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Belan Wali Bahu 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo becomes ghost again before wedding

Belan Wali Bahu 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Roopa says to Sardar that Guddo have all these marks? he says I dont remember. Roopa says but I remember because wife doesnt forget anything about husband, he is not your Guddo, he is Laddo. Sardar says I am sorry, he is not that Guddo, he leaves. Lata says to Roopa that what is all this? he our Laddo? Roopa says I said what I felt, my mom says there are 7 people similar to each other, when I first saw him, he looked like Laddo, he matches with Laddo, all are confused. Roopa says I didnt say to marriage to anyone, he looks familiar to Laddo thats why I said yes, mummy you didnt feel that when you touched him first? Lata says yes when I slapped him first time. Roopa says Ramnath dont you feel he is your son? Ramnath says yes he talks like Laddo. Jitendra says yes when I hugged him I

felt it was Laddo. Shalini says he is angry type like Laddo. Lata says yes there are 7 people similar to each other, he is like my Laddo. Ramnath says I am thinking where are other 6 Latas in world, Lata glares at him. Laddo whispers to Roopa that your mother saved us today, Roopa says my father said that 7 similar people thing but mother have more emotions so I said my mom said it, Laddo laughs, they share hi-five.

In his room, Laddo plays mehndi laga rakha, Roopa dances on it, Laddo enjoys her dance. Roopa twirls and dances around him, she pulls him to dance with her. Roopa says its easy, Roopa shows him steps, he tries to copy her steps but forgets his steps, he says I cant do it, we can do something else. Roopa says our clothes are for Raj and Simran. He says I cant do it, Roopa says we will dance for sure, she gets an idea.

Scene 2
At night, Roopa and Laddo’s mehndi ceremony starts. Naren says Guddo and Roopa will dance on mehndi laga kar rakha. Laddo holds Roopa’s hand and brings her on stage. Laddo is tied to pole, Roopa kdances on jab tak hai jaan.. mei naachungi. shalini says they are playing Raj and Simran but dancing on Basanti and Veeru song? Jitendra says maybe Laddo doesnt know how to dance thats why. Roopa dances around Laddo, she encourages him to dance with her, they start dancing, all clap for them.
Next performance is of Dada and Suzzi. They start dancing on laga re lipstick, they funnily dance around each other. All clap for them.
Naren says next dance is of Ramnath and Lata. They start dancing aati kia khandala, they do quirks with each other, all enjoy it.
Naren says next is Jitendra and Shalini. They start dancing on laila laila.. they give energetic performance.
Naren says next performance is of scrap seller and Katori. They dance on Didi tera deewar dewana, they both funnily fight in dance, all laugh at them. Laddo laughs, Roopa admires him and smiles at him.
Naren says all performances are done but I dont have a partner, all say we are with you. They all start dancing on kala goriyan. Dada doesnt join family for dance, he feels some pain in heart and tries to calm down, he coughs. All are busy in dancing and doesnt see him coughing.

Scene 3
At night, Roopa and Laddo comes to roof, Roopa dances around and says I am so happy, she says they always see me alone on tank, she says now we will sit there. They both jump on tank. Roopa says we have so many memories here, I used to talk with your ghost here, they all laugh. Laddo says I called you here once to make you piss off Dada and get thrown out of house, I am sorry. Roopa laughs and says leave all that, remember you made me force family to go watch cheap movie, you liked this tank? Laddo says yes, I used to think here when I will be able to talk to people again, when I would spend time here, when I would be able to touch you again. Roopa says now you will live with me. Laddo says but we will meet on this tank. They laugh. Roopa says promise on this tank that you will talk to me a lot, he says I promise, they smile at each other. Ramnath comes there and doesnt see them on tank. He takes out wine bottle from pot and turns to leave. Roopa says should I tell Lata? he says no, what are you both doing here? Roopa says were talking to stars. Ramnath says you didnt you have to climb on tank. Laddo says they look more clear from here. Ramnath says okay, Laddo asks him to go and enjoy wine. Ramnath asks him if he wants to drink some wine? Laddo says sure, he leaves with him. Roopa gets sad and says no one is mine, I am alone here, she pouts. Laddo comes back and starts dancing on mehndi laga kar rakha, he does all the steps she taught him, she is impressed and says wow. He brings her down and dances with her. They both dance together on roof.

At night, Dada is sleeping but feels some pain, he wakes up and tries to call Suzzi but she is sleeping on floor after getting drunk. Dada says I need water, he sees jug empty and tries to wake up Suzzi but she is sleeping drunk. Dada says I feel nauseous. He comes out of his room and is thirsty. All are sleeping. Dada says I need water, He tries to go to kitchen but faints. Laddo wakes up in his room and is jittery, he starts leaving room, Roopa comes there and says I brought quilt for you, where are you going? he says I have to see Dada, I am worried for him. Roopa says its 11:30PM, you cant be seen by anyone otherwise you will become ghost again. Laddo looks on. Roopa says you cant leave. Laddo says I feel Dada is in trouble, they hear noise and see Dada falling in lounge. They run to him. He goes to bring medicine, Roopa says doctor is not picking up call. Laddo gives him medicine and rubs his hands, Roopa rubs too. They both panic, Dada is not opening eyes, Roopa says do something. Laddo asks her to check on internet. They check CPR methods, Laddo starts pumping his heart. Roopa says please open your eyes Dada. Laddo keeps pumping his heart.. Dada opens his eyes and looks at them. Roopa have sigh of relief, Laddo is in tears and says Dada you are awake.. Dada looks at Laddo.. Laddo flies away in fragments.. Roopa looks at his place and recalls Yamraj’s words that if Laddo is seen by anyone after 10PM then he will become ghost again. She is pained to see that Laddo is gone. Dada says where did Guddo go? Roopa says lets take you to room. Dada says I felt like I am gone today, Roopa says no. She takes him to his room and makes him lie down on bed, she goes to bring water. She gives him water. She asks if he is fine? Dada says no I am fine, you people saved me, go and take rest. Roopa says I will stay with you. Dada says no go take rest and say thanks to Dr. Guddo, go let me sleep, she says okay and looks on.

Roopa comes to lounge and looks around for Laddo.. She panics and turns to leave but one pot falls, she turns and sees him sitting on terrace plank with sad eyes, looking at her. They are both pained to be away from each other, oo re piya play. Roopa cries and runs to go on terrace, she goes near him, both are in pain, Roopa says why did you do it? you knew no one could see you after 10PM, I would have saved Dada, I would have called someone, why did you do it? why? Laddo asks her to sit beside him, she sits on plank and calms down. She looks at him sadly and weeps. Laddo’s ghost says our relation is weird, there is always something less in it, you used to make tea with less sugar, make food with less salt, asked for wish from Yamraj but for only 10 days? we were about to get married again but it became less too, how we will do dance steps now? he follows her dance steps, she cries and tries to hug him but passes through him and cant hold him.. she cries more. Laddo’s ghost says I couldnt even hug you, he cries too without tears and says I look bad when I cry, its okay I will not sleep, will sit here, I cant touch you but see I dont have to disguise myself.. Roopa cries. Laddo’s ghost says dont cry, we will meet daily, I will be on tree, I will not leave till you get punishment, Roopa smiles through her tears, they both sob. Roopa recalls her moments with Laddo as Dr. Guddo, their proposal, enagagement, sangeet, romantic date.

In morning, everyone is sad. Roopa comes there and says good morning. Ramnath says she is smiling in pain too. Lata says to Roopa that Dada told how Guddo saved his life, Dada says but after saving me, where did that person go? we dont know his whereabouts after last night. Laddo’s ghost is sitting on cupboard and looking at them. Naren says but all his things are gone, did he runaway? Ramnath says but he was happy to marry Roopa, why did he run? Lata says we have to think about Roopa, he is gone now. Ramnath says dont worry, we will find good groom for you and then you can marry again. Roopa is shocked and says no no.. I dont want to marry, Lata says but you were ready to remarry. Roopa says I was ready to marry Guddo, but he is gone now, I will live in his memories. Ramnath says you were living in Laddo’s memories and now you will live in Guddo’s memories. Roopa says leave it, I dont want to think about marriage, he saved Dada’s life before leaving, I dont want to think about anything else.

Roopa is sitting in her room sadly. Laddo’s ghost is sitting on cupboard. Roopa sadly looks at him, he asks what happened? Roopa says I was thinking if you didnt understand me after marriage or i didnt understand me, I am not that bad as you thought. Roopa says you are not that bad as you look by face. Laddo’s ghost says you want to say my face is bad? you want to say your husband is bad looking? Roopa says sorry, what will happen to wedding now? Laddo’s ghost looks on. He sees his engagement ring gone too. Laddo says your fate couldnt have Guddo, you will have Laddo only which is with you but cant be with you, you will have to work out with me. Roopa says happily, I work with old things, I use old utensils, old jewelry, old clothes. Laddo’s ghost thinks what I will do with her.

PRECAP- All society members are preparing for Holi but hides holi colors from Dada. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost why they hide holi things from dada? Laddo’s ghost says its old story, way back Dada was playing holi with dadi but she got attack and died during holi celebrations so after that Dada never plays or let anyone play holi.
Roopa says to family that we should enjoy this festival and play holi as it was last wish of dadi. Family says we will celebrate holi this year. Dada comes there and says no one will play holi not before I die and not after I die, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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