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RadhaKrishn 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram Pursuades Radha

RadhaKrishn 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vrishbhan announcnes that Krishna will sit with Radha on swinger as narayan. Krishna acts as collapsing. Nand and Yashoda get tensed. Balram via telepathy asks if he is not satisfied just by sitting on swinger with Radha, he wants her to wake him up. Krishna says he thought right, only then Narayan will wake up. Vaidya checks Krishna. Yashoda asks what happened to her kanha. Vaidya says he does not know. Vrishbhan says he must have hurt himself while fighting with agitated ox Hasteen. Radha says he did not hurt a bit, she was present there. Vaidya says he must have collapsed due to nervousness. Vrishbhan asks Kirtida to make devotthan pooja arrangements. Radha says she will make arrangements. Krishna asks Balram to do something. Balram says he is misusing his brotherhood. Krishna says

brother should be like Balram.

Ayan fumes that Kans’ black magical perfume could not harm Krishna, now they have to plan something else. Jatila says let us go to Mathura. Her husband Ugrapath walks in asking who is going to Mathura. Jatila says she is taking Ayan for treatment of his forehead injury. Husband says it is dangerous going there, so he will accompany them. Jatila says he is Barsana’s lone pujari and should be present here for devotthan pooja. He agrees.

Radha makes pooja arrangements. Balram walks to her and after a bit of discussion says Krishna’s condition is due to saving her from ox, so she should pray to wake him up along with waking up Narayan. Radha says she will pray to wake up Narayan but not Krishna. Radha then gets ready for pooja. Everyone sit for pooja and ask where is Radha. Radha enters.

Ayan with Jatila reaches Mathura and asks her to wait outside palace as Kans must be angry on him for failing in his task. He walks to Kans and says he failed in his task, so Kans can kill him. Kans walks him to him and says he also is a failure like others, so he should forget killing Krishna and instead pray him and Krishna take away Radha. Ayan fumes and says he will not accept defeat until he succeeds or succumbs. Kans says now one who is very cruel and powerful and can kill Krishna in 1 attack should execute the task and calls rakhas Agasur.

Devotthan pooja starts. Lamp blows off. Vrishbhan gets tensed thinking it is abshagun/inauspicious. Ugrapath says it is just wind and lights on lamp again. Balram says narayan does not want to wake up as someone present here’s heart is impure, until he/she clears his/her mind, Narayan will not wake up. Radha prays Krishna to wake up as pooja is important now. Krishna opens eyes.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that teacher is most important in their lives, teacher teaches them how to live life even after he/she expires, some say best teacher is mother as she is first teacher of child, some say teacher, some say friend, all have one thing in commmon, that is education, they all make them experience life, so if they keep experienced person with them, their life will be peaceful.

Precap: Krishna and Radha sit on swinger as Narayan and Narayani while everyone perform their pooja. Radha finds them in Golok and asks where are they. Kans meets Agasur and says their enemy is same, Krishna.

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