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I love you but I hate you more – 3 by suma

She fell on her knees crying remembering the words of sanskar
I dont know who are you?”
“She is my fiancée kavitha”

Flashback 3 years back
In one college
Sanskar is studying in some xyz college and he is spoilt brat, if anyone hurt his ego he will go to any extent to teach them a lesson.
Everyone are scared of sanskar and gang but sanskar is big flirt and Many girls in college are in love with sanskar and sanskar just proud of him that many girls drool over him just for his looks.

“Sanskar, one girl slapped me” Vatty said to sanskar (Vatty is played by vatsal seth)

” who is that girl, how dare she ! To lift hand on my best friend, come show who is she?” Sanskar stormed angrily
” sanskar✋ stop ! , Vatty tell me what happend? Why she slapped you? What have u done?” shivin asked (shivin as shivin narag)

“Shiv, please stay out of this” sanskar said in anger
” sanky, please listen” shiv tried to stop but sanky and vatty left
Shiv ran behind them.
They reached canteen
” vatty, who is she?” Sanskar asked  him
” that Red salwar girl ” pointing to one girl whose back is faced and girl is sitting alone at one table.
Sanky moved to her
“How dare you to slap my friend ?”
Slowly she turned to him and sanskar was really mesmerised with her beauty and stood lost. And the girl is none other than RAGINI

The beautiful face
Cute lips
Attractive Eyes
Button Nose
He is noticing each and everything
Shiv ran to sanskar , disturbed him from admiring her
” sanskar listen to me”
“You came again?” Ragini shot her question to vatty
” How dare you to slap my friend?” Sanskar asked
” if you ask about my dare, i can show you” saying this again she slapped vatty
” you !!!” Saying this sanskar tried to drag her out but without his knowledge he holded her duppatta and dragged out and it fell from his hands.
Everyone in canteen are looking at him
Ragini slapped hard on sanskar cheek with moist eyes
“Do u know what your friend did? Ask him and then behave as a Man!” She kept her hands across her chest.
Shiv came with her duppata and wrapped around her and apologised for his friend behaviour. She ran from there.
Sanskar is standing still fisting his one hand and another hand on his cheek.
Vatty has no words to say as she slapped sanskar too and he was just shocked.
Shiv dragged sanskar to their room as they three share a room staying away from family for their studies
Ragini came for some project work to their college for 3days and its her first day she faced this.
Sanskar was angry and was in rage that her slap was only thing he is remembering
“Sanskar we have to show what we are!! She slapped me and you” vatty said
” vatty… its my revenge and you leave it … i will handle her from now” sanskars said with determined look.
College backside park
Ragini was sitting on one bench and reading something.
Just then shiv came to her and placed himself beside her
” I apologise for my friend behaviour, Actually he is good at heart but he never tolerate anything when it comes to his loved ones”
“Please ,lets not talk about him…i just hate him” Ragini answered
” im shivin final degree xyz college”
“Im Ragini..from abc college”
They talked about random things and they both became friends now.
” Ragini , what did my friend did to you that you slapped him ?”
” He tried to misbehave with me by hugging and all which i felt uncomfortable, though i said to him still he behaved in same way, so i slapped him”
“I’m sorry Ragini”
” why you feel sorry Shivin, Dont be, its not your mistake either”
“Ok! Then friends?” Shivin asked forwarding hand … she joined with him smiling
After two days
Conversation btwn Ragshiv
“So You are leaving 🙁🙁” shiv asked her
” i have to go na, but coming here was good thing for me as it made u as my friend”
” Always for you my friend” he bend his head
And she hugged him and he reciprocated
This was all seen by Sanskar
“So, you being friendly with the one who slapped your friends” sanskar said in mocking tone
” sanky, try to understand me … she is really good talk to her once, you will get everything clear… mistake was in vatty side , he tried to”
” Enough shiv… lets not talk about her, only thing when ever i saw her I remember the slap.. sure iam gonna teach her lesson for her deed”
“Sanskar please listen” shiv tried to make him understand but
Sanky left the room
Ragini was in ice cream parlour
She ordered butterscotch flavoured icecream and came & sat near a table then one small boy came to her with one small card and gave to her
It was written on it
“Who gave it beta?” She asked the kid
One uncle in first floor who is in McDonald
She went there one boy came there holding flowers and one card gave to her
She opened it
She was confused and asked him who gave it to him
He said ” A guy who is in that cafe”
She went there
And there a girl made her sit on one table and served coffee which was written on it beautifully with in heart shape
she was excited to know who is it ?
As she is orphan she dont have anyone to make all this for her.
She again asked the girl and she said a guy is waiting on top of this restaurant
Saying she gave a bouquet 💐
Ragini ran to the top of restaurant to find who is that and there a table is arranged and lightly decorated and a guy was standing facing his back to her.
“Who are you?” She asked
“Lucky”He responded
She went near him and stood at his back
When she about to touch him , he turned back facing her
” Im sorry Ragini”
Anger placed on Ragini face after seeing him (it was sanskar)and she was about to leave
He holded her hand to stop her
“Listen to me”
She stopped
“I didnt hold your duppatta intentionally it was just , ummm… in that nick of time i dint know what i was doing and I apologise for that”
She stood angrily not able to accept his presence
He knew she wont accept him that easily.
Soon he fell on his knees
“Im sorry” he closed his eyes bending his head
Soon she make him stand and said
” why now? After these many days !! Why you realised now?”
“Beacuse i love you” He said
“What nonsense”
“Yes! Maybe its weird to you… but i fell in love with you at first sight”
She felt irritated with his words and tried to leave
” i dont need you to answer now, take your time but tell me did you accepted my apologies?”
She turned to him and gave a glare before leaving.
“What!!! You introduced yourself as lucky??” Vatty asked sanky
“Yeah dude, i dont want problems in future so i said my name as lucky”
“You proposed her?”
“Yeah!!! Soon will make her mine and teach her lesson”
” Dont say this to shiv, otherwise he will try to stop this sanky, and ha! make ragini not to talk with shiv also .., if she reveals it will be a great problem” vatty said
“Correct dude” sanskar left the room
After that sanskar was being kind to her and very caring and shown all the love to her (he thought he was acting but deep inside he fell in love with her but he couldn’t realise this as his ego didnt let him)
“Yes! I love you sanskar” she accpeted
She deeply fell for him as his care and never ending love …she can sense it was genuine and accepted the proposal of sanskar
“Ragu, Dont say this to my friend shiv about our meeting and love … i will tell myself when time comes”
“As you say lucky” she hugged him
He too hugged her back
Why i feel so peace and happiness while hugging her??? Do i really love her??
“No sanskar , remember how she slapped you?” His brain asked
“Shutup, its love … you found peace when she is in your arms…she is your soulmate love everything” his heart said
“Dont listen to him… you just came to her to take revenge … concentrate on that” his brain suggested

He brushed off the thoughts and feeling the peace in hug
At last one day
Both were in Ragini house and spending their time like always
Sanskar cant able to control his feelings as he fell in love with her deeply just a realisation is left.
She came to him with food
“Nowadays you neglecting food lucky , Not having on time .. see how pale you look” she said feeding him.
He can see pure love for him in her eyes.
He again fell in deep thoughts..
“Lucky, where are you lost?” She noticed tear which is ready to fall from his eyes.
She kept the plate a side and cupped his face
“What happened lucky? Why are you crying??Anything happened??” She asked
He hugged her tightly and not ready to leave her.
“If i ever do mistake can you forgive me and love me like you do now” he asked while hugging
” my lucky never do any mistakes…i love you moon and back …Nothing can stop me from loving you lucky” she said ruffling his hair.
Something striked to his brain and he broke the hug
“No u dont love her… its just revenge” his brain keep telling him
He was struggling with these thoughts
She understood that something is bothering him, slowly she kissed his forehead and then cheeks
He was gulping saliva not getting anything
She moved to his lips and captured them with his and both were kissing. At first he didnt respond but she bite his lower lip and demanded for kissing back and he responded
Slowly the kiss was passionate and becoming wild.
Sanskar feelings outbursted and he ripped of her clothes and his and started kissing her whole body and he looked at her for permission to go inside her and she cant deny him as she trust him to that extent and love him morethan anyone or anything in life.
She nodded and he slowly entered into her as its first time for her and she cant bear the pain and she started to cry…
After making love he fell beside her
She kissed his chest
“These were the best 3months in my life lucky”
He couldn’t say anything.
But his Negative brain
She took blo*dy 3months to fell in your trap” 
He was hell confused about his feelings. He was feeling guilty.. she dozedoff and he left the place by writing a letter
Hey, Baby I dont know i did right or wrong in this night and i will come back and meet you …Dont get tensed
Take care
$ Lucky (he was about to write sanskar but he erased it and wrote lucky)
He left the place.
He started running continuously struggling with his thoughts and stopped at middle and fell on his knees.
“Why it hurts?? when i think about hurting her with my lies” he questioned himself
(Imagine this conversation as two sanskar’s talking to third sanky ,as one heart and one brain 😋😋)
Its because you love her” his heart replied
“Shutup, its just revenge and not love … you completed your revenge and taught her lesson by leaving her” his brain shot to his heart
“Listen!! It hurts whenever u see her cry, it hurts thinking about leaving her alone, it hurts whenever u feel it may hurt when she get to know u lied… its all love… you love her” his heart said to him and when his brain was about reply his heart came and closed his mouth and they soon disappeared
Sanskar saw both of them are disappeared and he got his answer
He love her
Yes! I love her
I love my Ragini
I love my Ragini.. He shouted top of his voice.
Then he got the call from vatty
“Vatty, im so happy”
“What happend you succeed in revenge??? Come lets party???” Vatty said
” i love her , did u heard what i said i love her vatty… i love her deeply” sanky said
” what the f** you love her??? U must be kidding”
” Its true vatty, i love her and im going to her to confess right now” sanky said and disconnected the call
“No…Noo this couldn’t happen!!! I have to stop him …. i hate her getting happiness” vatty started to sanskar.

Here sanskar was running to go to Ragini… just then all of sudden a big truck hit sanskar and he fell on road with pool of blood.

All people surrounded, just then ragini called sanskar and someone lifted and informed her about accident.
She was shocked and ran to place.

Vatty called sanskar and someone informed him about accident and he reached there and soon he took him to hospital and then Ragini came to place of accident but someone said he was taken to hospital but he wont be able to live as he lost so much of blood and his head has many injuries… listening this her heart was bleeding and pain in her heart is inexpressible and she was running like mad to hospital.
But when she reached hospital , sanskar was shifted to his place for better treatment with his family as vatty informed them.

Someone in hospital informed Ragini that the patient recently admitted accident case was dead and their family took him to their native place….. she tried a lot to search for his family even she tried to call shivin but it didn’t connect.

She spent life as lifeless when she lost him but a small hope is left to her for being alive is her baby as she came to know that she is pregnant … after 3months, loss of her love ,she got her love back in the form of her baby…she gave birth to him and named Ayaan

He is naughty, cute, caring , loving like his father.

In the accident sanskar had severe head injuries so he was taken to abroad for better treatment and his friends shivin and vatty were there with him in abroad.
There they found out he lost his memory and it took 1 and half year to recover from the injuries.
But he always look pale and behave like as he lost something.
He started business there and he came india after 1 and half year as his mother forced him for marriage as to keep him here in india.
He accepted for his mother sake and came to India.
Flashback ends

When ragini was crying, someone came from behind
“He is your lucky”
She turned to see the person and its vatty
She got her smile back but soon it vanished after listening to his next words.
” its our plan to get revenge on you for that slap … he acted as being in love with you to teach a lesson…To show you who is Sanskar Maheshwari and what can Sanskar Maheshwari do to you” vatty said standing infront of her crossing his arms on his chest.
“What are you saying?” She asked being shock
” yes! Truth…. he introduced as lucky and made u fall for him … its all our plan Ms. Ragini and now he is marrying a girl whom he loves ” he smirked after watching her reaction and left the place.
This was all seen by sanskar
He ran to vatty
Ragini came back to Party hall and took Ayaan and left the place
All the while she is so silent not even talking.
“Mumma, what happened?”
She didnt say anything
After reaching home she made ayaan sleep.
After he slept she came to balcony and remembered every moments with sanskar and closed her eyes letting tears to flow.
“I hate you” 😭😭😭😭😭
“I hate you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari”
Wiping her tears she went to ayaan and kissed his forehead and slowly she dozed off.
Okay guys its a long update
Any doubts ??? Regarding update???
Confusions cleared???
And their lovestory in past will be shown as some moments as glimpses in next parts.

So how was it ???
Do vote and comments and tell me how it was ???
Suma ❤️

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