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Badho Bahu 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky and Komal enjoy Holi festivities together

Badho Bahu 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Titli falls while walking and Lucky holds her. She is unable to stand still with her eyes open. Lucky asks her what happened to her. Rana shares that she gulped down glasses of Bhaang. Lucky questions Jitesh who says she drank them all on her own. She keeps falling so Lucky ties a rope around her waist. Titli keeps taking her name. He tells everyone that he will leave her with Komal. She only will handle her. Rana smiles. Jitesh says see I brought the right Bhaang. Rana tells him to give him some.

Lucky tells Komal everything and asks her to take care of Titli. I am going to play Holi. He applies colour on Komal’s face before going out.

Kamla ji, Pinki and Malti ji are eating. Titli tells Kamla ji she always missed Dhanno whenever she looks at her. Kamla ji asks her about Dhanno. Titli

shares that that is her buffalo. Pinki hides her smile. Titli turns to her. You keep doing makeup all the time. Will you ever stop? She notices the sweets and begins to nibble on them. Malti ji asks Titli what happened. Titli wishes her Holi and hugs Komal next. Kamla ji asks everyone to come out to play Latthmaar Holi. Titli also wants to play Latthmaar Holi and runs out. Komal chases her.

Komal stops Lucky. He asks her if she was wrestling. Komal declines. Titli made me run around the house a lot. Titli jokes that she still does not look weak. Komal tells Lucky to stop smiling. Latthmaar Toli is coming and I have to go. Lucky denies but Komal somehow gives her the rope and runs away. Lucky sits down with Titli. Titli tells Lucky that she wants to say something to him. He tells her to go ahead but she says she forgot it. He tells her that he has no choice. You can eat my head on Holi today. She asks him if he is sure and laughs as he nods.

Raghubir ji and his family welcome Latthmaar Toli to Sirsa. Leader of Latthmaar Toli speaks about the significance of Latthmaar Holi which is played in Barsane every year. Kamla ji agrees to take this tradition forward and beat the men. All the ladies agree. Raghubir ji gets support of all the men. They start Latthmaar Holi.

Lucky says seems like Latthmaar Toli is here. Titli says how and why. Titli is not getting any guy for herself! You got a new guy for me right? Show me. Lucky looks at the tree and then at the rope in his hand. He brings her near that tree. Titli first asks him about the occasion today. it is Diwali right? We will light fireworks. He nods. He makes her sit near the tree and ties her to it. it if talk to you for
some more time then my mind will blast. Have fun. I will be back. She holds his hand. where are you off to? He says I am going to bring fireworks for you. Titli asks him to bring a rocket for her. he agrees and leaves. Titli says I will light it and reach where my father is!

All the couples are playing Latthmaar Holi. Komal thinks who should she use this Latth on when Lucky isn’t here. She smiles seeing Lucky coming there. Romantic song plays in the background. She asks about Titli. He gestures that he took care of it. Komal isn’t hitting him well and he asks her about it. She tells him that Radha beat Krishna ji when he teased her. You too will have to tease him. He pulls her close. I just teased you. Get ready now. She tells him to save himself now. They begin to play Latthmaar Holi. Payal is standing next to Teji and Vardaan. She notices Pragya and sends Teji in some other direction. She makes Vardaan sit down with the covering shield. Pragya thinks him to be Teji and begins to hit him. She calls him Teji and asks him if he isn’t hurt. Vardaan stands up. Payal decides to get Teji out of Pragya and Vardaan’s life.

Titli keeps talking to herself. Where did Lucky go leaving me alone? I am sure he must have gone to make rocket himself. She keeps talking to herself. The same guys who got beaten by Titli earlier saw her thus. They decide to teach her a lesson. They walk up to her. Titli calls them kids. Aren’t you done? They try to open the rope but she tells them to enjoy Holi. Send Lucky once. They free her from the rope.

Pinki and Rana apply colours to each other. All the couples also enjoy Holi. Kailash ji is about to wish his wife Holi but she advises him against it. I only want herbal colours. Pinki stealthily applies colour all over Kamla ji’s face. Kamla ji complains of the colours. Pinki runs away. Kailash ji asks her if it got inside her eyes. She complains and cries.

Komal asks Lucky why he tied Titli to a tree. She isn’t some animal. He assures her she wont go away anywhere. They don’t find Titli in her place. Komal says Titli is our responsibility but he tells her she is her responsibility. They go in separate directions to look for her. Lucky asks the villagers if they saw Titli. He is passing by when he notices the rope on the ground. Seems like she came inside the ruins to play some ghost game. She forgot that I am a bigger ghost than her.

Those guys have caught hold of Titli. Lucky enters just then. leave the girl. She is from a different village but I am from this village only. He beats them. Titli does commentary. Lucky Singh Ahlawat won the match. The guys apologize to Lucky. Lucky warns them not to be seen in this village again or he wont spare them. He drags Titli with him.

Titli thanks Lucky for saving her. She thanks him repeatedly for all the times when he saved her from trouble. She finally stops him. Thank you for saving me from that Paltu Aditya. Lucky smiles.

Precap: Kamla ji tells Titli her training starts today. Komal will teach you how to cook. Lucky asks his father how he figures out which person he should train or not. Raghubir ji says I know you are talking about Titli. Right now, she needs to be taught the importance of relationships. Titli is cooking but spoils Lucky’s cricket ball. He understands that she wants to play cricket. Who is stopping you? Join us.

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