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Udaan 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor supports Rajjo

Udaan 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I will go home and meet Rajjo. Amit asks where is she going. She says I m going home, call me if you need help. She goes home. She looks for Rajjo and calls her out. She checks the fuse box and switches on the lights. She recalls Leela’s words. She shouts Anjor and runs to her room. She sees Anjor fine and sighs relief. She says where is Rajjo…. She gets shocked seeing Rajjo tied up. She goes to help Rajjo and hugs her. She asks her what happened. Rajjo says someone had come and tied me up, he has ruined my respect and went away, I couldn’t do anything, how will I live now.

Chakor cries with her. Chakor says I will get that devil punished. Police arrives and questions them about the incident. Chakor asks Rajjo not to get scared and answer them. Inspector

says we feel ashamed seeing such things happening, we will find the culprit and get him punished, we need your help for this to investigate well. The police collect evidences from the room. Rajjo refuses. Chakor says I will come with you, you won’t go along. Inspector says nobody can leave from this house till we find the details of this case, where is your husband Suraj. Tejaswini says yes, where is Suraj, his uncle died and he didn’t come, now this happened with Rajjo and he isn’t here.

Leela says his phone is not reachable. Tejaswini says what happened to Suraj, he always stayed with us, he isn’t here with us in this tough time. Chakor cries. Inspector says we got some blood drops in the room, every culprit leaves some proof behind. He asks Rajjo not to get afraid and support them. Leela says she isn’t able to manage herself, how can she help in this case. Chakor asks Rajjo to just be strong and just tell them what happened. Rajjo tells everything and cries. Inspector questions Rajjo. Chakor scolds him. He says I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. A watchman is caught. He says trust me, no stranger entered this house. Chakor asks what do you mean, is Rajjo lying, how can you say this. Raghav comes to Aarohi’s house to return her phone. He meets Tara and shows the phone.

Aarohi thinks what’s Suraj doing here, this phone has much info about Laila and Manpreet, is Tara knows this, it won’t be good. Tara says give this phone to me, I will give it to her. She thinks I can get much info using this. Aarohi signs Raghav. He thinks who is this woman. He gives the phone to Tara. Tara doesn’t get the passcode. Raghav thinks maybe I gave phone to wrong person, I have to do something. He pulls the carpet. Abhimanyu stumbles and jerks to Tara. The phone falls in water. He says I have done what I had to. He leaves. Rajjo runs to the terrace. Chakor stops her from committing suicide. Rajjo says I have no right to live. Chakor asks what are you doing. She asks Rajjo to manage herself, its not her mistake, she has to support them in finding that devil. She says we will punish that devil. She pacifies Rajjo.

Continued in Ishq Mein Marjawan update

Update Credit to: Amena

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