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Jiji Maa 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara changes the kundlis

Jiji Maa 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Haryali saying the heir should come. Jayant asks how will this happen. Suyash says we have decided in haste, look at everyone, they all got silent, there was a strange feeling. Falguni says we are united, we are each other’s strength, we will face this together, we don’t need a heir, we need to trust each other. She reminds him a story. She says we are together, problems can end. He goes. Shom gets flowers and food for Uttara. He asks her to have food. She stops him. She sees Suyash. Suyash sends Shom. He asks Uttara to have food.

She cries out. He consoles and says everything will get fine. Vidhaan comes and says Haryali is calling you. Suyash asks her to have food and goes. She cries. Haryali says Suyash and Falguni will be giving us a heir. Jayant asks but their

marriage can’t happen. She says get their kundlis to me, stars keep changing their place, I will check the kundlis and tell you. Shom looks on and goes to Uttara. He informs this to Uttara. He says Haryali will find out that there is no dosh in kundlis, you played this trick to postpone marriage, now Suyash and Falguni will marry, you will get a farewell. Uttara gets shocked.

Falguni says if any problem is coming on our house, we have many ways to fight it, why to put burden on the unborn heir. She gets emotional and says the mother just fears and prays for her healthy baby, you added up this fear that the problems will come on the house, this isn’t right. Jayant says Haryali always says the truth, she is never wrong. Haryali says she doesn’t believe me. Jayant asks Falguni to believe Haryali. Falguni goes to pray. Suyash holds her. He proposes her for marriage in a cute way. He praises himself and asks her if she wants to marry him. He says the biggest thing, I love you a lot. Music plays….. She says you always convince me.

He asks her to marry him, its actually better for them. She agrees. She prays to Lord to do the right thing. She says what’s right for you, I have no objection with it. She gets the kundlis and gives to Haryali. Uttara comes and says I m fine now, hearing that Haryali is going to make your future good. She asks Haryali to have curd and sugar before doing the good work. Shom asks Uttara to worry for herself. Haryali says I just want to see if any mahurat is missed. She taunts Uttara. She checks the kundlis and gets shocked. Jayant asks what happened. She says there is no mahurat for the next 6 months. They get shocked. Uttara acts good and says what can we do now. Suyash turns upset. Shom thinks Uttara is running the stars as she wants, how is this possible.

He goes to Uttara and asks how did you change the stars place. She shows the jewelry box and some kundlis hidden. She says I was already prepared, I paid the pandit to make a fake kundli, so that none knows the right one, Haryali has checked the fake kundli. Shom says you are great, the problem is still the same, how will you get the heir. She says Rawat family heir will come, he will be Vidhaan’s son. She smiles. Haryali stops Uttara from keeping prasad. She taunts Uttara for her sins. Uttara says I wanted to give a solution to get rid of this danger, nobody will listen to me, if you say yes, can I tell this to you.

Haryali asks Vidhaan to have a second marriage to give heir to family. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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