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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Ragini

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima moving the blanket and hoping to see Ragini, but there is a doll instead. She says it means Vansh shifted her to some other location. Did he figure out she followed her other day? Her only hope was Ragini to get to the truth.

Other side, Vansh says Riddhima’s mind is fast, but she’s forgetting that it’s Vansh against her. In flashback, Vansh sees Riddhima when Angre asks whether to shift Ragini and him refusing it. Back to present, he says he knew Riddhima would find a way to reach to Ragini and that is why he shifted her. No one can reach to Ragini and before that happens, he will have to complete his mission. Angre says she will wake up in an hour. A nurse comes and gets scared seeing a gun in Vansh’s hand. Vansh puts the gun away and tells nurse to take care of Ragini as she has been doing since last 3 years. He will be back in an hour. He tells Angre to be more careful. Riddhima must not find out about the new location.

Riddhima says no matter how much Vansh tries to hide, she will find Ragini. She knew Vansh would find out about her following him other day and she installed a tracker in his phone. She checks the app and finds Vansh’s location. She comes to the new location and tries to find Ragini. Nurse comes out. Riddhima hears her talking on phone and her saying she got scared seeing the gun. She thinks the nurse is talking about Vansh. She quietly goes in the room and sees Ragini. Ragini is slowly regaining consciousness. She asks for water. Riddhima gives her water and says, you don’t know me, but I know you. Ragini says she wants to go home. Riddhima says she will take her to her home, but first she needs to find out who did this with her. Ragini sees Vansh’s photo in Riddhima’s phone and points at him. She’s very scared and cries. Riddhima tries to calm her down. She asks her to tell the whole truth. Why has Vansh kidnapped her? Ragini tries to speak, but she struggles. Vansh and Angre return. Vansh sees the nurse on phone and gets angry for leaving Ragini alone. He runs to the room. Riddhima hides in a cupboard. Vansh asks why she’s still not awake. Angre says doctor said it will take 2 to 3 days before she regains her consciousness fully. Vansh says he cannot wait that long. It’s hard to handle Riddhima. She’s being the biggest stoppage between him and his goal. He waited so many years, but not anymore. No one can come between him and his goal. He punches the cupboard and part of it breaks. Riddhima’s eyes are clearly visible now. But he fails to see her. He warns the nurse to inform him right away once Ragini wakes up. Once she wakes up, he will end her chapter. Once he gets information that he wants, Ragini will be of no use to him. Riddhima is shocked seeing this avatar of Vansh and has tears. She says she should leave too. Ragini won’t regain consciousness anytime soon. After Vansh and Angre leave, she tricks the nurse and manages to leave.

Anupriya comes to Chanchal’s room saying her room’s shower is not working. After Chanchal leaves, Anupriya tries to find the chip. Aryan finds out about this. He asks Chanchal how she let her go in when she knows the chip is inside. Chanchal says she forgot. They knock the door, but Anupriya doesn’t open it. Anupriya moves the mattress and the chip is there. Before she sees it, Aryan and Chanchal turn off the lights. Anupriya opens the door. They tell her to use Ishaani’s bathroom as Aryan also needs to get ready and go out. After she leaves, they check under the mattress and are relieved to find the chip there. Anupriya thinks they don’t have the chip as she couldn’t find anything in Chanchal’s room.

Riddhima is walking on a street and is thinking about Vansh. She cries for trusting Vansh. He broke her trust, dreams, everything. He’s an evil. He’s a murderer. She made a mistake of loving such person. She’s angry with herself. A car comes running towards her and episode ends.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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