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Love after arrange marriage Ep-13- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-13- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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Episode starts with..,

Vansh says,”Now you see.” He fills a bucket with water and spills on Riddhima. Riddhima is angry , she also does the same. They both get wet and are shivering.

Vansh says,”Riddhima, go change your clothes.” Riddhima also says same . They both look at each other and then go to change their clothes. Riddhima changes her clothes and comes . Vansh says(in a angry tone)”Riddhima.” Riddhima comes. She gets scared and says,”What happened?” Vansh says,”Riddhima, since you have came .. You keep my things away , so not getting it .. Where is my charger??” Riddhima says,”First, talk to me politely, also , Its your charger .. It charges you ??” She laughs. Vansh says(in anger) ” Riddhima tell me where is my ch.. my phone’s charger.” Riddhima says,”Why are you angry??”  Vansh says,”I am very possessive about my phone , so .”  Riddhima says,”Its in the drawer.” Vansh takes it and leaves. Riddhima cries . He sees Siya coming. She looks sad. Vansh goes near her and says,”Siya, what happened?” Siya says,”Bhai, I have a boyfriend, he called me to his house , I saw that in his room all things were scattered , I tried to arrange it , he came and screamed at me.I left from their and started crying .” Suddenly , Siya’s boyfriend’s call comes. She keeps it on speaker . Her boyfriend Kabir says,”Siya, I am really sorry for what I did, but don’t get sad , let us go somewhere and enjoy ..Also , how’s Vansh Jiju  and how’s Riddhu Di .??” Vansh whispers in Siya’s ears,” Don’t tell him  that I am here.” Siya says,”They both are absolutely fine, I am coming.” Siya leaves.

Vansh thinks,”I also got angry on Riddhu because of my things , so I will have to convince her.” Vansh goes to the room . He sees that Riddhima’s crying bitterly . Vansh goes to console her but she ignores . She calls someone and says,”Vansh scolded me, please help me Sejal.” Vansh snatches the phone and says,”Sejal , she is kidding , she told me that she’s gonna prank you.” He cuts the call . Riddhima says,”Vansh, why you cut the call??” Vansh says,”Sweetheart, this type of small nok-jhok keeps happening but any outsider may it be best friend shouldn’t know about it…” Riddhima says,”Vansh I understand you but..” Vansh says,”Lets go to a trip and enjoy.” Vansh comes down . He says,”Everyone pack their bags , we will be leaving for a trip.” He informs Siya and Kabir about that too.

Precap: They enjoy at the trip…

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