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Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi beaten up badly by the robbers

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi wonders why the robbers behave as if they don’t recognize him.
There, the robber twists Rakhi’s arm and pushes her down the floor. Karan and Rishab come to wrestle with them. Prithvi watch the robbers being beaten by the brothers and think his heroism will be lost soon. Sherlin tells Prithvi when Rishab and Karan are tired, he must jump in and show his heroism.
Everyone was shocked to see one of the robbers hit Rishab at the back of his head. He fell on the floor unconscious. The other one breaks a bottle at the back of Karan’s head. The family was taken aback. Karan gets blood over his hand and faints. The family cries. A robber calls Preeta forward as she is much concerned for Karan. Preeta sits beside Karan and questions why they are hurting him, they must also have a family.

Sherlin whispers to Prithvi that his time starts. The robber appoints Preeta to gather all the jewellry for them. Prithvi forbids Sherlin take her jewellry off while Preeta gathers the jewellry from everyone.
Mahesh takes a chance to leave the hall and call ACP. He complains about robbery at his house. The police assures to reach them in next fifteen or twenty minutes.
Sherlin tells Prithvi to jump in now. Preeta had walked towards him, he forbids Preeta to get involved with him at any cost. Preeta was fearful. Prithvi comes to confront the robber now and mocks him for taking help of a woman. He warns them to leave right away. The police must reach right now. Sarla and Preeta try to stop them. Prithvi says he can’t bear anyone playing with Preeta’s self-respect and dignity. He comes to disrespect the robbers and pulls a trigger over his head. The robber fell in Prithvi’s feet. Prithvi smirks. Janki wish she had told Shristi about Prithvi today. The robbers finally laugh making fun of Prithvi. Prithvi questions if he joked with them, and tells them to leave right away. The robber questions if Prithvi has gone crazy. They pushes him away, Preeta doesn’t let Prithvi go on but he wasn’t ready to stay. He attacks the robber who beats him. Sherlin was worried watching him being punched badly. Prithvi was successful in pulling the mask off the face of robber. He recognizes this isn’t Jagga and realizes they are the real robbers. He finally apologizes the robbers as he is already hurt. Prithvi finally allows the robbers to take away all the jewellry.
As Preeta brings the jewellry for the robber he demand her jewellry as well. Preeta apologizes as she can’t give this ring, it’s a small ring and last identity of her father. She pleads the goon as it’s a whole life for her. Kareena tells Preeta to give away this ring. Preeta wasn’t ready for this. The goon wasn’t ready to spare a single gram of gold here. He calls for a knife to cut it now. They take the gold from Preeta to be stuffed into her bag. As he holds Preeta’s hand to cut the ring Sarla and Shrishti first request the goons.

PRECAP: There is a promo for Holi Special Episode.

Update Credit to: Sona

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