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Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 3 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Rag herself: wat is hpng with me 🤔🤔😭😭bade bhaai ka sapna aur chote bhaai se shaadi!

She calls sanvi and tells her everything

Sani:waaaatttt??you loved rishi na

Rag:bt he is married na

Sanvi:leave him and this will be best for you… And confusion ko tumhare dimag me gusne hi Matt dena

Rag: how i let it not to enter actually confusion is created in my mind

Sanvi:ahh.. Can’t you think something new… Atleast think abt Marg?

Rag: oh teri..i forgot.. Wch colour lehenga i should try!

Sanvi:jo bhi pehno princess lagogi

Rag:hmm..m going to Chennai at marriage

Sanvi:97..98..this is 100th time you r telling…leave it..did you do posting of job

Rag:ha..Rishi Bhaai would do that

Sanvi😨😨😨:rishi BHAAAAAIII…itni jaldi

Rag☺☺☺:ha afterall now the relation hv changed.. And ek tarfa pyaar ki taakath hi kuch alag hoti hai…jab chaahe kisiko crush banao jab chaahe use bhaai😎😎😎
(The power of one sided love is something different.. Whenever you want you can hv crush on someone and Whenever you want you can make him brother too)

Sanvi😱😱😱: nobody can understand you

Rag: that’s why i m different

Sanvi: so tho hai…😀😀ok chalo bye!

Soon the days passed
Soon RAGSAN got Married

Rag was sitting in the dressing table…

She was looking at her jewelleries


Sid gives her gold bangles

Sid:i brought this for you..
Rag: bhaiyya… Dad hv buyed all na

Sid:bt for this ..i hv saved money from 2yrs

Rag smiles and takes: this so beautiful

Sid:i know.. After whose choice it is?

Sushanth comes: ways hpng here

Rag; bhaiyya brought me the bangles me

He sees.. She gives him…

He takes out 2 more bangles.. And keeps it together: this matches

Rag:bhaai aap bhi

Sush: wn dad can arrange all these jewlries and sid can bring you bangles why can’t i?

Rag hugs her both brother’s

Fb ends

Rag sees her each and every jewellery which has a lot hardwork of her dad and her brother’s to buy it and adore her with it

She smiles…

And sanskar was no where to be seen

Rag waits for him..

And then dozzes off!

Here Sanskar was seeing Swara’s photo and a bracelet of her..and also a mangalsuthr

Rishi comes to him

Rishi: still how many days? She have left you.. u can’t change the fact! And your wife is waiting for you…

San:bhaai… Why you forced me…i can’t be in this relation… It is suffocating whenever i think abt Ragini

Rishi angrily: don’t you feel suffocated en you think abt that girl.. Who has left you!

San:bhaai still i love her

Rishi: how i should make you understand wn you are not willing to move on

San: i don’t want..i still don’t know the reason why swara hv left me.. She can never do that

Rishi angrily stands:Swara swara swara… Don’t you hv other thing… Some people will be innocent…bt if you think that you are the one then… Wrong..wat you think as innocence na it’s your foolishness…

Tanu: Rishi…

Rishi turns..

Tanu smiles: wat lecture you are giving him.. Let him go to his bride na

Rishi fakes a smile: ha..from tmrw he will be only with her in chennai…so talking with him

Tanu: art rishi today was his Marg.. He would be tired.. Sanskar go to your room…

San nods and goes

Rishi was looking at him…

Here sanskar goes to room and sees Ragini slept..

He slowly goes and takes a pillow and goes out…

Next morng

Rag wakes from the sleep and sees Sanskar wasn’t there..

San comes there.. He was all ready in formals
He ties watch on his wrist

Rag: sorry..i didn’t know wn you came..i was fa..

San: that’s fine..get ready we hv to go airport

He goes..

Rag then gets fresh and changes into white netted saree

Rag moves outside…

Sanskar hv had his breakfast already…
He was reading a file…

Rag sees him and then moves to kitchen

Tanu: Ragini…sit…and hv breakfast

Rag and tanu moves to dining


Tanu:he had the breakfast already

Tanu serves her food…

Rag felt alone she thought sanskar would accompany her.. Bt…

Rag was eating slowly and was looking at Sanskar

Tanu: wat hpnd? Didn’t you like the food?

Rag fakes a smile: no.. This is good…

Rishi was noticing every reaction of Ragini and then he looks at sanskar who is not at all bothered that somebody else is existed or not

Rishi goes to Ragini:ha Ragini.. You don’t need to lie… Tanu your food has become tasteless

Tanu: wat?

Rag: no.. This is nice

Rishi: then why aren’t you eating

Rag: no actually..

Rishi: wait let me keep a competition..tanu vs ragini..m sure tanu would win.. She is never fill in eating

Tanu:haww rishi..

She chases him… Rishi runs

Rag was laughing and her eyes falls at Sanskar who is still in a file

After sometime…

They reach airport

Tanu hugs Ragini

Rishi: i hv made your posting in hospital..and you can even study M.D

Rag smiles
Rag sees sanskar.. Who is now talking in a phn…

Then they leaves

In flight
Rag was looking at Sanskar… Who is now reading a magazine

Sanskar knew that she is looking at him.. bt he didn’t want to face her

Finally they reach…

Ragsan comes out of the airport…

San moves to the car….and tells something to the driver

San turns to her…
San:you go in this car!and the driver will show you our house

Before she could reply sanskar goes from there…

Rag sadly sits in the car

Driver:madam.. Don’t worry sanskar sir is little workholic
Rag smiles
Driv:i m vighnesh
Rag smiles: i m Ragini…

They reach the apartment

Rag was mesmerised by the apartment

Vigh:your house is in 18th floor

Rag smiles

They goes…

Rag sees the the house which was a duplex flat… And was still it was boring..


Rag: don’t call me madam..i m Ragini

Vigh smiles: bt u r sir’s wife
Rag:so wat bhaiyya
Vig:u called me bhaiyya
Rag: of you don’t mind.. She asks him

Vig smiles: no mada…i mean Ragini
Rag smiles: so you are a Tamil!
Vig: yes…
Rag: by i don’t know tamil!
Vig:so wat..i will teach you…

Like this Rag bonds with vig..

After sometime..

Rag tasks with her family…

She waits for sanskar.. Bt he wasn’t there…

That day passes…

Rag goes and sleep’s in a room being scared as she was alone….

Sanskar comes There

He sees Ragini sleeping

He goes to another room… And tries to sleep swara’s memories haunts him

Next day…

Rag comes to the kitchen..and makes coffee

She sees sanskar coming out of the room…all dressed formally

Rag places a coffee for him

San: from now on u don’t need to do this for me
Rag confused: wat?

San:i will do my work myself…

He goes without drinking the coffee

Rag was confused

Precap:funny Ragini arrogant Sanskar😜

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