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Interesting… Very interesting… (Kabir Sharma’s introduction)

Hi everyone,
In this episode with the introduction of Kabir, one mystery will also get solved.
So let’s start

A bedroom is shown and a man is shown sleeping He is sweating very much may be he is dreaming. He suddenly get up and screamed. His face is revealed he is Kabir

Kabir: Chutki!!!!!!!!
Suddenly Sejal comes from another room and asked
Sejal :What happened Kabir?
Kabir was not in sense he is murming only one name
Kabir : Chutki..Chutki..
Sejal : It’s ok Kabir
She make him drink water. After some time he came back to sense
Sejal : Are you ok Kabir ?
Kabir : Yes I’m fine.
Sejal : Do you again saw that dream? That to on this day ??
Kabir : Yes How can I forget that, 2 years ago on this date I lost my chutki. My dear sister. Don’t no whether she is alive or dead ?That man snatched my life, my chutki from me. Now I have to taken revenge on him.
Sejal thought : If this goes like the situation will worsen so she said
Sejal : Kabir Go and freshen up I will give breakfast.
Kabir : Okay
After Kabir left Sejal said in her mind.
Sejal : Chutki Happy birthday, Where are you ? I know you are alive, come back home your Bhai is waiting for you. Please

After some time, in the dinning room
Kabir : Where is Kheer
Sejal : sorry Kabir I forgot to make ?
Kabir : How can you Forget that Today I want Kheer. Today is my sister’s birthday.
Sejal : Sorry Kabir
Kabir left from the dinning room without eating anything.
Sejal by seeing this felt bad and starts to cry
Kabir looks at her and said in his mind
Kabir: Sejal I know you are trying very hard to get me forget my pain. You are really want our relationship to take the next level. But Sejal now I have only one aim in my life,t o kill that person…

Kabir arrived to a park. He said
Kabir : Chutki Happy birthday. Now I am standing in your favourite place. Here only na we met last time. After that you left me. He went to

flash back…
Chutki : Bhai I wanted to say you some thing.
Kabir : Tell Chutki
Chutki Bhai don’t call me Chutki I have a name Ragini
Kabir : what ever it is you are my chutki. You tell what you are trying to say.
Ragini : Not through here . Comes to my favourite place.
Kabir : Ok dear.

After some time Kabir reached there. Ragini was eagerly waiting for him.
Kabir: Happy Birthday Chutki.
Ragini was surprised because she didn’t know that today is her birthday.
Ragini : Today is my birthday, then you have to fulfil my wish.
Kabir : Is ever happened like that I didn’t fulfillment your any wish
Ragini : Yes Bhai But…
Kabir: You tell
Ragini : Bhai I love someone .
Kabir : Who
Ragini: Vansh Raisinghania
Kabir :Does he loves you ?
Ragini :Yes but he didn’t yet confessed.
Kabir : Then I don’t have any objections. I will fulfill your wish.
Ragini hugged him and said
Ragini : Thank You Bhai.. You are the most loving Bhai in the world.
Kabir : Stop buttering me.
Ragini : How is Riddhima?? Bhai please make her as my Bhabhi as soon as possible.
Kabir starts to shy. By seeing this Ragini said
Ragini : So my Dashing bhai starts to blush.
Kabir : Starts to beat her lightly.
Ragini : ok Bhai I have to meet him and propose my love.
Kabir : All the best..
Ragini : Bye

Kabir happly moves to his office. After some time he got Ragini’s call
Kabir : Chutki. What happened does he confessed??
Ragini: Bhai and she starts to cry
Kabir : Chutki. What happened why are you crying.
Ragini : He confessed
Kabir : Then why are you crying
Ragini: He confessed that He doesn’t love me.
Kabir : Leave it Chutki .Come home
Ragini : No Bhai I’m not coming.I don’t want to live. So I am going away.
Kabir : Are you mad come back home. I am coming.
Ragini. Sorry Bhai
After Bhai Kabir heard a scream of her.
Kabir : Chutki..Chutki …CHUTKI!!!!!

So guys
Today’s episode ends with the shocked face of Kabir.

Looking for your valuable comments
Stay tuned for more episodes…
Nicks ❤️❤️❤️

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