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Ishqbaaz FF- My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-35

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…


Chapter 35:




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Chapter 35:


Shivaay rushed towards Rudra’s room while Om followed him closely.


Shivaay didn’t know if something happened to Rudra or is he playing a prank.


If this was a prank, Rudra is going to get scolded by him because even now, his palms are sweating in worry.


Shivaay wouldn’t even bat an eye glance if his whole company was crumbling because he know he could build it again but here he is… Sweating from just this…


If someone or something had upset Rudra then Shivaay will burn the world for his baby brother.


His heart skipped a beat in worry and he didn’t know if his heart was even beating properly because it’s beating pace felt irregular.


Just like Om said, Rudra’s room door was closed and even locked when he pushed it which is very, very rare.




Shivaay called out and was met with only silence.


This is strange… Really, really strange..


Rudra had never ignored him no matter what. Om too looked at him in worry since Rudra never ignored his big brother.


“Rudra? Please answer me”


Rudra still hadn’t answered even when Shivaay had said please. This scared Shivaay like nothing did.


Usually nothing bothered Rudra because Rudra has the capacity to overlook the obvious and one day, they all come crushing to him and he gets upset.


Shivaay didn’t know what to do so he knocked the door again along with Om..


“You are scaring me Rudra, what happened?”


Om watched Shivaay trying to pacify Rudra with all sort of things to convince him to come out.


He was the one who knocked Rudra’s door today morning to know whether he was ready for haldi or not.? But soon his callings were ignored.


At first Om thought Rudra was just pulling a prank or even hiding a girl. But Rudra never did that and that too for so long ignoring Om. So Om went and brought Shivaay to handle Rudra since strangely Rudra listens Shivaay all the time.


“Is it a pimple?”


Shivaay asked with such seriousness that Om would have laughed if the situation they’re in was not bad.


“Did something happen in your college?”


Om knew that Shivaay owned that college too and he will know everything if something happened in his college yet Shivaay asked it.


“Did any of your friends say anything to you?”


And they could hear a groan from inside, confirming that Rudra was indeed there.


“Is it one of your girlfriends?


Om didn’t know what happened to Rudra to behave like this. This no longer seemed like a prank of Rudra.


Now Om too got seriously worried.


“Did Tej uncle or Jhanvi aunty said something?”


Shivaay asked and Om felt the familiar anger rise in him. If it was his father then Om won’t let it go this time.


“Rudra… You know your bhaiyaa will do anything, anything for you, right? So please open the door. I will make everything right.. So open the door Rudra..”


Om was startled by the sounds coming from the room. Was that crying sound or something else?


“Rudra, are you hurt? You’re scaring me Rudra.”


Om put a hand on Shivaay’s shoulder in comfort because Shivaay is really anxious even more than him because he’s always overprotective of Rudra.


“Ok.. This it.. I am breaking the door Rudra”


Shivaay said and there was finally some response.


“I am fine bhaiyaa”


Even Om could hear from Rudra’s voice that he is not fine.


“I will.. I will come out of the room after a while bhaiyaa.. So.. Just let me be alone.. Please..”


Rudra… Wanting to be alone…


This is like sun rising from west.. There is really something wrong.


“Ok then”


Om was even more shocked to see that Shivaay allowing Rudra to be alone.


Shivaay who never leaves even in death is saying this?


Shivaay moved Om’s hand away from his shoulder and swiped his finger over the switchboard out of the room.


Om was perplexed to see the switchboard is actually a fingerprint scanner to open the door and he now understood how Shivaay came to his room in dire situations even though its locked inside.


To think, Shivaay would be this obsessed with their safety, Om was astonished and the door to Rudra opened.


Soon Om could see Rudra had put a blanket over his figure, hiding under it as soon as he realized the door’s opening.


Shivaay had enough of this stupidity and tucked the blanket over Rudra.


“Rudra, stop being a child and let me see. Are you hurt? You’re making me go insane worrying.”


Rudra must have gripped it harder than necessary because Shivaay couldn’t pull it completely out of Rudra.


What is he hiding..?


Shivaay let go of the blanket and asked him,


“Ru…. What happened.. Tell me please..”


Shivaay signalled Om so that they pull together when Rudra lets his guard down.


Soon with a nod from Shivaay, they pulled it out at once.


“Rudra, do you know how worried I…”


Shivaay yelled at Rudra but cut it off suddenly looking at Rudra’s face.


Finally the room was filled with sobbing sounds, Rudra was crying non stop, tears trailed his cheeks. It tugged at Shivaay’s heart like nothing did..


Just like how he had seen Rudra crying for the first time when he was a child.


God…! Give me strength..


Shivaay prayed silently and soon moved near Rudra, hugging his head against chest while Om tried to calm Rudra down.


“Ru.. Stop crying… You know I hate it.. Right?”


Rudra hiccupped, trying to form words.


“T-That’s why I d-didn’t want y-you to come inside bhaiyaa”


“Shh… It’s fine Ru.. Calm down.. Don’t cry, ok? I promise I will make everything right no matter what it is. Ok? So don’t cry.”


To Shivaay’s surprise, the words which always calmed Rudra down had now made Rudra cry even more.


Rudra hugged him and Shivaay let him cry in his arms.


Rvery tear from Rudra’s eyes were like every arrow piercing his heart, twisting it, squeezing it, making it painful to breath.


What happened?


Did his mom say anything or did his girlfriends do something to Rudra?


“Yes.. So just calm down Rudra”


Om too said while sitting on the other side of Rudra and patted his shoulder.


Om too was bewildered just like Shivaay.. Because they had seen Rudra cry but never like this.


Rudra refused to calm down and buried his face in Shivaay’s chest and Rudra listened his Shivaay bhaiyaa’s heart beat, trying to calm down so he could not worry his brothers but tears were leaking regardless of his wishes.


~~~~ Four year Little Rudra in his bhaiyaa’s arms, his bhaiyaa trying to make him sleep~~~~


~~~~Five year old Rudra, carried by his brother because he had injured his knees while trying the newly bought cycle without supervision. His bhaiyaa refusing to let him walk, till his room~~~~


~~~~Six year old Rudra held by his bhaiyaa when his mother and father were seriously trying to divorce and fighting over who has which child if they divorced while his bhaiyaa has shielded him in his room, making him to not hear any sounds~~~~


~~~~Eight year old little Rudra, running away from Om wanting to hide somewhere since he had seriously just made Om angry by ruining the picture he draw and hiding behind his bhaiyaa’s back so he could escape from Om’s wrath.~~~~


~~~~Nine year old Rudra, disturbing his bhaiyaa studying for an exam just because he wanted some attention.~~~~


Years has passed and now even though Rudra had become an adult legally, he still remains the same.


“Rudra.. Come on tell us what it is..”


Om asked him and Rudra got out of his Shivaay bhaiyaa’s hold and tried to wipe his tears off.


It’s nothing big.. It’s just something silly and Rudra doubts they will even understand it.


Shivaay bhaiyaa swatted his hands away and pulled his kerchief out and wiped his face from tear tracks and used a little water from the glass near by and wiped his face clean and even wiped his nose off since he was crying like hell, all dam broke inside him.


“Ru… Come on.. Tell me what’s wrong.?”


Rudra tried to smile falsely and said,


“Its nothing bhaiyaa.. You know me, right? Just had a breakdown.”


“Yes, Rudra. I know you so stop pretending to be fine and tell me what it is”


Om sat silently knowing Shivaay alone can handle Rudra when he is like this.


“It’s nothing bhaiyaa.. Just something silly”


“But not silly for you Ru to make you cry like this. It’s obviously something serious enough to make you like this and you know that I will never consider anything silly as long as it concerns you.”


Rudra fidgeted with his fingers.


Yes, he knew his Shivaay bhaiyaa takes everything seriously and he was the one who even advised Rudra when he was worrying over his friends teasing him for crying easily over little things despite being a boy. His Shivaay bhaiyaa was the one who advised that crying doesn’t belong to a gender and he is too proud of Rudra to be strong enough to show his emotions in his face in front of others unlike other people.


“Talk to me baby Ru..”


Those words were what pushed him to speak.


“Its just.. You’re getting married bhaiyaa”


Shivaay bhaiyaa waited patiently for him to speak.


Rudra turned away from his brothers and looked at the ceiling..


“You won’t understand bhaiyaa.. No one does..”


“I may not understand you Rudra but I can listen to you.”


“Its just you won’t be my bhaiyaa anymore”


“How can I not Rudra?”


“You won’t be just bhaiyaa anymore but also someone’s husband.. I can’t come to your room anytime I want to.. I can’t demand your time like I used to. I know bhaiyaa that it’s something everyone goes through but I just now.. Everything came into my mind all at once.. I can’t come and sleep in your bed.. I have always ever since I was little, spent most of my nights in your room. Your room will change, your cupboards will be filled with all of bhabi’s things and now you can’t spend time with us whenever we want us too. Now you have one more person to prioritize and maybe even more than us. Nothing will be same anymore.”


Om caressed his back in comfort, silently indicating that Om too has to go through this.




Their love for each other are same but their relationship isn’t..


Om won’t understand what he’s going through…


Because to Om, Shivaay bhaiyaa is a brother, a friend, a advisor, maybe a guardian sometimes..


But to Rudra…


Shivaay bhaiyaa has been a father, taking care of him..


A friend closer than anyone..


A brother who always held his hand in the path called life…


A superman who protected him with everything even his girl friend issues..


Above all… A mother who had fed him food when no one was there for him..


Shivaay bhaiyaa is not just a brother but everything to Rudra. He can lose any kind of relationship but if he lost bhaiyaa, Rudra won’t survive past that.


His bhaiyaa’s room is not just a room but a safe haven for him, a safe place for him in the whole world.


To think a day will come where he can’t go to his bhaiyaa’s room, it’s sorrowful..


No one can even understand the rights and possessiveness Rudra had over his bhaiyaa…


His bhaiyaa…


Yet still…


To think that their relationship won’t be the same made his eyes tear up again..


Years of relationship will be changed now..


“Are you stupid Rudra..? You’re crying for this?”


“See.. I told you, you won’t understand me bhaiyaa”


“I didn’t mean like that Ru.. Why can’t you come to my room like you please and why can’t you sleep in my bed?”


“Because bhabi will be there”


“Why would she be in my room?”


“What are you saying Shivaay?”


Om too asked Shivaay bhaiyaa in a surprised tone. Is Shivaay bhaiyaa forgetting that he’s getting married and the girl will stay in their home?


“Honestly, you two… Do you guys really live in the Mansion? Didn’t you two notice the interior construction going on?”


“Yes.. But that was the room near by yours. Dadi said something about you’re preparing an extra room.”


“Exactly, the room nearby mine is where my future wife is going to stay and an extra door is being made to connect mine and that room from inside. You see, I made it specifically knowing that Ru will be like this.”


Om was bewildered while Rudra leaned and hugged his brother.


“Shivaay.. How could you do this to any girl? Every girl has dreams and expectations from her husband to prioritize herself”


“I don’t know why you and Rudra think like that? There is no one and nothing that I will prioritize over you. I know that it’s wrong but simply I don’t care Om.”


Shivaay pulled Rudra from him and looked in his eyes,


“Don’t you ever do this Rudra. You’re gonna give me a heart attack if you behave like this. And listen to me carefully, I was, is and will be your brother first after that only every other relationship comes. Ok? Even if I had children or even if I become old because you’re my baby Ru.. I had held you both from the moment you two were born. I don’t care what others may say or be disappointed with me. I lived for you both, living for you both and will live for you both.”


Rudra had never felt more loved than ever and pulled Om in hug and he knew even though Om disagrees for bhabhi’s sake but he too is happy somehow.


Shivaay pulled them all in a hug and said,


“Don’t make me feel emotional.. I have a image to maintain you know.”


“Ok.. Ok.. Stone Singh Oberoi..”


Om said the same thing Annika used to tease him and smiled when Shivaay got irritated, whacking his head lightly..


Honestly, these two brothers will never change and Om does not ever want them to change them too.. Om will have it no other way.


“Come on.. Let’s go to the haldi function..”




(A/N: An emotional breakdown from Rudra.. Baby Ru is adorable even in this age..


Anyhow, An Obro chapter hope you all liked it.


See you with next update)

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