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Naagin Season 3 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir and Bela coming to her father’s house. Bela thinks Bholenaath please save me. She tells Mahir that it is not good to go at this time. Mahir says there is no need to be formal with mom and dad. She says they might be sleeping and rings the bell. Bela’s father opens the door and says Juhi. He asks Bela what happened? Bela says I will tell you later and asks where is Maa? She tells Mahir that she is not here? Mahir says she is right infront of you. Her mum comes from behind. Mahir says sorry and says I couldn’t come to meet you. Naagrani Maa gets happy seeing Juhi and cries. She asks Bela what happened? Bela says she thought she is dead, but she is alive. Mahir takes her inside. Her mum asks who did this? Mahir says she might tell you. Bela’s father asks him to

have tea. Mahir says yes, but I will make it myself. Bela asks Naagrani Ma how did she come here? As she was in jungle. Naagrani Maa tells that she was in jungle, but then came there to Pandit ji’s house for few days. She says you have come here and brought Juhi also. Bela tells Naagrani Maa that she thought she lost her and then lost Vikrant also. She wants to take revenge and wanted Juhi to become Naagrani, but she refused. She says she has seen Vikrant and Vish’s real faces and lost them. She says I got you both. Naagrani Maa cries. Bela says only good thing will happen to us now and hopes new trouble ends soon. Naagrani Maa asks which trouble? Bela is about to tell her, but just then Mahir comes there and gives tea to Naagrani Maa. Bela asks where is my tea? Mahir says I drank it. Naagrani Maa asks them to go and says it is late night. Mahir says if Bela wants then she can stay. Bela says she will leave and asks Naagrani Maa to take care of Juhi. Mahir sits in car. He feels pain in his head. He tells Bela that he got happy seeing her mum’s happiness seeing Juhi. Bela starts crying and says sorry to him. Mahir asks her not to cry and smile. Bela smiles. Mahir asks her never to cry again. They leave and reaches Sehgal house.

Bela makes him sit on the bed and takes the first aid box. Mahir says I was thinking how did I get hurt? Bela says you collided with cave wall. Mahir says you left me there unconscious. Bela asks him not to think about that. She puts medicine on his wound. She blows on his neck. Mahir asks her to blow again and says he is feeling good. He pulls her closer to him and falls on bed. Bela asks what is this? Mahir says medicine is applied nicely in this position. Bela asks who told you? Mahir says Dr. Mahir. She says even you are hurt. Bela says everything is happening because of me, and tells that Sumitra Maa thought that everything will be fine, but nothing happened. Mahir says this is happening because of fake Yuvi. Bela says you don’t know anything and says everything is related to my past. Mahir asks him about her mum and sister and asks why they didn’t come for our marriage. Bela says I have so much to tell you.

Vikrant thanks Vish for coming there. Vish says I came to help my friend and not for you. Vikrant says you are even now biting others. Vish says you are two headed snake. Vikrant says whatever I did was for my love, and asks why did she do this and for whom? Vish says whatever she had done was for her love. Vikrant says I don’t want to listen to you. Vish says if I wanted then I can ruin you. Vikrant says you are a big naagin. Vish says you think that you are punished to marry me and tells that she will show him what is the punishment. She hits her head on the wall. Mahir asks bela not to worry and says I am with you. Bela says everything started with a truth and says she will tell him everything. Just then they hear Vish shouting and crying. Vikrant is shocked. Vish comes out of her room. Everyone come there and asks Vish what happened? Vish says I don’t want to see his face. Kuhu asks what happened seeing her wound. Vish asks her to ask her brother and says I don’t know why I was bearing her. She tells that he has beaten her. Andy asks what is wrong with you? How can you behave like this. Sumitra asks why did you raise hand on me. Vish says I am not his first choice and he still thinks of Bela. I don’t understand why he married me. She tells that he came to me and asked me to marry me. She tells that she is wearing his name mangalsutra, but he has Bela in his heart. She tells Bela that he still thinks of her. She tells that she wanted him to tell something, but he didn’t listen. She tells everyone that she is pregnant. Adi teases Vikrant/Yuvi.

Yuvi asks him to shut up. Sumitra makes her sit and asks Bela to give water. She asks Vish to call doctor. Vish says she don’t want any doctor and tells that she is not worried about the wound which is visible, and says she needs medicine for her heart pain. Yuvi asks her to stop her drama. Vish asks Mahir if he can’t see how Yuvi is and says I don’t know what to do. Sumitra asks her to drink water. Yuvi says she is lying. Mahir says then what is truth. Are you repenting to marry her? Yuvi says yes, I am repenting. Mahir tells that he is ashamed to regard him as his brother. Yuvi says I don’t want to be called as your brother. Andy asks who taught you to misbehave with a woman. Yuvi says I learnt from my dad and says my mum is simple and you got married to a street girl. Mahir asks him not to talk about Poulomi like that and tells that she is Adi’s mom and their step mom. He says it is their personal matter. Yuvi says then this is my personal matter. Mahir says we are interfering as you raised hand on your wife. Andy says I never raised my hand on my wives, I kept them happy. Yuvi asks did you trace where she go? He says she might have find someone. Andy tries to slap him, but Yuvi holds his hand. Andy says this is not my son, my Yuvi.

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