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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Holi celebration.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri doing house hold and singing sings on Holi,Vibhu walks in and says who do you wish to play Holi with,Anguri says Tiwari off course,Vibhu says give me a chance too,I’m a good player,Anguri says I’m too,tiwari walks to them and says Vibhuti you are useless. Amaji makes a call,tiwari says put on speaker,amaji says I showed kundali to pandit ramphal and he said these three days of Holi aren’t good for him,he shouldn’t play Holi or else you will divorce him.anguri says I won’t divorce him,Amaji says only if he played Holi,Vibhu thinks he will play Holi,because bhabhiji will divorce him.anguri says don’t worry I will take almost care he won’t play Holi.

Anu watching news,it shows a man in town is troubling fair skin women,by applying colour on them which is chemical mixed

ans turns them black,Anu says is police sleeping,reporter says till we have Happu in force it’s useless,Happu enters house hears that puts the tv off and says these people and bhabhiji I’m here to protect you,Anu says thankyou buy I’m good to take care of myself,Happu says but it’s my duty and look I have a gun too,just feel it,Anu picks it and points at Happu,he gets scared and hides,Anu operates it,it’s Holi pichkari gun.happu says sorry I guess it got exchanged with my sons,and gets scared.

Tiwari asks all doors closed Anguri,she says yes,door knocked,tiwrai gets scared,Anguri says go hide and asks who is it,vibbu in tilu voice says it’s me Tilu with 3 lakh payment,tiwari says let him in,Vibhu and rushes in with colour and applies it to him,Anguri says why did you do so,Vibhu says I’m sorry,tiwrai says now she will divorce me,Anguri says no I won’t,Amaji calls Anguri,and tells her,pandit ramphal had called,and he said the kundali is fine now,he can play Holi now and the more he plays the more happy you two shall live,Anguri says okay happy holi.

Anguri says Vibhu apply more colour now,tiwrai picks colour and runs behind Vibhu,Anu in market,Happu around her says don’t worry I’m guarding you Anu says carry the bag properly,the man comes and says oh you fair lady you won’t be anymore,Happu walks to him and says dare you,and walks to him,and says leave her alone,turn me to any colour but leave her,Anu says stop begging,Happu says let me handle,he applies black colour of Happu face,Happu says now leave,the Man Walks to Anu yo apple colour but she fights him and throws him away and says Happu you hold my back I can take care of myself.

Holi celebration begins in model colony,tiwari family and Mishra family wish each other happy Holi and apply colour.happu walks to them black faced and says wish you all very happy from Happu Singh and family.happu drunk calls Tiwari tikka and vibbu Tilu and starts misbehaving,Anguri says make him sit aside he is out of his senses.tikka Tilu malkhan come to wish,doctor joins too,Happu hugs laddu and says you study in London right,good to see you here,Anguri says doctor do something,pandit says doctor himself is drunk.

Prem says Vibhu how did you manage these celebration,commissioner joins and wishes everyone happy Holi,Happu walks to him and says Pelu how did you start talking,commissioner slaps him and he falls on master,Happu yo master says Gulfamkali you grew moustache why,anyways come hug me,Vibhu says let’s ignore him and have fun.

Anu and Vibhu sing and start dancing,Vibhu says Tiwaris your turn now,Anguri and Tiwari perform,Anu and Vibhu joins them.everyone dances enjoys the festival.

Pre cap: Anu says Vibhu let’s plan for Goa.tiwari hears that.anu and Anguri dressed as bride in Goa.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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