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Ikyawann 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Leela turns to a cat.

Ikyawann 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Kali walks to Susheel,Sejal notices the difference between them.shivam says phui ba is hall leave with tiffin.dareka says okay and says Mehul be happy and Susheel has stood for the right,she is strong because of your up bringing,banke says Mehul everyone’s life has hardships,and this is susheels,Nitesh says but her happiness and what about Satya and marriage,mehul says I have no trust on Satya but susheels eyes had a fire and trust something different,may be the members their have her This new fire.

Sejal says this tension will give me wrinkle and then two dadis in house,Susheel smiles,Kali says Susheel please try and understand I did this to keep you away from tension,Susheel says Ma thankyou for taking care of mapa and I’m sorry to talk to you this tone,Sejal says my liber isn’t water proof

stop being emotional,Susheel says cmon let’s take a selfie,Sejal says you take the selfie you tall girl,Sejal sends the selfie to mehul,banke says these are the people who give her the strength.

Kirans birthday bash begin,satya says cmon close your eyes and make a wish,Kiran does so and cuts the cake,Susheel and Leela share cold looks,Sejal asks phui what’s your wish,Susheel says I wished Susheel always stays with me,she teaches me new things everyday,and I want chip for the iPad,the one Jhano had got,satya says this,Kiran says no black colour,satya says its memory card,you take this,Kiran says no I want that one.

Susheel asks Kiran phui where did you see that chip,Kiran say is hide it in a ballon and there are so many here,leela hears too,both start looking for ballon,leela says my daughters bday and starts bursting ballon.susheel thinks I have to stop dadi and says come let’s dance everyone and plays the music,Susheel keeps everyone busy in dancing and starts looking for chip.

Leela unable to escape the dancing,leela asks gulabo to get Susheel,gulabo says Susheel Satya the new married couple come here dance together. Susheel slowly escapes,Sejal asks Susheel why are you bursting balloons come dance,Susheel says I have a game,the one who bursts the more balloons will win a prize,Sejal announces the game and all get busy bursting balloons,Kiran says just the bigger one is remaining all others done,Susheel sees chip in it.

Vishu says only Susheel can win then she has good height,Susheel tries but can’t get,Kiran says Satya go help her,and asks Vishu to stop trying,satya bends one his knees,and puts his hands forward,Susheel steps on it and climbs,and bursts the ballon,the chip falls Susheel sees it,and picks it up.all applaud for Susheel.

Sejal says wow you two and your chemistry,all hear cat meow,and move aside and see leela crawl as a cat,all are shocked Satya walks to her and says dadi what nonsense is this,Sejal starts recording it,a lady says while saving a kid a wild cat bite her and so she is behaving this way,all start laughing,Vijay says kali do something,leela starts behaving wild and weird,Susheel says this is he new act to stop me from revealing the truth leela sees susheels hand and chip in it.

Leela starts licking the cake,gulabo says do something,Vijay requests the guests to leave,k says Vijay this is some kind of drama,gulabo says call doctor now we will see things later,leela sees the chip in her and jumps on her and bites her hand hard.sejal shouts Leela leave leela leave,all try to free Susheel,all men pull leela and take her away.

Susheel badly injured,Susheel picks the chip,and thinks I hope this isn’t damaged.

Pre cap : susheel checking whether the chip is working and plays video,Sejal sees it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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