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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear readers

Recap- Anjana  tells zoya Adi n pooja were supposed to get married 5 years ago On their engagement day pooja broke relationship  with adi as she considered marriage to be a hindrance in her career This completely  broke adi n decided never to marry.Anjana  saw that adi was comfortable in zoya’s company n wanted them to get married

Zoya confronts adi that he wants to return to usa as pooja is waiting  for him

Adi tells her that pooja is no longer part of his life She may or may not trust him

He tells her she can serve him divorce pprs if she thinks he is cheating on her

Zoya is shown walking  towards a mosque

Her eyes are welled up with tears

A soulful  song plays in Bg

Wind is blowing

Zoya is upset n lost

See looks at mosque

He offers a chadar

And folds her hands

Zoya-Allah mihaah pls help me I cannot understand what should I do I cannot give divorce to adi this will break everyone’s heart but how can I leave with him

When I have realised  he married me under a force pls help Allah what should  I do

Should  I trust adi

Should  I give my marriage  a chance??

Zoya is praying

A Bhabha observes her

He smiles looking  at her

Zoya walks out of mosque

Bhabha follows her

He calls out-betiiiii

Zoya greets him

Bhabha makes her sit

Bhabha (calm tone)-what is it thats bothering u beti

Zoya-Bhabha I got something I thought it belonged to me but now I realised it was never mine is Dnt know what I should do should  I return it back or try to make it mine

(She is referring to adi’s love)

Bhabha-Beti what is urs is urs nobody can snatch it from u Beti sometimes we need to leave such thing free if we deserve it ,if Allah wishes we will get it back. After u set it free it still comes back to u.Beti if something has come in ur life If allah has given it to u ,u need to try u cannot give up n lose hope u need to protect that thing.

Zoya smiles-Thank u Bhabha I got my answer Allah mihaah gave me answer through u

Bhabha smiles-khush raho Beti Allah bless u

Bhabha leaves

Zoya smiles


At Hooda house


Anjana  is scolding adi

Harshvardan n Arjun looks on

Anjana-Adi what nonsense  u r talking  cancel the tickets u cannot go anywhere

Zoya is ur newly married wife u cannot leave  her n go

Harshvardan -I dnt understand  why does ur company  make u dance like a puppet Adi u should  leave all this n start working  with me n wasim


Anjana -no means no u are not going

Just then zoya enters

Zoya-maa pls let him go i understand  work is imp As it is from tom I too will get involved  with hospital Let him go now in few months I will join  him

All are shocked

Anjana -but…

Zoya hugs her-maa u all are with me Its ok It seriously is ok pls let him go Pls for my sake

Anjana-what can I say in this now??Do whatever  u feel is right

Adi is confused

Zoya goes in room

Adi follows her

Adi is unable to speak

Zoya-I trust u Aditya Am sorry I overreacted Aditya for our families  we cannot  break this relationship. I cannot  hurt maa papa Abu ammi Am sorry n I know u too will not want that to happen

Aditya I will never interfere in ur life u can do as u want no problem

For our families  we are a couple  husband n wife but u are an individual n free to live ur life ur way

Zoya leaves

Adi is speechless

Zoya lights a diya

Anjana  comes to her

Anjana  sits besides her

Anjana -Am sorry beta I should have told  u about pooja

Zoya-Its ok maa I can understand

Anjana -zoya trust me Adi will love u alot It will just take time u will win his heart am sure

Zoya nods

They hug

Adi is packing  his bag

Zoya’s words echo in his ears

Zoya enters room

She looks at him

Adi-Am sorry zoya

Zoya-u Dnt need to be sorry Aditya u pls go focus on ur work I will go n do my duties  in hospital

Adi-Zoya pls take care of urself  I will be in touch

Zoya-its okay I have my full family with me u pls dnt worry about me u take care If u feel so if u have time we will be in touch

Zoya leaves

Adi packs his luggage

N moves out from room

Anjana Arjun Harshvardan bless him n bid him goodbye

Zoya looks from far away

Tears fall from her eyes

Adi looks at her n gestures her bye zoya tries to smile n wave her hand

Zoya is welcomed in her hospital

With flowers n cards

Yash is shocked to see her back

Adi is shown driving

Adi is lost in his thoughts

Suddenly a truck bumps with his car


Zoya arranges flowers on desk

Adi’s photo falls

Zoya panics

Precap-All are waiting  nervously outside OT

A dr comes

Zoya is teareyed

Dr-Dr zoya am extremely  sorry but ur husband  had a severe injury on his knee operation was successful but he needs complete bed rest for months.Sorry to say but he Willnot be able to walk on his own for few months

Anjana  breaksdown

Adi gains consciousness

He is in pain

He asks whats wrong  with him

Zoya is speechless

Adi is shown on wheelchair

Tears flow from his eyes

Zoya holds his hands looks in his eyes-

Aditya u cannot lose hope we all are with u Aditya only ur strong will power can get u out of this

Adi (breaksdown  hugging zoya)-I cannot live this life of dependency I cannot  do anything on my own



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