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Hi guys.. Happy Sunday.. How are u all??
So,I have come up with a surprise episode for u..

Here is the link for the previous episode..

Episode 82
Let’s peep into today’s..


Arnav sees the clock.. It’s 1 a.m.. But still he has not completed his work.. He sees Shruti who is sleeping peacefully beside him.. He feels sleepy too..

Arnav : (thinks) Only half an hour more.. I have to complete and sleep then..

He continues with his work.. His phone beeps.. He ignores it.. It beeps some more times too.. Arnav is focussed only on his work.. He completes it in 20 minutes and sighs that he has completed it earlier.. He closes the laptop and takes his phone.. It’s a whatsapp message from an unknown number.. He opens it..

Message :
Hi. Sorry to disturb u at this odd hour. I feel it’s important to send u this. Sorry I forgot to tell u who I am. I am Vanshika,Varsha’s sister. I know u but I think u don’t know me. I heard from one of ur friends that u got married recently. Happy married life. Coming to the point, I recently came across Varsha’s mobile phone in my drawer at home which I forgot as I left for UK for studies. Ma told that ur friend Vicky handed over it to her telling that Varsha had it in her hand during her last moments. I did not dare to open it then as I did not have courage to open and find whatever it has as I was horror stricken after my beloved sister’s death. I opened it to find this one in the memory card..and I thought u should see it. Hope everything is going well in ur life.. All the best bhai.. Take care☺☺

Arnav is really confused to see the message.. He downloads the audio message. He takes a headphone and plugs it in thinking that Shruti may get up.

It’s Varsha’s voice.. It was cracked and barely understandable..

Arnav.. I .. I.. Did not expect this would happen in our lives.. (pants) Ev.. Everything shattered in a few minutes.. I.. thought we would live a happy life.. Together.. but God has planned something else.. I.. Think.. I ..won’t live anymore.. And..I am very proud that I spent my last day.. And my last minutes.. With u.. Happily.. The way.. I.. have always wanted myself to be.. I am really content.. And I have confessed my love too.. I am happy.. I know that it’s a yes from u.. But.. u are playing with me just to irritate me as u always do.. I wish..u would tell me.. that u love me too at least now.. But.. here.. u are lying ..beside me unconscious.. That’s ok.. Hope ..Vicky would come and take us to the hospital.. But its of no use for me,I think.. But.I want u to live.. I pray ..to God to give u 100 years of life.. After I go,don’t be sad.. I always wanted u to be happy.. I hope..God would send u,ur love,the love of ur life.. Marry her.. Have kids.. And don’t name a kid “ Varsha”.. That’s clichéd,isn’t it?(chuckles) Hope u will be happy Arnav.. That’s the only thing.. I want from u..This is my last wish.. Hope u fulfill that.. So,I think I have only a few moments left.. I am going.. Take care.. Keep smiling.. Love u..

Arnav could not believe his ears.. Tears pooled up in his eyes.. He wanted to shout and cry… He felt like choked.. He felt dizzy.. He managed to get tablet and has it.. Tears fell like a waterfall.. He felt like Varsha came to him and talked to him directly… He got up from his bed and goes to the terrace.. He cries his heart out until his tears run dry.. He feels numb.. He comes down and sits in the staircase staring at one place.. He becomes calm after sometime..

Shruti turns and looks at the clock.. It’s 3 a.m.. She finds the bed empty..

Shruti : (thinks) Where has he gone?? Does he have sleepwalking disease??

She comes out from the room and sees that the main door is also open.. She comes out and sees him sitting in the staircase.. She sits beside him.. But Arnav was lost in thoughts and he is not aware that Shruti is sitting with him..

Shruti : (thinks) What is he thinking?? He would have shouted at me by now.. But what happened??

She keeps her hand in his shoulder.. No response.. She shakes him slightly.. Arnav comes to senses..

Arnav : Hey.. What are u doing here?? At this time? Do u want to meet Sid today too??

Shruti shook her head..

Arnav : Go and sleep.. It’s 1.30 a.m..

Shruti : 3 o clock.. It’s 3 o clock.. I can also ask u the same question.. What are u doing here??Did u not sleep??

Arnav : How does that matter to u??

Shruti : (herself) This is what called karma is a boomerang.. U answer like this whatever he asks u.. Now he is paying back..

Arnav : What are u murmuring??

Shruti : Just thinking about my boring life and fate..

Arnav : Go and sleep..

Shruti : No..I will be here until u come..

Arnav : U idiot.. I think u are born only to torture me.. It’s getting hard for me to handle u day by day.. How can I handle u??

Shruti answered calmly..

Shruti : Simple.. Now come and sleep.. That’s it..

Arnav could not say anything.. He gets up and goes to his room silently..

Shruti : (herself)Hey.. U have become an expert in handling him.. U can make him do things by blackmailing him.. That’s great.. But,why this khadoos is awaken till now?? Does he do so often?? How do I know?? I am with him since a week only.. Let’s find out.. I know something is bothering him..Shruti.. How does it matter to u?? Don’t poke ur nose into his matters..U have to be the one who gets hurt at the end of the day.. Remember that..

She comes to their room and sleeps.. Arnav could not sleep.. But later,he slept as he was tired..

It’s morning.. Shruti gets up to find the bed empty.. Arnav had gotten up and gone a long back..


Arnav meets Vicky at his house..

Vicky : What are u saying Arnav?? I can’t even believe it..

Arnav plays the audio clip.. Vicky listens to it.. He too has got tears..

Vicky : It gives me goosebumps that I am hearing her voice after a long time.. Ya.. I remember one thing Arnav.. When I rescued both of u that day,u were unconscious and she was conscious.. She had her mobile in hand.. But I did not think that she would have had such a message for u..

Arnav just nodded..

Vicky : Thank God.. Vanshika has sent this clip at the right time..

Arnav stares at him..

Vicky : I know that u don’t believe in God and all.. But this seems like a planned action to me.. God has made this clip to reach u at the right time.. Or in ur style, its ur fate.. Ur fate has made u get this now to let u know what Varsha wanted from u.. She told me that she wants u to be happy.. And I have told that to u a million times.. But u never listened to me.. So,now she herself has told that.. Are u gonna fulfill her last wish??

Arnav nods..

Vicky : Sid told me that u fought with Shruti,when she came to propose u.. I know that u might be the one who might have hurt.. That too might be because of ur stupid thoughts about Varsha.. Which u often say,I won’t betray Varsha.. Bla bla.. If u marry some other girl,when Varsha is alive,that is called betrayal.. Now,she is no more and u got married to Shruti,then how can u say that it’s betrayal?? And I know one more thing too.. U fell for Shruti.. When we were in college itself.. U wanted to be away from her and so u ran to US..

Arnav looks at him surprised..

Vicky : I know everything Arnav.. When u first saw Shruti, she reminded u of VARSHA.. U have told me many times that she resembles Varsha in many ways.. I know that u fell for her then itself.. And I know she brought back life to u.. I have seen u laugh ur heart out when she does something idiotic..I wanted u to feel ur love for her.. But u did not ,thinking like a fool that it’s like betraying Varsha.. And think what would have happened had Varsha not proposed u that day?? Not fallen for u?? Else.. What if u had already in love with someone else,for example Shruti, when Varsha proposed?? U would have told no nah?? U would have remained good friends til now.. Isn’t it?? So.. Move on Arnav.. Shruti loves u a lot.. And she is the same like Varsha.. Don’t hurt her.. U are married now.. Please feel the love which u have for her.. Keep her happy.. Both of u be happy.. Thats what Varsha wants.. Fulfill her last wish..

Arnav had tears in her eyes..

Arnav : Hmm.. I was living for the past few years only with her memory.. I always regret that I did not say yes when she proposed me.. But now I am relieved that she already knew that it’s an yes from me.. I am out of that guilt.. And moreover,she has asked me to fulfill her last wish.. I will do that Vicky.. It’s a promise.. To both of u.. u and Varsha..

He hugs Vicky and cries..


Arnav’s point of view :

I have hurt Shruti a lot.. I should not have done so.. I should have spoken to her about all my past.. She would have given solutions.. Else,she would have understood my feelings at least.. Its me who messed up everything.. Because of me,everyone is hurt.. I have been ignorant,hurting myself and the people around myself all these years.. Now only Varsha made me realize everything.. I have to become old Arnav again.. I have to make the people around me happy.. First,I have to convince Shruti.. That is the difficult task of all.. What can I do for that??

He starts thinking..


It’s night Arnav comes to the room.. Shruti was busy arranging her clothes..

Arnav coughs to let her know his presence..Shruti turns..

Shruti : Do u need water??

Arnav : I want to talk to u..for 5 minutes..

Shruti : What?? I don’t have time.. I have to arrange clothes.. I am sleepy too.. I cant be awaken like u till 3 o clock..

Arnav : ( thinks) As I guessed.. This is the toughest job.. But I deserve it.. I hurted her then and now paying back..( to Shruti) I just asked 5 minutes.. Not till 3 o clock..

Shruti : Tell me..

He hands her over a box wrapped with gift cover.. It has a sorry note over it and below it was Arnav’s sign.. Shruti looked at him confused..

Arnav : Open it..

She opens it.. She finds two beautiful pearl bangles in it.. She is surprised..

Shruti : For whom??

Arnav : For u..

She feels happy.. But did not show up..

Shruti : U bought it??

Arnav nods..

Shruti : Do u know?? I don’t wear bangles usually..

He points at the bangles which she has worn in her hands..

Shruti guesses what he is gonna ask her.. She answers him before he asks her..

Shruti : Oh.. This one?? My mom compelled me to wear it.. That’s why I have worn it..

Arnav is disappointed..

Arnav : ok.. Then I will give it to Vividha(his sis)

Shruti : She might have slept by now.. U can give it tomorrow..

Arnav nods and goes to sleep.. Shruti smiles slightly.. She also sleeps..

It’s midnight.. Shruti gets up.. She takes the bangle box and opens it.. She takes the bangle in her hands and wears it..

Shruti : (herself) This is Beautiful.. I won’t give it to anyone.. He really has a very Good taste..I think he is trying to convince me.. But Mr.Raizada.. I cant be convinced so easily.. U have to try hard.. But u have impressed me already with this gift.. How nice!! But I won’t show my happiness to u. Try hard and win my love..

She smiles and keeps the bangle in her jewel box..

PRECAP: All of them go to Sid’s village for Sid-Swadhu’s marriage.. Their fun during travel..

So guys.. Finally Arnav came out of his guilt and accepted Shruti.. Let’s see what happens in their love life Hereafter.. Stay tuned for me next update.. Hope u like this surprise episode.. If there is anything illogical please pardon me.. Drop ur likes and comments.. Love u all..

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