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Bigg Boss 12 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree VS. Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says some weird things happen in house and today we got to see it more, see what inmates saw in house that shocked everyone because of Bigg Boss giving a secret task to Megha.

In house,
Day 76
Inmates wake to song ek pal ka jeena… ae mere dil tou gaye ja, All dance and enjoy. Dipika finds a lemon with spice and needles on it. She calls Karan and Sree. Dipika says we dont need to do it. Megha asks KV to not cross it, it has four needles targeting four people. Dipika says what rubbish is this? KV says there is something weird here. Megha says dont cross it. Dipika says its not a joke. Sree says who can do it? KV says people have to go to washroom, why someone would put it in infront. Dipika says it is in

kitchen too. Megha says dont touch it. Megha says I felt someone jerking me awake. Jasleen says dont do it. Sree takes tissue. Rohit says dont touch it. Romil says dont risk it. Sree takes lemon and says my life have only death remaining so its okay. Sree picks up all lemons. Dipika says I dont believe in all this. Sree throws them out of house. Surbhi says go and jump out of house.

On stage, Salman says I will tell you later what is behind magic task. Salman connects call to house. Salman says two tasks were rejected in one week. Salman says to Surbhi that you are drinking water? in sipperr.. he teases Rohit. Salman calls Jasleen in witness box and says people alleged you being partial. Romil says Jasleen was talking to teams, she was talking about task and asking whose case would come up. Jasleen says I told them all that if cases would be weak then she would not take them on. Deepak says she war partial for KV. Salman asks Jasleen which judges sits with lawyers and criminals? all laugh. Salman says to Jasleen that there were 5 judges, as Jasleen was prosecutor, defense lawyer and victim too, is there any judges who talks about his past in case too? all laugh. Salman says Megha was giving tips to Jasleen. Jasleen says Megha just told me to follow right path. Salman says Megha told Jasleen that you have to make KV and Deepak criminals otherwise they would lose. Jasleen says I dont remember. Megha says I just did everything to win task.
Salman calls Somi in witness box, Romil and Jasleen have problem with her. Jasleen says when I was talking to Somi, she was fine but then she fought for KV and Dipika’s case. Somi says I saw Jasleen talking to Sree and knew she was partial, I tried to be fair but Jasleen got stuck and task got rejected. Romil says both Jasleen and Somi did a mistake, Somi became personal and called me weak in task. Salman says you wanted her to favor you? Romil says she accepted allegations like fake without any proof, I wanted her to be fair. Sree says if they want to be so great then why did they come in house? he doesnt know what he is doing in this house a lot of time, all laugh, you said I am better than you, you accepted it. KV says this is his ego. Salman says to Somi why you did what you did? you did very nice in difficult situation, you even handled Dipika well. Dipika says I just wanted to ask Somi if she was okay with me talking about Deepak’s attention to her, she said no so I didnt highlight it. Salman says you approached bench illegally. Dipika says we live together, Somi says why she brought it up? Dipika says it was Deepak and Somi so I wanted to ask her. Somi says I dont want to talk about Deepak and me anywhere. Salman says Deepak knows that but he keeps trying, how much insult you will get? she doesnt give you attention. Deepak says she is a good friend, we will meet outside. Somi says I am not sure, all laugh. Salman says to Dipika that why did you say your and Sree’s matter is personal? Dipika says it was just a reason to win a point. Salman says things are not personal in house but you looked very serious when you asked them to not talk about it. Dipika says it was my presence of mind, I wanted the topic of Sree cursing me to end and I said its personal. Salman says Somi did nice in task, he ends call.

Sree says to Jasleen that Somi was partial but she didnt show it, you showed it.
Somi says to Romil that I am standing with you but you are going against me and saying that I was partial? Romil says you were showing attitude. Somi says no.

Salman connects call and asks if someone wants to allege anyone? Surbhi makes Sree stand in witness box and says he provoked me and made me silent in task but when I did it then its wrong? Sree says you say cheap and personal words, you call me ****, you keep coming closer and pushed me in task. Salman says you both got aggressive, Surbhi says he pushed me. Salman says he provoked you in task and you provoked him next day so what is your allegation? Surbhi says he stooped low and called me characterless, that is crossing limit. Sree says it was not provoking, it was talking about my personal life, didnt let me and Dipika eat. Surbhi says whatever I said was him talking in this show, he insults people and I just repeated it. Salman says no matter what, you cant cross the line, you called her characterless which was wrong. Sree says she keept instigating and wait for one word to use against others, I am sorry but its her strategy. Salman says you cant call her that. Sree says I am sorry and I accept it was my mistake but she was literally not letting me eat food. Salman says when Deepak talked about chal chalan, it was same as characterless. Sree says I was talking about her character in show. Surbhi says my nature is like a kid, I wanted to provoke him for what he did in task. Deepak says we never provoked Sree, when he is captain, he makes everyone work but he doesnt work in others captaincy but he becomes cute and nice on weekend. Salman says to Dipika that Sree said people like them stand outside hotels at 11PM. Dipika says I stopped him. Sree says I accept it. KV says shut up Sree, Surbhi says you got personal with me. Deepak says he uses this langauage all the time. KV asks Jasleen to not defend him. Jasleen says I was not there. Salman says Jasleen you were there. Salman asks what did he say? Dipika says I dont want to repeat it, I stopped him, I know he says bad things, he says stuff in anger which he shouldnt do. Dipika says we were upset on Deepak’s comment but all his friends were standing with him, they keep taunting his cricket, family and me, they talk about his cricket career, slapgate incident, etc. Surbhi says if he gets personal then I will do. Sree says I accept I was angry but the way she was behaving was bad, I meant what I said because I got angry, people do mistakes in life so sorry. Salman says when you talked about people outside hotel infront of Dipika, Megha and Jasleen was way wrong. Megha says it was really disgusting. Salman says when a word was said against you then you raised hell but you three didnt do anything when he made that comment. Megha says I was upset, I cried too. Salman says we didnt see it, your reaction was not good. Salman says to Sree that you need to control your words, you need to keep up your dignity. He says to Surbhi that you know he loses words in anger, you knew he would say something so you should be careful. Sree says sorry and walks away from there. He says this is disgusting, they keep highlighting my mistakes. He goes in washroom with mop and hits it on wall and cries.
Surbhi says to Salman that I showed middle finger to him like him but he made it an issue, I know I provoke and do things out of limit, I deliberately provoked him using his words only. Salman says you know he would curse in anger and you wanted him to curse? you were on same level of provoking, Surbhi says he said personal statements to me. Salman says your level was way more, his case is in court so you have no right to talk about it, I have two cases in court too. Surbhi nods. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says its time to talk about evil acts in house. Salman calls Juhi Parmar and Sargun Join on stage. They reveal that their show Tantr will air from tomorrow. Bigg Boss fans will remember that Juhi had won the Bigg Boss competition in season 5. Salman says we did a task in house to promote your show in house. Juhi and Sargun leaves.

In house,
Sree is crying in washroom. Dipika asks him to come out.
Deepak says why didnt anyone stop him? Megha says it was not that bad, I didnt hear it clearly, he blabbered and went in washroom.

Sree is crying and breaking bottles in washroom. KV and Dipika stops him. Dipika says to Somi that Surbhi plans and then say stuff.
Megha says Deepak is equal to Sree in mistake. Rohit says how they can play so low?
Dipika says I lost patience with Surbhi’s words so I understand Sree’s anger. Dipika asks Sree to come out. Romil and KV consoles Sree. Dipika goes and consoles him. Romil cries and says to Somi that Surbhi Rana *****. Somi says they say stuff in anger, Romil says she uses it against people.

KV says to Surbhi that you provoked him so much that he said that stuff, you are wrong.
Dipika brings Sree out of washroom, she asks him to stop crying and caresses his hair.
Surbhi says to Deepak that I belong to middle class family, he cant call me that?

Romil says where was Surbhi’s character at time of Megha, you and me? that Surbhi Rana is honest and genuine? she is ******. Jasleen says you are right.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Sree doesnt realize his mistake. KV says he doesnt even say sorry. Rohit says he keeps talking about his world cup.

Romil cries for Sree. Sree consoles him. KV says to Rohit that Romil is doing drama too.

Salman signs off from show.

Sushant and Sara comes on stage. Salman makes them guess words with headphones on. They all laugh.
Sara and Sushant enters house, they give task to inmates where they have to tell how they are wrong? they have to throw balloons on inmate tied on wheel. Surbhi says Dipika is fake, Dipika says he plays bad game, Megha says Deepak provokes a lot. Rohit says that person is very selfish.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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