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Nimki Mukhiya 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu denies giving Nimki divorce

Nimki Mukhiya 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu brings divorce papers and gives it to Babbu. Mai says dont think, leave her, she will have no value without this palace. Rekha asks you dont want to divorce her? Babbu says there is nothing more than this house’s respect, I will sign these papers, Sweety is right. Mai says I will bring nice daughter in law. Sweety thinks soon Nimki will be freed.

Nimki says to family that I am free and happy. Dumri says you are still Babbu’s wife, you take divorce from him. Nimki says I will give him divorce in panchayat. Dumri says dont stretch this matter, ask for divorce and then end it. Mauha says otherwise we can send notice from lawyer. Mauha asks Tunee to make Nimki listen, Tunee says I am working on business project, nobody can make her listen that easily.


looks at Nimki’s photo and says what nobody could do, you did it, you made me lie, I just want you happy, you and Abhi have seen a lot of pain in life. Babbu comes in her room. She hides her phone and wipes her tears. Babbu asks where is Ritu? Sweety says he might be planning with Tettar, come inside. Babbu sits infront of her, they are both awkward. Sweety says anything you want to say? Babbu says you made me remember childhood, you didnt give me massage for many days. Sweety looks away and says I will apply oil. Babbu sits in her feet and says no just give me a head massage. Sweety reluctantly starts giving him massage. She sees divorce papers in his hands. Babbu says Ritu took Nimki’s sign by fooling her. Sweety says you signed too? its good, end this matter.

Scene 2
Nimki asks Ram why he listens to Dumri. Ram says you should live your life. Nimki says let me play first, Mai is dying to make Babbu remarry but till I dont divorce him, he cant remarry so they will have to beg me to ask for divorce. Mauha says you are destroying your life for that palace people? Nimki says my life is not destroyed, its palace people whose lives are going to be in trouble. Mauha says no your and our lives will be destroyed, papa cares for you, he is worried about people talking. Tunee says he is worried for your life. Dumri says he is a father with married daughter sitting at his home. Muaha says he cries over marrying you in a wrong home, Tunee says think about him. Nimki says to Ram that you are my strength, you made me learn to live with head high, when I wore jeans in village, people taunted but you gave me confidence to carry it, how can you break? I wanted to teach palace people a lesson, if you want then I will divorce Babbu, she hugs Ram.

Babbu says to Sweety that you remember a story when I had a fight with senior and I went behind him, teacher told me that there should be no death against death, then my parents told me that if someone beats you then beat them more, I took my revenge and destroyed eyes of that kid, I felt so good, he laughs evilly. Sweety is disgusted. Babbu says I dont understand how you went against Nimki when you were on her side? you cant lie, you think that I dont understand what you are doing? You want Nimki to become free from me and get with Abhi? I will never let it happen, I will make your Nimki cry and bear pain a lot, he tears divorce papers and leave.

In morning, Sweety serves food to everyone. Mai says give it to Babbu too. Sweety reluctantly does it. Ritu says Babbu is sending divorce papers today, Mai says dont delay it. Tettar asks to call for papers. Babbu eyes Sweety and says no divorce will happen today, I will talk to lawyer and make her dishonored in village, Ritu is of no use, he is not a practicing lawyer. Ritu says okay. Tettar says be careful, you are fighting that Nimki. Babbu says Sweety will tell how to get free from Nimki.

PRECAP- Babbu and Nimki are at site. Nimki says to worker that tell your Babbu Ji that we have removed pipe, he shouldnt go ahead otherwise he will stoop more low in a dig. Babbu says your mistakes are increasing in book, I will give you so much that BDO’s hand will break applying ointment on your injuries. Nimki glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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