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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Role reversal comes to an end, girls realize their mistake

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Buddhi showing saree to the customers and says you will not get such a saree in all Meerut. Khatru gives them tea. Kanhaiya is watching them. Kunti calls him and asks what happened? Kanhaiya says he is feeling proud of his daughter seeing them working hard. Dhairya shows the saree to the ladies and praise them. Kanhaiya says it seems they will succeed. Kunti says even other girls are working hard. Dhairya shows sarees to customers.

Shakti blows air in the balloons, when she hears noise coming from kitchen. She goes there and sees Panjiri trying to get utensils from the upper cabinet. Shakti asks what she wants? Panjiri says she wants chips. Shakti says you are eating chips since morning. Panjiri says you also eats chips all day and when you eats it, we don’t

tell anything. Shakti hears noise coming from hall and asks Prema and Pari what are they doing? Prema says we are having fun. Shakti says we have done this for Dhairya’s birthday and scolds them for bursting the balloons. Prema makes them realize Shakti’s mistake. Buddhi tells ladies that she will give them bill for the sarees. Just then a customer gets a call and comes to know about 50 percent sale on saree. They tell that they will buy from Gupta’s shop. Buddhi and Dhairya ask them to buy saree. One of the lady buys cheap saree worth 550 Rs. Man comes and asks for money for juice payment. Buddhi pays him 500 and left with just 50 Rs. They come home and apologize to Dhairya. Shakti tells that Surili went to bring cake and gift. Surili comes there and says sorry. She tells that she couldn’t bring gift or cake and tells that she lost the packet of money in the shop. Chanchal scolds her. Buddhi says how we will celebrate the birthday now. Surili says I asked Shakti to come with me, but she refused. Chanchal scolds Shakti. Shakti says you didn’t do any work. Chanchal says she did all work. Buddhi asks them to keep quiet. They blame each other. Dhairya says our mummies do all the work and don’t fight like us. Buddhi says our mummies fulfill our wishes. Surili says we can’t become like elders. Buddhi says we have failed in the test. Kunti comes there and says no. She tells that you have passed in all tests.

Pratibha says you have understood what we wanted to teach you. Kunti says right thing comes at right time. She says one day, you will also grow up and become mature with time. Buddhi says we can’t celebrate Dhairya’s birthday. Kanhaiya says who told that birthday will not be celebrated. They all make arrangements for the birthday. Panjiri brings cake. Dhairya blows on the candle and cuts the cake. Everyone sing happy birthday Dhairya. Dhairya makes everyone bave cake. Prema apologizes to girls. Pratibha also says sorry. Panjiri thanks them for making them children. Kanhaiya asks them to enjoy as kids. They dance. Bum bum bole plays…….Pari says we shall take selfie before kids becomes old. She takes their selfie.

Later Chanchan tells that they are getting bored on Sunday. Prema brings chocolate shake and cold coffee. Panjiri brings milk. Chanchal says we will drink chocolate shake and cold coffee. Prema says it is for us. Panjiri says Maa said kids will drink plain milk. She asks them to drink fast else Dadi will come. Buddhi says we will relax and eat. They say yes. Prema and Panjiri leave. Chanchal tells that they will not drink. Buddhi says who asked us to drink and says she threw milk in plants vase. They take water to throw in the vase.

Kanhaiya tells that they will not let any statue of a politician made here. Pratap comes there indisguise of a politician. Kanhaiya asks him to stop faking to be politician. Joshi ji comes there. Kanhaiya says I can’t let you make statue here. Joshi says he is a popular politician so statue will be made here in his honor. Pratap and Khatru argue. Kanhaiya asks how customer will enter the shop.

Prarthana is doing puja and puts water on the tree. Panjiri praises her. Buddhi throws milk and it falls in the pot which Prarthana is holding. Prarthana checks, but nobody is there. Buddhi picks another glasss and throws milk from the balcony. Prarthana catches her this time and tells Panjiri that this is done by our daughters. Panjiri looks surprised.

Pratap calls strike to stop the statue from being made there. Girls also protest and tells that they will do satyahgrah and will not drink milk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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