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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 10: Cycling Competition.

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The episode starts as….

All four come back to the farmhouse and go to their respective rooms to sleep.

Next morning at 05:00am,

Aryan brings a drum and starts playing it. This wakes everyone up. Everybody come down. Kabir asks, “What is this? Why are you playing it at 5? Don’t you have to sleep?” Vansh answers on Aryan’s behalf, “It was me who told him to play. We decided to go and ride bicycles right? So to wake y’all up this was a morning alarm. So everyone has only 10 minutes to come down. Do whatever y’all want to in these 10 minutes, Understood?” Everybody nods and leaves. Riddhima and Ishani come next to Vansh and Aryan and say,“Good Morning!” Vansh and Aryan reply, “Good Morning!” Aryan asks, “Y’all seem ready.” Ishani answers, “Yes. We heard your conversation last night and thought of giving y’all a surprise by coming on time.” Vansh tells Riddhima, “Let’s go out and give a last check to the bicycles.” Riddhima agrees and they both leave. They reach out. Riddhima tells Vansh, “You should’ve given a final check last night only.” Vansh says, “I did. I asked you to come out so that Aryan and Ishani could spend time together.” Riddhima says, “You are smarter than I thought.” Vansh smiles.

Ishani tells Aryan, “If you don’t mind we could ride together.” Aryan says, “Why would I mind? I would be glad in fact.” Ishani smiles.

Everybody come outside and select the bicycle they want. Kabir and Angre put a competition for themselves as to who could reach the farmhouse first after taking the round which is about 30 minutes. Both of them take their bicycles and start the race. Ishani and Aryan plan to go in their own direction and tell Vansh and Riddhima, “You guys carry on. We wish to go the other way.” Vansh agrees. Vansh notices that his cycle got a puncture and that he won’t be able to ride. Riddhima tells Vansh that he could take her bicycle as she doesn’t know how to ride. Vansh(in surprise) says, “What! You don’t know how to ride a bicycle? Come on! Tell me you are lying.” Riddhima disagrees. So Vansh let’s Riddhima sit behind and takes her on a ride. Sia notices this and feels that her brother at least got comfortable with someone and gets happy. Sejal looks at Sia and tells her, “Again you started dreaming? Let’s go! Everybody left.” Sia agrees.

Riddhima holds Vansh’s t-shirt as he’s riding. Vansh asks her, “Do you want me to slow down?” Riddhima disagrees.

Ishani and Aryan are riding. But suddenly Ishani loses balance as she’s staring at Aryan and falls down. Aryan goes to her, he lifts her up and gets her back to the farmhouse. Ishani feels happy as he cares for her while Aryan is happy as he’s got a chance to care for her. Everyone come back to the farmhouse after them. Sejal asks Kabir, “Who among y’all won?” Kabir answers, “We had arrived at the same time. It was a tie.” Angre says, “Let’s do a cycling competition.” Sia says, “Girls versus Boys?” Kabir says, “Done.” Sejal says, “But let’s do it the way I say.” Kabir asks, “Now what’s your way?” Sejal says, “We will prepare two bowls and in the first bowl there will be names of boys and in the second bowl the names of girls. Then let Sia and Angre remove the chits turn by turn. It would be just one guy with the other girl. So technically, we’ll have four winners and four losers. The ones who lose will divide themselves in two groups, the first group would prepare lunch and dinner and the second group would come up with something amazing for all of us to play. What say? Isn’t it amazing?” Kabir says, “Now this is something to go for. Let’s see who all lose. But atlast you started using your brain. Hahaha.” Sejal stamps on Kabir’s feet.

Aryan gets the bowls with the chits inside. He asks Sia and Angre to remove the chits. In the first round, it goes with Aryan versus Sia. Aryan says, “Thank God! It’s you. Now get ready to lose.” Sia answers, “That we’ll see who loses.” In the second round it’s Kabir versus Ishani. They wish each other All the best and Good luck. In the third round it’s Angre and Sejal. Angre says, “Uhhh… I am sure I can do it.” and later adds, “So, it’s Vansh sir with Riddhima. Now let’s go.” Sejal, Angre, Ishani, Sia and Kabir leave from there to get their bicycles and check everything. Vansh comes next to Riddhima and asks, “If you don’t want to do this race it’s okay.” Riddhima doesn’t respond and leaves from there. Vansh wonder’s as what happened. Aryan comes next to Vansh and says, “Bro! First I thought you can easily win but now since you are against Riddhima. You need wishes from all of us. She’s the best at riding a bicycle.” and Aryan leaves. Vansh recalls Riddhima telling him that she doesn’t know how to ride. He thinks Aryan is pranking him. He too comes out.

The competition begins,

In the first round Aryan wins, he starts jumping around and says, “I told you. I will win. Haha.” Sia gets upset. In the second round Kabir wins. Aryan gets upset as now Ishani will have to work. But doesn’t express himself. He tells Ishani, “It’s okay. I will help you. Calm down.” Ishani says, “I understand. Moreover it’s just a small competition. So chill. I know you would help me.” In the third round Angre loses. Sejal says, “Didn’t I tell you we will see? Over smartness isn’t good.” Angre fake smiles and leaves. It’s now between Riddhima and Vansh. Vansh recalls all the incidents which are related to Riddhima and bicycles. Sia and Aryan say, “All the best Vansh. Cause we know Riddhima doesn’t need it. She will do it.” The race begins. Vansh is astounded as Riddhima rides much better and faster than him. She eventually wins the race. Vansh is shocked. He recalls she telling him that she doesn’t know how to ride. Everyone wishes Riddhima. Kabir says, “I guess it’s the first time Vansh Raisinghania lost.” Sia laughs. They all go to their room.

It’s 11:00 am,

Vansh and Ishani are cooking in the kitchen. Just then Riddhima and Aryan come there. Ishani says, “I will come in a few minutes. Aryan, Could you come with me?” Aryan nods. Ishani and Aryan leave from there. Riddhima offers to help Vansh until Ishani comes back. But Vansh ignores her. She feels bad. Vansh notices it. He tells her, “I am not angry because I lost from you. I am upset because you lied to me. Why did you lie?” Riddhima says, “I would have not. But if I hadn’t then you wouldn’t have joined us for cycling. It was your plan so I thought if you come it would be fun. I am sorry.” Vansh smiles and says, “But you are really good at cycling, must say.” Riddhima smiles. She helps him prepare the ‘dal’ while he is cutting vegetables. She accidentally gets a burn while cooking. She screams. Vansh takes her palm and puts it under flowing water and says, “I thought you would be good at cooking also.” Riddhima hits him with the other hand and says, “Stop taunting. And it’s not for the first time that it’s happening. When one works in the kitchen one needs to tolerate all this.” Vansh replies, “Okay. Now you relax, it’s anyway my punishment.” Riddhima says, “Cooking food isn’t called punishment. That was Sejal’s stupid thought. I can help you.” Ishani and Aryan come back and find Riddhima and Vansh holding hands. Aryan clears his throat. Vansh and Riddhima get conscious. Riddhima tells them that her hand got a burn and Vansh was just taking care. Ishani answers, “Why are you giving justification? It’s okay. We didn’t ask for one. Calm down.” Ishani and Vansh continue cooking while Riddhima and Aryan continue their antiques around them to trouble them. After all the trouble caused the lunch is prepared. Ishani serves lunch at the table. Everybody sit together and talk about the cycle race. They complete their lunch.

Everyone is sitting outside. Sejal and Sia enter there and Sejal says, “Let’s play charades.” Kabir says, “Well, Have you decided to use your brain just once in a day? Morning suggestion of cycling was so good and this one. Seriously? I am out.” Ishani and Riddhima also back off. Angre and Vansh look at each other and then say(together), “Sorry…… but even I am out.” Sia asks Aryan if he’s interested in playing. Aryan removes his earphones from his ears and asks, “Did anyone call me?” Sejal says, “It’s useless telling him anything.” Aryan makes a sad face but then ignores. Sia says, “Okay. Let’s play Truth and Dare.” Angre says, “Done. But not now, it’s better to play after dinner. What do y’all say?” Everyone agrees. Everyone decides to go back to their room and plan some interesting questions for each other. Everybody leaves and goes to their rooms. While Vansh was going back to his room he noticed Riddhima going out. He follows her and asks her, “Where are you going?” She answers, “I was going near the lake. I couldn’t really enjoy it last night because of darkness.” Vansh asks her, “Do you mind me accompanying?” Riddhima answers, “Not at all.” They walk till the lake. They find Ishani and Aryan already there and so they decide to not go near them. But suddenly, Ishani notices them and calls them near. They walk near them. Aryan says, “Y’all here?” Riddhima answers, “Why? Can’t we come here?” Ishani says, “Ofcourse, y’all can.”

As the conversation was going on, they hear a lion roaring. Riddhima and Ishani get scared and hug Vansh and Aryan respectively. After sometime Vansh holds Riddhima tightly just to let her feel safe (Tum se hi song is played).Riddhima keeps her eyes closed and asks Vansh, “Why didn’t you tell us that there are lions around?” But before Vansh could answer Aryan says, “Guys chill, I was just experimenting my new ringtone.”

Riddhima and Ishani are surprised. Ishani asks, “Who keeps such a stupid ringtone?” Aryan apologizes. They forgive him. Vansh goes near Aryan and whispers to him in his ears, “Next time you do such stupid experiments make sure Riddhima and I aren’t around.” Aryan agrees and wonders if Vansh knows he likes Ishani. Ishani and Aryan walk back to the farmhouse whereas Riddhima and Vansh choose to be near the lake. They sit there down. Riddhima lies down on the grass. Vansh tells her, “Get up. I mean sit. Why are you lying down?” But instead of answering, Riddhima pulls Vansh also. Mistakenly Vansh comes over Riddhima. They have an eye-lock. Vansh caresses her face. Suddenly the birds chirp and they get conscious. Vansh apologizes and says that it was unintentional. Riddhima sits and says, “I know Vansh. You would never force yourself on anyone. It was my fault I pulled you in force. But just once, try lying down, I mean it you would just get relaxed.” She lies down and signs him too. Vansh too lies down, he closes his eyes. He recalls all his moments with Riddhima. He opens his eyes. He finds Riddhima looking at him. He asks her, “Why are you looking like that?” Riddhima answers, “Nothing.” Vansh looks at her and asks her, “You didn’t tell me anything about yourself. I hardly know you. So now if you want, you can say.” Riddhima as she’s lying down looks at the sky and says, “What to say? Okay, wait. I will say. So……. I was raised in ‘Little Angels Orphanage’. And I used to go to the same school.” Vansh is shocked after hearing that Riddhima is an orphan and sits straight. Riddhima tells him to again lie down as now these words and sentences don’t affect her much. She got used to it since she was born. Vansh and Riddhima realise that it’s been too long since they have come out and decide to walk back. They reach the farmhouse and go to their room. Vansh reaches his room and recalls Riddhima being an orphan.

Precap: Sejal goes near Angre and whispers in his ears. Angre says, “What! That’s not happening.” Sejal says, “You have to do it.Vansh is still surprised and can’t take his eyes off Riddhima as he is recalling her words.

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