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Kunj didn’t knew what had gotten into him. He had no intention of taking Twinkle out on a romantic date, and of course Mahi hadn’t actually told him to take Twinkle out. He was relieved that Twinkle had agreed but now he was in fix. He quickly made his way to Mahi’s room. 

Mahi- Knocked Kunj 

Mahi- Jiju? What’s up? 

Kunj- I need your help. 

Mahi- Sure, tell me I will help you. 

Kunj came inside and made himself comfortable on the chair. As he sat Mahi looked at him to continue taking a place on the edge of the bed. 

Kunj- Mahi you need to lie to Twinkle. 

Mahi- What? No Jiju, no ways I can’t lie to Twinkle Di at all.  Mahi was actually confused as to why Kunj was asking to lie her to Twinkle. She has never lied to Twinkle. She uses to fib when they were young but at that time she was innocent but now she can never do that and with Kunj’s words made her tensed as to why Kunj wants her to lie to her Di. 

Kunj- Mahi I am taking her out on a date. 

Mahi- Ok, but why do I need to lie her? 

Kunj- Because I told her that you asked me to take her out on a date.  

Mahi- So? 

Kunj- Mahi I told her that it was your idea, so that she will say Yes to me. 

Mahi- Oh, that’s it? 

Kunj nodded his head in yes. 

Mahi- Ok Jiju, I will do it for you. She said smiling widely. Jiju it’s such a romantic idea. I am so good that I came with such a brilliant idea. Right Jiju. Mahi said winking at Kunj. 

Kunj- Ya Mahi, the idea that you have given me is actually brilliant. Kunj said with the same smile on his face. 

Mahi- So Jiju, where are you taking my Di? 

Kunj- Still not decided. 

The next day in the evening Twinkle was waiting for Kunj to return. She was anxious and nervous as she had never been on date before. Though Kunj was her husband so this technically was not a real date but still she was very nervous. Dates were supposed to be romantic and Twinkle was not at all romantic. Her heart skipped a beat thinking all this, also Kunj being romantic with her. She had seen Kunj’s caring side for her but not romantic side. To distract her mind from all this she went towards Mahi’s room. 

Twinkle- Mahi 

Mahi- Yes Di. 

Twinkle- Tonight is the night. 

Mahi- I know, so are you excited? 

Twinkle- I don’t know…. I am….. I guess so. Mahi why you asked Kunj to take me out for a date? 

Mahi- Di……Wo….I …thought that I have come in between both of you. I thought you both deserve some time alone. 

Twinkle- Mahi you were never in our way. Kunj and I aren’t…… Twinkle paused and thought that they are not in love. 

Mahi- Aren’t what di? 

Twinkle- We aren’t romantic type. Kunj is mostly busy in his work. He works really hard and he doesn’t have time for all this. You should not have asked him. 

Mahi- Well if you both will go out maybe you would become a romantic type. And Di he wants this. 

Twinkle- How do you know that he wants to go out with me? 

Mahi- Ummmm……Simple di when I told him the idea, he was very excited. Mahi lied. 

Twinkle- Mahi don’t get involved please. 

Her words stung. Mahi knew that no one should get in the middle of husband and wife but Kunj himself asked her to get involved. She wondered why Kunj didn’t asked her directly to go out with him on a date. Would she had refused him if he had asked her out? 

Mahi- I am sorry Di. 

There was a silence in the room. Mahi was eager to ask her next question while Twinkle allowed her thoughts to drift back to her impending date with Kunj. 

Mahi- Di, what if Jiju asked you out? What would be your answer then? What if it was not my idea? Would you have said no? 

Twinkle- Mahi, he would not have asked me. 

Mahi- What if he would? 

Twinkle- I would have said no? 

Mahi eyes were wide open and was shocked but she was successful in suppressing it.  

Mahi- Why Di? 

Twinkle- Mahi, I have never been on a date before. I am not romantic. I am not even prepared and Kunj would have never asked me out, it’s only because you asked him that’s why he is taking me with him. 

Mahi- Di, you need to be more open minded and a bit romantic. 

Twinkle just looked at Mahi and sat down on Mahi’s bed. She was looking miserable and very nervous. She was not willing to spend evening with her husband. Mahi was now suspicious as Kunj was willing to take her out but Twinkle was reluctant. Why was she not willing to go on a date with Kunj? Mahi decided not to ask more questions from Twinkle, maybe she being very unromantic. Suddenly Mahi was surprised as she remembered something. 

Mahi- Di, why you are still not ready? Jiju must be home anytime. 

Twinkle- He asked me to wait until he is back home. 

Mahi- What he is up to? 

Twinkle- Your guess is as good as mine. I am going to wait for him in my room. 

Mahi- Ok. 

Twinkle walked in her room. She came because she was not willing to answer more Mahi’s questions. She has gone to Mahi so that she cannot think of this date anymore but Mahi made her more nervous. 

Twinkle- called Kunj as she entered the room. 

Twinkle turned around to find Kunj sitting on the sofa. She was surprised to see him as she had not even heard him out of the room. 

Twinkle- You scared me. Twinkle said calming herself down 

Sorry- Kunj said while chuckling as he stood up and walked towards Twinkle. He handed a box to Twinkle. 

Twinkle- What is this? 

Kunj- I want you to wear this tonight. 

Twinkle looked at the box and then at Kunj. It was clear from her expression that she was panicked. Kunj’s smile faded looking at Twinkle’s expression. 

Kunj- Twinkle, don’t worry it is not an evening gown, neither a pair of jeans. 

Twinkle- Then what it is? 

Kunj- Twinkle, open the box and find it out. 

Twinkle carefully opened the box and when she opened the box she was surprised to see what Kunj has got for her. 

Twinkle- A saree, you bought me a saree? But you hate when I wear it? 

Kunj- No Twinkle, I don’t hate when you wear saree, it’s just that I want you to try other dresses as well. Ok, now take all your time and get ready, we will be leaving in two hours. 

After saying this Kunj walked out of the room closing the door. Twinkle was very happy. Kunj got her a gift and that also, a saree. It was a beautiful peacock blue saree and she loved it. She rushed to the changing room to wear. After wearing the saree, she saw her reflection in mirror. The saree was beautiful with border. However, the blouse had quite shorter sleeves than what she generally use to wear and the midriff in the blouse showed a lot more. The part of the saree was sheer that means it concealed nothing. Twinkle felt exposed, but she wore it as she didn’t want to Kunj’s feelings. She continued wearing it and completed her make-up and hair. Kunj had not disclosed her where he was taking her, so she preferred to keep her make up light and simple. She was putting on her jewelries when she heard a knock on the door. 

Mahi, I haven’t finished yet getting ready- Twinkle said as she walked towards the door to open. As she opened the door she found Kunj standing there. It was Kunj who knocked the door.  His eyes grazed Twinkle’s body. Twinkle felt shy and she immediately crossed her arms over her stomach and chest in an effort to hide what that sheer saree didn’t. Kunj frowned. 

Kunj- You don’t like it. Kunj said with a hint disappointment in his voice. 

Twinkle- No I love it. 

Kunj looked at her suspiciously and he was sure that Twinkle was uncomfortable. 

Twinkle- It just shows a lot more skin. 

Kunj rolled his eyes and went close to her. He pulled both of Twinkle’s arm away so he could get a better look of her. She was looking gorgeous just as he had hoped when he purchased the saree for her. His eyes again traveled from top to bottom looking at her body again.  When he looked back at her he saw her red cheeks as she was blushing and was looking down avoiding the eye contact with Kunj. 

Kunj- Twinkle, you are looking absolutely gorgeous but if you are really feeling uncomfortable then please wear something else. Well, let me tell you that I will be the only one who will be seeing you and no one else. We both will be completely alone. 

Twinkle, I am fine. I really loved the saree Kunj. 

Twinkle was much more relax and calmer now knowing that he and Kunj will be alone and no one else would be seeing her in this much exposing saree. She thought to change the topic as Kunj was continuously staring at her. She thought to change the topic. 

Twinkle- Kunj, where are we going? 

Kunj smirked and said- Oh, that’s a surprise. 

Twinkle- Kunj 

Kunj- I am not telling you. He winked at her and grabbed her hand and walked with her in his Lamborghini car. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even allow Twinkle to say bye to Mahi. He quickly made Twinkle sit on the passenger seat and grabbed the keys from the driver, positioned himself on the driver’s seat. 

Kunj- Ready to go? 

Twinkle- Hmm. 

Kunj started the car and Twinkle started to look out of the window to have a look at the beautiful sight. After sometime of driving they left the city behind and were on the country side where the outside view was beautiful with amazing weather. After having a look at the beautiful sight, she turned towards Kunj who was driving and looking outside. He glanced over Twinkle and smiled. 

Twinkle- Kunj, are we almost there? 

Kunj – Why? You can’t stand being in the car with me for few more hours? 

Twinkle- Few more hours? Twinkle was horrified listening this as they have been driving for quite a long time and still he said few more hours. 

Kunj- Relax, I was just kidding. We are almost there. 

It was not an unbearable drive with Kunj. It had been a quite drive. They didn’t speak much. Kunj was focusing on driving and Twinkle was busy watching the view outside but when the ice was broken Kunj thought to continue the conversation. 

Kunj- So Twinkle, when you think of a romantic date what comes in your mind? Movies, long walks, long car drive, romantic dinner or sunsets? 

Twinkle- Ummm…I don’t know……I have never been on one. 

Kunj- Oh Come on Twinkle. You must have thought something, that one day you will go on a romantic date and then what kind of date will you prefer?  

Twinkle after thinking for some time replied- Sunsets are good. 

Kunj- Oop! Sorry, we missed this time. Next time for sure. 

Twinkle skipped a heartbeat listening to what Kunj has said. She thought whether Kunj has realized what he said or not. He said that he will take out on another date. 

Kunj- We are here. Announced Kunj. 


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