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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya and Guddu return the lottery ticket to its owner

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla thinking Radhe is not affected because of her sadness. Radhe asks her what happened, it is not yet 11 am. He asks why are you getting restless? He says we will go in the morning to get lottery money. Sarla says your daughter promised Harbheji to give her all the money. Radhe says we shall follow Putli Devi’s decision. Sarla says she will not obey her decision and will not give them a single penny. Radhe asks her not to show childishness and says he is going to sleep. Sweety and Pappu dance in their room. Sarla says cinema started. Sweety and Pappu continue to dance on the song mujhe naulakha dilawde re….Sweety says if you get naulakha haar for me. Pappu says I will make you wear it and asks where is it? Sweety says you will tell that. Pappu says statue and runs out of room. He asks Sarla why is she worried? Sarla tells that she is getting angry and tells that they shall never give any money to Harbheji, as the matter is about her prestige and not about money. Pappu shares an idea with her. They smile. Later they go to Gudiya’s room and steal ticket from her hand while the latter is asleep. They keep the fake ticket in her hand. Harbheji and Nanhi come to Gudiya’s room for the ticket. Gudiya hits them in sleep. They find ticket in her hand. Harbheji steals the ticket and leave from there. She keeps it safely in her almira after coming home, without checking it. She thinks it will be fun. Atta comes to Harbheji’s room and steals that stolen ticket.

Next morning, Gudiya wakes up and shouts that her ticket have gone missing. Sweety asks where did it go? Pappu says we had kept that fake ticket in her hand, where did it go then? Sarla says leave it, we have the real one. Sweety asks if it is swallowed by the earth or sky. Pappu asks Sarla to act. Sarla says theft happened? Pappu tells that the thief has come and stolen the ticket. Harbheji and Sarla argue over the ticket. Guddu says we shall search the ticket rather than fighting. They all search ticket. Atta comes there. Bantu asks him to search the ticket. Atta smiles and asks him to search. Gudiya says ticket is not found, and says she has to called Nanhe Chacha ji. Atta is about to leave, but Bantu stops him.

Nanhe lal comes there and says you all have searched the ticket, but couldn’t get it. He doubts both the families for the stolen ticket. Gudiya asks Nanhe not to doubt them as their dreams are broken. Nanhe lal says you are innocent and tells that he has to file the ticket. Gudiya tells that the ticket has made everyone fought for it. Guddu says Gudiya is right and says if someone is caught, then he/she will be our family member. He says heart peace is much better than the money. Nanhe lal asks Gudiya to enquire and give the verdict. Later Sarla asks Pappu to come with her to Pahadi Baba. Pappu says he is coming. Radhe says he is waiting to get freshen up. Gudiya insists to go with them, but Sarla refuses to take her. Harbheji and Nanhi also come out to go to the lottery shop. Harbheji and Sarla both come to the shop and give their tickets to the shop guy. The lottery shop guy check their ticket and says it is fake. Atta comes there and says he is the real winner and shows the ticket. The lottery seller checks the ticket and says it is also fake. Sarla says then from where did the ticket go?

Gudiya comes there with Radhe and Guddu and tell that she has the real ticket. Radhe says he had doubtful on both Sarla and Harbheji and that’s why took the real ticket and replaced it with fake ticket. Sarla says you was sleeping when I left from room. Radhe says I was sleeping, and woke up. He says he reached Gudiya’s room first and replaced the ticket. Gudiya hugs Radhe and asks Sarla and Harbheji not to feel bad about the ticket. She says that ticket was of that Chacha ji so I gave it to Guddu. Guddu says I enquired about him and returned that ticket to him. He says Chacha ji returned 100 Rs and I gave him his ticket. He says he might have received money by now. He says Gudiya is very good at heart. Atta asks if she is really good, or if I am feeling. Gudiya says whatever I do or think is of my family’s teaching and they have taught me that our happiness lies in other’s happiness. She says that Chacha ji and his daughter’s problem will end now. The shop keepers come there and tells that Gudiya had brought stuff from our shops for many thousands and tells Radhe and others. Gudiya looks on.

Precap: Gudiya invites Guddu for Karwachauth fast and tells that she can’t do injustice with her stomach by fasting. Pappu asks her to keep fast. She agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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