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Ek Deewana Tha 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya ka Shiv aur Shiv ki Sharanya

Ek Deewana Tha 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shiv opens Sharanya’s hairs and pulls her close to him. Ranjha Song plays in the background. He removes her juti and makes her wear an anklet. She smiles. He ties her hair in a braid next. He applies mehendi in her hands. She gets teary eyed. Vyom is heartbroken to see it. Shiv says Heer wasn’t the only one in love. Ranjha was also in love. This story will only end when the lovers will unite now. He leans closer but she turns away feeling shy. He holds her hand. This story is not like other stories. They complete each other. One falls and the other holds. One flows and the other holds them. Ms. Heer think once before boarding this car. Not everyone gets that kind of love. she points out that he ignored that love. He pulls her closer and points at the gifts. I got together what

I broke. She asks about the roses. Vyom thinks of how he got roses from every possible shop in the world. Shiv says roses have thorns too. People get hurt sometimes. I have got something else for you. He pulls in stargazers. It will fill your life with its fragrance till I am alive. She is about to hold them but Shiv goes down on his knees and proposes her. Sharanya says yes to Shiv, accepts the flowers and hugs him. People whistle and clap for them while Vyom stands there shattered.

Vyom is holding a broken piece of the glass and blood drips on the floor.

Vyom is holding the bunch of roses and is hurt by the thorns. Blood drops on the floor. Don’t give up Vyom. Sharanya will one day become mine only. He sets the flowers on fire. I wanted to Sharanya how much I love her; that you have become my life but you dint even let me confess my feelings! My Valentine’s Day is incomplete.

Vyom says Shiv took away Sharanya from me that day and is doing the same today too. he knew how much I loved Sharanya and that it was impossible for me to forgive Sharanya. Why did you do it then?

Sharanya says you said our love is different yet we had to part. Why? I wish our love hadn’t begun from that play. We met the same fate like Heer Ranjha. He shakes his heads and inches closer. I am not away even though I am dead. Our love is strong enough. Our love is connected from the souls. I can never be away from you. She cries. I want to hug you; hold you once like I did that day. Just hug me like you hugged me that day. I want to feel your presence and love you. I want to touch you again. I love you. She rests her head and finds herself hugging Vyom instead. She is shocked. Vyom asks her if she was expecting someone else. She shakes her head. He says you kept party for me. I thought to surprise you as well. He gives her a gift. I want you to wear it in the party. Will you? She takes it. Vyom looks at the suitcase. Are you off to somewhere? She declines. I couldn’t understand what to wear tonight so I got everything out. He points at the dress he has bought for her. You look amazing in every dress but this will suit you best. He leaves. Sharanya closes the door and burns the dress. Shiv looks at her. Sharanya tells him he has set fire to the dress brought by his killer and his emotions. Shiv asks her what she is up to. You were going to leave the house. Has your plan changed? She replies that the plan is same but she will leave only after getting his killer punished!

Shiv tells her that this fire of revenge inside her will burn everyone. She tells him to let everything burn down to ash. Our love wont end though as it is immortal. He nods.

Shiv and Sharanya hug. Shiv asks her if she will cry whenever he will say I love you to her. you wet my shirt completely. She says what else I should do. I fell for you the first moment I saw you. he asks her if she thinks it is only she who fell in the love. I fell madly in love with you when I saw you the first time. I saw you crying for your papa in the hospital. I realised that the girl who is so dedicated to her family will love her lover to the core. I love you even when you threw mud on me. She says I don’t believe you. He shows her the kerchief with which she had wiped her tears in hospital. Sharanya recalls using it in the hospital. It is still with you? He says not just that. You applied ointment first. Sharanya applies ointment on Shiv’s wound when the nurse interrupts them. She leaves it there on the chair itself. Sharanya looks at the ointment. Shiv adds that she gave him pain too. Who hurts from the scale? He shows her her bangle next. It fell when she had fallen with the bunch of roses in her hands. She is touched that he kept them with him till now. He promises to keep them with him forever. These are the mementos of my first love. She says first and last love. Why dint you tell me anything when you were so deeply in love with me. He explains about his background and how he thought that Vyom and you are a couple. You both looked like the perfect couple. It all looked so perfect between you guys.

Vyom says everything was perfect until that ghost came in our life but he is forgetting that it is us humans only who make ghosts. I am a bigger ghost than you. You will see that this time Sharanya will fall in love with me. He hugs the bunch of roses.

Sharanya asks Shiv why he changed his decision. He says I only used to listen to my mind. When I saw you leaving, my heart told me that I need you to live, breathe and stay happy. this is the only girl who can clear away the loneliness in my life. I became Sharanya’s Shiv then. She smiles. I became Shiv’s Sharanya.

Shiv and Sharanya look at each other.

Everyone has gathered for the party. Madhvi asks Vyom about Sharanya. Vyom tells her to be patient. She will come. Madhvi asks Rati about Avni and is told that she is sleeping. Vyom is surprised to see Sharanya’s mom. She shares that Sharanya called to say that there is some surprise. Lights go off. Sharanya welcomes everyone. Tonight, all the present and past secrets will be unveiled. Vyom looks at her.

Precap: Sharanya asks Vyom what he can do for her. You love me right? He nods. I love you more than I love myself. She asks him what he can do for her. You can also kill someone for my sake right? He nods. She asks him if it was he only who killed Shiv. Vyom accepts killing Shiv.

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