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Innocent Steps (Kanchi) episode 9 by ziya

Hi guys. How have you been. I’m back with yet another episode of my FF. And before I start, thanks to all for your lovely comments and likes and thanks for putting forward your doubts. But I felt sad to see the drop in the number of likes😔
I hope I’ll be able to compensate with this one. Hope you guys like this episode.
And one more thing, as I said earlier, I won’t be posting till April. Since most of our Friends are attending their board exams, I think it is not right to distract them. So I request all my friends also to do so.
Happy Holi guys….

Recap: sanchi goes out for party with her friends. Kabir brinks out a passed out sanchi back home.

The next day sanchi wakes up with a heavy hangover. She sits up holding her head.
Sanchi: god, my head is about to burst. (She holds her head.)
Sanchi tries to memorize the night before. She sees glimpses of her dance and celebration. She also remembers someone putting seat belt around her. But she sees only the hand. She tries to remember again. She remembers scolding Kabir. About learning taekwondo. Again, she doesn’tsee his face. She only sees his hand holding her shoulders. Sanchi just smiles at her antics.
Just then Kabir passes a glass of lime to her.
Kabir: have this. This will help you with your hangover.
Sanchi silently drinks it
Kabir: (stern) you shouldn’t drink too much if you can’t handle it. It’s not good for a person to consume so much that you lose control over yourself. Also it is not good for your health. (Sanchi just rolls her eyes) I want you to understand something. I don’t like it when you misuse your freedom. Now that our names are linked with each other, we should respect the other person’s feelings and honour before we do anything. (Sanchi just lowers her head) so please be sure this doesn’t happen again

Thats when something registers in sanchi’s head. She rewinds the scene to where Kabir gives her water, pauses and zooms in. She sees kabirs hand and the watch on his hand. It’s the same hand from last night. Her eyes pop out in horror and she just rushed to the bathroom.
Kabir: was I too harsh. I should have spoken a bit more softly. She seems hurt.
Sanchi now remembers everything clearly and Kabir is now clear in the picture. She remembers how she threatened Kabir. She just looks into the mirror and screams. Muted scream as she doesn’t want Kabir to hear. “ sanchi, beta, you are dead. If mom has seen you yesterday then just pack your bags and run away. Even Kabir seems angry. What do I do”. She slowly peeks out to make sure Kabir is gone. She gets her phone and rushes back to the bathroom. And as you guys have guessed, she dials her friends.

Pragya is sleeping with her leg and hand on Isha. Isha searches for her phone. She pushes away pragya and takes the call
Isha: kya Yaar, subah subah…you got a husband but still drives us mad.
Sanchi: shut up ishu. I’m in big trouble. I screwed up big this time.
She tells everything to Isha.
Isha: WHAT???
Pragya gets startled: virat me Anushka ko chod Diya?
Isha: shut up and get back to sleep
Sanchi: you need to get me out of this mess. You know my tolerance to alcohol is zero. Still you guys got me drunk.
Isha: relax Barbie doll. Now listen to me and do as I say. If I’m right, Kabir jijus quota is over. So just worry about Hitler mom. I know how to tackle her.
She gives her idea muted.
Sanchi gets ready and comes down for breakfast. She sits beside Kabir. And as sheguessed, gayatri’s unhappiness is clear on her face.
Sanchi: good morning
Riya: so how was the party sanchi
Sanchi: ok

She looks at gayatri, who is shooting lasers at her.
Kabir: I’ll leave first
Sanchi: WAIT
Everyone gives a questioning look
Sanchi: I mean, pls wait for me. I’ll also come with you
Kabir: but I’m going to office sanchi
Sanchi: you can drop me on your way
Kabir: you can use your car
Sanchi: but won’t it be better if you drop me and pick me up from college. We could get to spend some time together like this. Other times you are always busy with work. (She looks at gayatri) isn’t it mom
Gayatri nods in agreement.
Kabir: ok, I’ll wait outside
Sanchi: no, I’m done. Let’s go together. Bye mom. Bye( to Riya and Karan)
Riya, “ wah jethani ji, perfect escape. But always you won’t be lucky like this. I’ll make sure about that”
Kabir drops sanchi at her college.
Sanchi: see you in the evening
Kabir: I might get late
Sanchi: it’s ok, I’ll wait for you. Bye.
She leaves. Kabir nods his head smiling.

Isha and pragya finds her in canteen, munching down sandwiches.
Isha: so everything ok.
Sanchi: perfect. Just didn’t get time for breakfast as he was quick.
Pragya: so, you owe us big
Sanchi: ya, do thappad! For getting me drunk.
Isha: we got you out also. So chill. And did you find key your assignment
Sanchi: no,I almost forgot.
Isha: good, tomorrow is the last date.
Sanchi: what do we do
Isha: not we, only you two
Pragya starts buttering her and massaging her shoulders
Pragya: Isha, my sweetheart. Please make a copy for me also.
Isha: have you lost your mind. That crazy tanuja ma’am will read each and every word from everyone’s assignments. I don’t know when she gets all the time for this. We both will end up with an F.
Pragya: I’m not that dumb. Ofcourse I’ll bring changes when I write
Isha leaves with a firm No. Pragya follows her around trying to convince her
Sanchi: ab mein kisko pakdu.

It’s evening and as promised, Kabir comes to pick up sanchi.
Kabir is silent through the drive. Sanchi keeps looking at him, trying to pick up a conversation.
Kabir: how was college
Sanchi: the usual. How was work
Kabir: nothing much. Usual.
Sanchi: mhh
There’s again a long moment of silence
Sanchi and Kabir: how about coffee
Both smile.
Sanchi: ok

Kabir parks outside a cafe and both gets out. Kabir asks sanchi to go in first. Sanchi takes a seat near facing the entrance. She waits for Kabir. Kabir removes his cat and places in the backseat of the car. He folds up his sleeves. He is wearing a white shirt. He gets in the cafe and sanchi watches the super hot and handsome Kabir get in through the door, she just can’t take her eyes off him. He removes his glasses and walks towards her. She just sits there staring at him and she feels bright light coming from behind him, making him an angelic figure.
Kabir: did you order
Snchi is still in Dreamland
Kabir: sanchi
Sanchi: uh?
Kabir: did you order
Sanchi: no. I’ll take a normal coffee
Kabir calls the waiter
Kabir: two coffee please
Sanchi: and get me some Oreos also
Kabir and the waiter look at her in amaze
Sanchi: kya hua. Don’t you know Oreo. Woh biscuit
Waiter: we don’t serve Oreo ma’am. Would you like to have pastries
Sanchi: no, I would like Oreos
Waiter: we don’t have them ma’am
Sanchi: it’s ok. Then go get it from the next shop na. Pls make it fast ha. Thanku.
The waiter leaves with no option. Kabir smiles looking at her

Sanchi: what?
Kabir: you remind me of someone I knew.
Sanchi: was she your girlfriend
Kabirs expression changes a bit but he doesn’t falter
Kabir: why, will you be jealous of I said so
Sanchi: it’s ok. I’m not that kiddish. It’s normal to have dated someone. I can’t get jealous for your past. Don’t worry, I’m pretty cool person. I’m sure you might also be the same. Now if I said I had a boyfriend in the past, I’m sure you won’t be getting jealous
Kabir cuts her : ofcourse, I’ll be jealous to hear you had a boyfriend. I would definitely be jealous of the guy. (Swoon)

Sanchi is left speechless. Now that was something she never expected to hear. The expression on her face is priceless, while Kabir sits there with his usual cool demeanor.
The waiter brings coffee and Oreos. Sanchi silently sits there sipping her coffee.
Once they reach home Kabir thanks her before getting out of the car
Kabir: thanks for the coffee. And one more thing. You don’t have to be afraid of ma. If you dear her anger, then avoid doing things that might anger her.
Sanchi smiles sheepishly. She knows she has been caught
Later that night, sanchi sits with her laptop to finish her assignments, but she can’t stop thinking about kabirs words
Sanchi: what did he mean by that. Why should he be jealous. Did he really mean that…..should I ask ishagya. No, they’ll just make a well out of a mole…should I Google
She keeps thinking and the clock keeps ticking, untill she realises that it’s almost midnight. She hurriedly starts typing in things, and suddenly her laptop gets hanged. She tries fixing it. Just then Kabir enters and she asks him for help. Kabir comes to her and leans over her to look at the screen. A shock wave runs through her body. She is suddenly taken back by the proximity. He puts his hands forward , that’s technically around her, and works on the laptop to fix it. His face is over her shoulder, an inch away from hers, and she can feel the warmth from his body. She steal glances at him sideways and she feels her heart beat rising. She is totally flustered. Kabir fixes the laptop, takes his file that he came for and leaves the room with his usual cool, nothing happened wala expression.

Sanchi sits there holding her cheeks, which are now red.
Sanchi: what just happened sanchi, did I just blush
She smiles and gets her phone.
Isha :(half asleep) what is it sanchi
Sanchi: I got butterflies in my stomach
Pragya: then drink some hot water and go to bed. Theyll stop flying
Isha: keep the phone and go to sleep pragya. Sanchi, did something happen between you two. Did he kiss you
Pragya: KISS???
Sanchi: no, he just came close to me and I got this strange feeling
Pragya: why did he come close
Sanchi: well, that…
Isha: just go near him and confirm again
Pragya: yeas go fast. And don’t call us call morning. Good night
Sanchi sits there thinking. She takes her laptop and goes to kabirs study . She knocks on his door
Kabir, looking up: phir se kuch his kya
Sanchi: no, I just wanted your help with my assignments.
Riya and Karan start their drama seeing Gayatri
Riya: there is not a single night that your brother sleeps in his room. And it’s even a week since his marriage
Karan: well he already told mom he didn’t want to get married. Mom should have listened
Riya: don’t tell me your blaming sanchi that he is not interested in her.
Karan: I just feel there is no chemistry between the two. If they intend to go on like this, mom should just get them divorced and let them live their life.
Gayatri leaves angrily. Riya and Karan smirk.

She goes to kabirs study. She sees Kanchi working together in his study. They are having a good time with each other and this brings a smile on Gayatri s face. She slowly closes the door to give them privacy and leaves. Kabir and sanchi are sitting on the sofa and now working on separate laptops. Sanchi falls asleep on his shoulder. Kabir smiles. He shuts his laptop and slowly pickup sanchi and leaves. After paying sanchi on the hedge starts working on her assignment.
Next morning, as usual, sanchi wars up late. She stretches her arms wide and opens her eyes peacefully. But gets the shock of her life when she sees the time. She panics as she didn’t complete her assignment. She hurriedly grabs her laptop and is even more shocked to see it completed. She is confused for a moment. But then her knight in shining armour enters.
Kabir (Al dressed up for office): I need to leave early. Hope you go on your own.
Sanchi is so overwhelmed that she rushes to him and gives a sweet peck on his cheek and sqeels “ thanku” she rushes to the bathroom to freshen up . And this time it’s Kabir who is taken by surprise. He leaves the room but returns again to take something he forgot.
Dil Diya gallan plays in the background
Kabir is driving but can’t stop thinking about sanchi. He smiles occasionally. Sanchi is also completely lovestruck. After days , sanchi is finally herself while dressing up and getting ready for college.

Precap: Kanchi first date.

That’s it guys and as I said, I won’t be posting the next episode this month. See you guys at the end of this month, and all the very best for my dear friends for your exams. Study well and give out your best . AND KEEP ASIDE YOUR PHONES FOR A WHILE!!!
Happy weekend guys.

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