings it was frm sravan..sanskar grabbed her mbl before she could lift..
Ragini:give my phone
Ragini:sanskar plzz
Sanskar nodded as no..

Ragini tries to take her mbl..sanskar exchanging mbl from his one hand to another hand making ragini irritate..
Sanskar kept it into his pant pocket..
Ragini:what the hell
Sanskar:if u want ,take it
Ragini glares at him..she moves towards him nd placed her hand into his pocket..sanskar giggles while saying u trtickling me..she glares at him..sanskar moves ,not letting her to take..ragini holds his coaller nd pulls him close..now his face near to her face..he stood quite staring at her..ragini tries to take her mbl from his pocket..her breath touches his neck,he was lost…she felt his intense gaze on her she lifts her head up nd lost in his deep eyes..both have eyelock..after a while ragini gets sense..she composed herself ..she took her mbl nd left his coaller nd about to go..sanskar held her hand nd pulls her on him..she landed on his chest..
Sanskar:dont go

Ragini found tears in his eyes..she felt weak..she bowed her head could not able to meet his eyes…sanskar lifts her head up nd kissed her forehead..ragini closed her eyes…
Sanskar pulls her even more close feeling her embrace which he missed frm past days…ragini was feeling very wk..
Sanskar:plzz forgive me..i got knw my mistake..
Ragini:but it got late sanskar…now we cant do anything..
Sanskar looked at her painfully..
Ragini(turning her face otherside):i moved on sanskar..u should move on in ur life..
Sanskar soft touch became wild..he gripped her wrist tight nd pinned her to wall..
Sanskar:never..how do u say move on huhh..how could u…(he gripped her wrist more tight)
Ragini:sanskar its paining plzz leave…
Sanskar (left her immediately):vo…sorry
Ragini:u will never change sanskar..
Sanskar:sorry baby..
saying he supposed to hold her wrist..ragini jerks..but sanskar pulleed her nd kissed on her wrist where it got red bcz of his tight grip..

Ragini:leave me sanskar
Sanskar:is it paining
Ragini:it is very less ,compared to which u gave me before..
Sanskar:ragini plzz
Their conversation disturbed by sravan who jst entered..
Sanskar(annoyed):kabab mein haddi aggaya
Ragini glares at sanskar..
Sravan:whats going on
Sanskar:romance..u entered in middle..very bad habit..
Sravan glares at sanskar..
Ragini:shut up sanskar..
Sravan:sanskar..i think u r not well right u shouldbbe in hospital right..then what the hell are u doing here..
Sanskar:but my medicine is here only nahh.sao i came here(he pointed ragini nd winked at her)
Sravan fumes…
Sanskar smiles..

Sravan:leave him ragini..did u check files..
Ragini:hmm sravan..she forwarded files to him..
Sravan:ragini where is ur engagement ring..
Ragini looked at finger nd looked at sanskar who was smirking..(he removed it when ragini lost in his eyes)..ragini looks at sanskar angrily..sanskar smiles..
Ragini:vo..vo..sravan..vo..my finger got swell so i kept it in home..
Sravan:kya hua..is it fine now(he about to hold her palm)
Sanskar banged the table loud before he could touch..rag sravan looks at sanskar who stood glaring them..
ragini(pulls her hand back):im fine sravan..i will get back it..
Sravan nodded..
Ragini leaves while glaring sanskar who is giving flying kisses to her..


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