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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 4)

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Episode 4

VR Mansion

Ridhimaa gets panic attack and get faint vansh see her and run towards her and pick up her and take her to the room, angre gets Tensed goes to call doctor and siya come to the room and saw vansh in tensed, doctor come and check on ridhimaa, and ask what happened (meanwhile siya call sejal & narrates the incident) sejal entered the mansion and ask what happened to angre, angre where is she, what happened, angre indicates towards room they both arrive there. Sejal ask what happened to Ridhimaa doctor, she got panic attack doctor tells & see it was severe , vansh gets shocked by hearing that and he left the room, doctor say I have given her injection so that she rest well, sejal nods and sit beside her. Well siya sit in chair and dadi say it’s my fault If I didn’t meet her in temple she never came to home and all this are not happend anupriya consoles her and says relax mom you did nothing if you didn’t bring her to home anyway she was coming home by tomorrow, dadi ask how, siya says she is the new legal adviser for our company.

Dark Room

Vansh Enter the room , there is full of pictures of Ridhimaa and some happy moments of them. (flashback is shown ridhimaa is none other than ragini, vansh love interest, & shown how she met with an an accident 3 years ago) (there is idol) vansh comes near idol and says ragini I’m sorry whenever you come near me, you will get hurt, that accident made us apart (flashback shown in hospital ragini gets conscious , she fails to remember vansh, vansh ask doctor what happened to her, doctor told him about her memory loss, and say if she tries to remember  any her life will be in danger) and in anger he say that lady, (uma Raisinghania, vansh real mother)  snatched my all happiness, in a minute , angre calls him, he leaves the room with  tears.

Study Room

Vansh is in still shock and ask angre weather is fine or not , angre says she is fine boss doctor gave injection to her, just then siya enter the room Vansh looks at her and says , angre look for new legal adviser I don’t want her to join the company ,siya and angre get shocked. Bhai what are you saying you don’t want her to continue as, but why vansh remain silent . angre say boss don’t do this after 3 years we have met her please, vansh in (firm tone) angre just do what I say, angre leaves from there and siya goes and tells to everyone vansh decision. Everyone gets shocked.

Vansh stand outside the room with tears, sejal look on him, dadi comes there and bring him to the hall , everyone comes there, dadi say vansh just change your decision after 3 years we met her and now you want her send away from us don’t forget who she. siya says Bhai what happened to you why are you doing this please don’t do , look all are very happy to see her and just look at angre how much he’s happy, after all he is brother of her  after that Incident, Vansh says did you guys didn’t remember what did doctor said to us if she tries to remember her past her life be in danger, for that we didn’t met her for 3 years right did you see today’s she just entered the house and she got an attack, that to severe ,( sejal is standing in upstairs and listening all the conversation), vansh in low tone says  whenever she is near me , she got hurt only , so no she is not going come back to this house, anupriya says vansh is right  , we can’t risk her life like this she have started new life now so… Sejal comes there and say “with a lie , which we have said it ” she say I want to talk to you vansh .she takes away vansh to aside.

Siya say hope sejal will convince Bhai. After someone time vansh and sejal come back & he say angre gets cabin ready for our new legal adviser. All gets happy.

Precap : Ridhimaa meets family members, dadi insist her to stay till puja. Vansh tell angre to take away all pictures of ridhimaa from house & keep it in the secret room. Kabir calls ridhimaa.

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