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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and his daughters on a hunger strike for different reasons

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya arguing that there is no place for statue outside his shop and asks Joshi if he wants to lock all shops. Joshi says statue will be placed here. Pratibha tells Kunti that girls threw milk on Prarthana’s pot. Kunti says milk will be as costly as petrol. Pratibha says if you don’t drink milk then how you will get strength. Dhairya tells that she is very strong and the chair broke up when she sat on it. Shakti says she don’t like plain milk. Kunti says health is important. Pratibha says you all have to drink milk infront of us. Chanchal and Shakti are worried. Buddhi comes there and says everything is possible. She says we will drink infront of mummies, but will not drink. Shakti asks did you get any magical stick. Buddhi says not magical stick, but glass.

She asks them to see carefully. She puts milk in the glass. She demonstrates and tells that the milk will finish itself in magical glass. Shakti asks her sisters to come. They go to drink milk. Pratibha asks them to drink. Pari says my work is to keep eye on them. She tells that the glass is new and she didn’t see it before. Buddhi and Chanchal lie to her. Pratibha says you have to drink it fully. The girls pretend as if they drink the milk. Pari takes their pic with empty glass. The milk comes back in the glass. Surili praises Buddhi. Buddhi says we have to find some permanent solution and says we want someone to raise voice for us. She says she will talk to French mummy as her heart melts for kids. She asks Shakti to throw the milk.

Joshi says our politician’s statue will be made here and shows permission letter of municipality. Kanhaiya asks him to get neta ji’s pic on it and says we won’t let any statue build here. Shakti and Chanchal come to balcony to throw the milk. Panjiri tells Prarthana that kids finished their milk. Just then shakti throws milk from balcony. Dhairya comes out. Prarthana and Panjiri hide. They see Dhairya holding empty glass and then milk is filling up in the glass. Dhairya throws it. Prarthana and Panjiri are shocked.

Buddhi and Surili ask Prema to talk to Kunti and tell that they don’t want to have plain milk. Prema says I can’t handle family members about this matter. She asks them to convince Kanhaiya so that he can convince everyone. They come to the shop and see Kanhaiya arguing with Joshi. Kunti scolds them. Pratibha says you have played game with us. Kunti says with this magical glass. Pratibha says Panjiri and Prarthana went to temple to pray for you. Kanhaiya tells that they will not bear and will raise voice against injustice. Pratap says they will have hunger strike. Kanhaiya says the same and asks who will do hunger strike. Pratap says you will do. Buddhi and Surili watches this with Prema. Khatru says bhaiyya will not eat anything. Pratap says he will not have anything. Buddhi says bhook hartal. Chanchal and Shakti tell that they will not drink milk. Kunti asks what you will do then? Buddhi and Surili come there. Buddhi says we will go on a hunger strike. Chanchal says girls’ team will sit on a hunger strike, but will not bear injustice. Kunti gets up angrily.

Pratibha says I can’t believe even now. Prarthana asks Kunti to do something. Kanhaiya thinks Joshi would have agreed in sometime. Chowki called Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says I am on hunger strike. Pratibha says the people will tell that our kids are on hunger strike. Kunti says they can’t bear hunger. Prarthana says they just need to play games and don’t want food. Pratibha says they get to do new play now, they will enjoy. Chowksi asks Kanhaiya to tell if he needs help. Kanhaiya asks him to support him against Chowksi.

Pratibha says how can the girls take the decision. Prarthana says these girls can’t understand. Kunti says it seems I need to talk to their Papa. She goes to him and tells that she wants to talk to him. She tells that hunger strike will not happen. Kanhaiya says I thought the same, but then thought one shall raise voice against injustice. He is proud now and says it is dhobi prachaad. Kunti, Pratibha and Prarthana think Kanhaiya is talking about kids’ strike.

Surili faints due to hunger. Prarthana also faints as she panics. Kunti gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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