Would you like to see Sana Amin Sheikh in Perfect Pati?

There will be a change in lead in And TV’s prime time show Perfect Pati. The female lead Sayali Sanjeev is going to quit the show. She will be replaced by the talented actress Sana Amin Sheikh. Sayali’s character of a sweet and simple girl Vidhita will also get a makeover, that of a bold and determined modern girl. Sayali will be missed by her fans. The story brings an accident and plastic surgery track to get the new face in. Sana was last seen in Star Plus’ Naamkarann. Her entry will be happening this week. Vidhita gets brutally stabbed by her husband Pushkar, who makes the attempt to murder seem like an accident.

Pushkar tries to get rid of her totally. Vidhita gets saved by Kabeer, a responsible, kind-hearted and charming guy. Kabeer delays his marriage in order to save a life. Kabeer wants to know more about Vidhita and inform her family in time. Pushkar isn’t aware that Vidhita has got her savior. Vidhita and Kabeer’s love story will begin in coming track. Mohit Nain has joined the show as Kabeer. He was last seen in And TV’s Meri Hanikarak Biwi in a negative role. The new storyline seems interesting. Would you like to see Sana Amin Sheikh in Perfect Pati? Let us know your opinion.

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