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Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #4 ArJal’s Engagement Part 2


Riddhima enters the VR Mansion. She spots Vansh coming downstairs. Vansh looks at her. They both smile at each other. Sia clicks her picture. Vansh sees Sia standing near Daadi. Vansh text Sia.

Vansh: Who’s that girl you were talking about?

Sia: Wow! Bhai! So impatient already! What’s the reason? You like someone?

Vansh: What nonsense!

Sia: You wanted to know who that girl is, right? Here is her picture.

Sia sends Riddhima’s picture to Vansh.

Vansh’s eyes widened in shock. He looks at Sia and texts her…


Sia: What’s the problem? She’s beautiful, she’s such a good friend, she’s very talented, she’s cultured, just like Daadi wanted her granddaughter in law to be!

Vansh: And did you think about how she’ll agree to this horrendous plan of yours!?

Sia: Means… you agree if she agrees!? YAAAAAY!!

Vansh: What!? When did I say that!? Sia, this is a very, very bad, useless and horrible idea! Drop it immediately!

Sia: You can’t stop me now! I already talked to Daadi, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

Vansh: What!? What did you tell her?

Sia: Just wait and watch!

Sia goes to Daadi and Ishani.

Daadi: She is beautiful…

Sia: Yay!

Daadi: But!

Ishani: But what, Daadi!

Daadi: I want to see if she is talented too… Every year, on Dussehra, we make a rangoli there (she points towards the floor below the big chandelier). I want to see if she can complete the task alone… then I’ll see.

Vansh is very tense. Riddhima notices this as she stands beside him.

Riddhima: What happened, Vansh? You look stressed.

Vansh: Sia is hell-bent on getting me married!

Riddhima: Haha! Sejal has similar fits (dora in hindi) sometimes… By the way, who’s the lucky girl?

Vansh: Please don’t ask! Even you’ll get uncomfortable.

Riddhima: You are speaking as if she wants you to marry me! Come on! Tell me na!

Vansh: I can’t tell you that. But, Sia has already told Daadi and I don’t know what all she has told her!

Riddhima: Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her after we talk to your parents about Aryan and Sejal’s marriage.


Daadi: Now, since you are praising her so much, I am going and talking to Uma and Pradeep about it while you both convince her to make the rangoli.

Ishani: Consider it done!

Daadi goes and talks to Uma and Pradeep about Sia and Ishani’s suggestion to which Aryan and Sejal listen and go to them.

Sejal: Sia! Ishani! What are you both up to?

Aryan: Ya! We heard  Daadi talking about Bhai’s marriage!

Sia: Sejal, please don’t get me wrong… but I want Riddhima to be my Bhabhi…

Ishani: Ya! Riddhima and Vansh Bhai look so good together!

Sejal: Seriously!? I dreamt of them being married this morning! I also think they look good together…

Everyone turned towards Ayan.

Aryan: Well… if you all have decided, then… we’re in!

All of them get very happy.

Sia: So Plan RiAnsh is on!

Ishani: Yo!

Sejal: Yay!

Aryan: Woohoo!

Sejal: By the way… Since when are you planning all this? I mean you found a shipping name quite fast!

Ishani: She told me her plan this morning itself!

Sia: Actually, I was planning this since the day I saw Vansh Bhai and Riddhima together in the hotel… They were standing behind a pillar so that I couldn’t hear them but I was already on the other side of the pillar… I decided that once I tell y’all about me… my next mission will be hashtag RiAnsh.

Aryan: Oh! But if Bhai gets to know of this…

Ishani: He already knows.

Sia: Ya! I told him this morning itself. In fact, he even knows that I am planning to get him married to Riddhima. In fact, he said he was okay. Although, I tricked him into saying it, but he did.

Aryan: Really!?

Sejali: That’s great! We should get to work then.

Ishani: Yes! We’ve to convince Riddhima to make that rangoli too.

Aryan: Why don’t you just go and ask for help and then leave without doing it, making some excuse…

Sia: Good idea! Sejal, you done meeting Mom and Dad?

Sejal: Yup! All good! We’ll soon tell them about marriage.

Sia: Okay! I’ll work on step 1 of our plan

Sia starts to leave but Ishani asks…

Ishani: But, what is step 1?

Sia (patting on her head): Convincing Daadi! Dumbo!

Ishani: I’m not Dumb!

They both leave arguing and Sejal and Aryan are alone.

Aryan: There’s something I wanted to tell you… actually, give you.

Sejal: Hmm, go on!

Aryan: Umm.. I wanted us to get engaged today… So I bought a ring for both of us.

Sejal: Wow! That’s so sweet, Aryan.

She hugs him.

Aryan (while putting the ring in Sejal’s finger): It will be our own engagement before the real one.

Sejal: This is our real engagement for me!

They hug each other.


Riddhima goes to Sia to talk about her plan of getting Vansh married. She is standing with the other three (Sejal, Ishani and Aryan)

Riddhima: Sia! I wanted to talk to you.

Sia: Yep! What is it, Riddhima?

Riddhima: Sia… Vansh told me that you are making some secret diabolical plan.

Sia: What diabolical plan? I’m only planning to get my Bhabhi! And that is a wonderful plan!

Riddhima: I know… but Sia, you need to understand that it takes time for a person to recover from heartbreak… And I don’t know what had happened to his ex-fiance but he isn’t over it yet… And when one thinks about his past and gets sad… it means he isn’t ready to get over it… moreover, you need to find someone like us, who understands what he is going through.

Sia: I know, that’s the reason I found someone who would understand him.

Riddhima: Ya! I know…

Sia, Sejal, Aryan and Ishani: WHAT!!?

Riddhima: Ya! Well I know you have found someone but Vansh wasn’t telling me she is. And what’s so shocking in it?

Sejal: Nothing! Anyways, Riddhima, I am going home for some work with Ishani, and then me, Ishani and Aryan will go shopping.

Riddhima: Sejal! You know na yaar! I hate shopping!

Sejal: Then who’s asking you to come? You can stay back and help Sia make the rangoli…

Sia: Ya! I don’t know how to make such a big one! And every year mom does it but this year Daadi asked me to do it! And you know that I suck at making rangoli! Please make it for me! Please! Please! Please!

Riddhima: Okay! I’ll do it… where are the colours and flowers?

Sejal and others leave and Sia calls a helper to bring the rangoli essentials.

Riddhima: Sia! Why don’t you go and bake a cake? It’s been a good day and I think it calls for a Sia’s special cake… After all, Sejal’s meeting with your parents has gone so smoothly!

Sia: Ya! Good idea! I’ll go and make cake while you make a beautiful rangoli for Dussehra.

Sia and Riddhima get to work. Vansh and Daadi come downstairs and watch Riddhima making a beautiful rangoli…

Meanwhile, Kabir cuts the chain to the chandelier above Riddhima.

Kabir: Just wait and watch, Vansh! Like you made my sister fall in love with you and then betrayed her, I will make you fall in love with Riddhima and then she will betray you when she will know what you have done! Just see how I destroy your life!

Vansh notices the chain dangling and swiftly walks towards it and ties it back to the hook before someone notices it and things get big. He comes back to where he was standing with Daadi.

Riddhima accidentally smears some colour on her cheeks and then tries to remove it but only spreads. Vansh starts laughing. Daadi smiles and leaves for the temple. But then she stands far from them looking at what they are doing.

Riddhima: Seriously, Vansh? You are laughing? Come and help me now!

Vansh (still laughing): Ya! Let me do it. You have color all over your face!

Riddhima: Now stop laughing!

Daadi smiles as she watches them while Vansh helps Riddhima remove the color on her cheek.

Vansh: You want some help with this?

Riddhima (continuing her work): You know how to make a rangoli?

Vansh: Well, no… but I’m told that I am a fast learner.

Riddhima: Nope! No time to teach you, sorry! I’ll do it myself. But you can watch if you are free. Observing is the first step of learning.

Vansh: Okay! I’ll watch and pass on whatever you need.

Riddhima: Okay… You know, at the orphanage, I used to make rangoli like this only… everyone used to love it… everyone still loves it… when I visit the orphanage na, Vansh, it feels like I am back to my family… Sejal despises her parents for leaving her, it’s natural, I know… But, she isn’t ready to understand, if our parents had to leave us, there must have been some obligations, right? All parents love their children. You know, sometimes I miss a family very much! I wish I too had a family like yours, sisters, brothers, Mumma, Daddy… But then Sejal and Sia fill the void. Anyways, let’s talk about something else! What are your hobbies?

Vansh, who was staring at her and listening to her every word with utmost attention, breaks out of his trance and says, “ I love reading and basketball…”

Riddhima: Really! You play basketball? You know, I used to beat everyone in college at basketball! Let’s have a match after the others come back!

Vansh: Get ready to lose, Babe!

Riddhima: Oh really, we’ll see.

Vansh: Anyways, tell me about your hobbies.

So Riddhima, being the chirpy bubbly girl that she is, keeps talking and Vansh keeps listening to her. Daadi observes each and everything and hears what all they talk about. In no time, the rangoli was ready and it was very beautiful. Daadi gets very happy seeing all this.

Vansh: Oh shoot! It’s 12! I gotta go, Riddhima! I have a meeting in an hour.

Riddhima: But Vansh, you haven’t had lunch! At least eat something and go.

Vansh: Even you haven’t had anything, right? Come let’s have lunch together!

Riddhima: Okay, I’ll go and wash my hands, then we’ll have lunch in the garden, what say?

Vansh: Done! I’ll bring lunch.

Daadi gets surprised listening to all this and thinks, “the Vansh who wouldn’t even get a glass of water for himself is bringing lunch for her? He left all his work and was listening to her! He doesn’t even drink water if he has work left and at Riddhima’s insistence, He is ready to have lunch? This girl is surely special! And how much they care for each other! She is the best for my Vansh!”

Daadi goes to Riddhima. Riddhima touches her feet. Daadi blesses her.

Riddhima: Sorry, actually, first Sejal was talking to Uma aunty and Pradeep uncle and then I was making the rangoli… Umm… Sia doesn’t know how to make one so she asked for my help… Sorry, I couldn’t meet you, Daadi. Can I call you Daadi?

Daadi: Of course, beta! You are like Sia’s sister na! Then by that relation, you are my granddaughter. And you made a very beautiful rangoli. I saw it just now.

Riddhima: Thank you, Daadi! You know, I always wished I had a Daadi like you… Actually I was brought up at the orphanage… Sejal and me are everything for each other. She is like my real sister only! I don’t have a family apart from her.

Daadi: Beta, now you have us naa! Never say that you don’t have a family. We all are your family.

Riddhima and Daadi hug each other while Vansh comes there looking for Riddhima.

Vansh: Come on, Riddhima! I’m famished! Daadi, you wanna join us?

Daadi: No! You both go.

They both leave. Daadi looks at them and smiles. She is very happy to see Vansh. Vansh is happy from inside today… this has happened after a long time.

Riddhima and Vansh are having lunch in the garden when they hear some noise. They turn but find no one and they continue eating. They finish lunch.

Vansh: So, now I’ll take you a leave! I have a meeting now, let’s meet at the farmhouse tonight!

Riddhima: Ya! Okay, Bye!

Vansh is leaving. Then he turns back.

Vansh: And I’ve called Kabir, he’ll be coming tonight! And we’ll have the match at the farmhouse only! There’s a basketball court nearby! See ya!

Riddhima gets shocked hearing Kabir’s name but then thinks there must be so many Kabirs in the town! And she leaves the matter there itself. Little does she know that she is to get a big shock

Sia is in the kitchen finishing her cake when Vansh goes to her and tells her that he had Kabir and that he is gonna accompany them. Sia gets shocked. Vansh leaves without noticing that.

Sia: Oh no! If Bhai calls Kabir, then Riddhima will get very uncomfortable and moreover, she doesn’t know that it’s the same Kabir! What to do!?

Sia is very worried. She calls and tells Ishani everything.

Ishani: Riddhima is mature. She’ll understand. Go tell her everything!

Sia: Okay… I’m going to tell her about Kabir now!

Sia goes to Riddhima.

Riddhima: Sia! It’s good you came! I was about to leave and thought to inform someone…

Sia: Riddhima, I need to tell you something about Kabir!

Riddhima: Sia, I don’t wanna hear anything about him.

Sia: But please listen to me… It’s very important for you to know this.

Riddhima: Okay… Shoot!

Sia: Riddhima… you remember, Bhai told you that he’s gonna bring his ex fiance’s brother to the farmhouse?

Riddhima (getting suspicious): Ya…

Sia: Well… the thing is… he is Kabir… your ex boyfriend…

Riddhima: WHAT!? And you are telling  this to me now!?

Sia: Riddhima, please calm down… I thought you’ll get very uncomfortable if you know about this afterwards… So I thought… I should tell you now.

Riddhima: It’s good you told me now itself! I’ll get accustomed to it…

Sia: Please call if you need help! I wish you lived with us!

Riddhima: Now, even I wish I lived with y’all… Sejal is gonna come here in a few weeks… And then I’ll miss our night outs and all… though we can still have them… but you know, it’s different… Sejal lives with me and then she’ll live with you… and I’ll be alone…

Sia (suddenly in a very happy tone): You know, you can come to live here after she gets married… who knows? Everyone here may like you so much that they would ask you to stay here only!

Riddhima: Ya… I’m so charming na!

Sia: That you are! After all, you are my best friend!

Riddhima: Okay! Now I’ll go! I have to finish all the work so I can come to the farmhouse… though now I’m having second thoughts but then Vansh will mock me my entire life saying that I didn’t show up for the match!

Sejal (coming there) : Oooh! You’re gonna be with him your entire life, haa?

Riddhima: Sejal! Not now! Please!

Sia: Why? What happened?

Riddhima: Today Sejal had a nightmare!

Sejal: Hey! It was my best dream ever!

Riddhima: Ya! But the ideas you are getting are horrendous! So it was a nightmare!

Sia: Wait! Wait! Wait! What are you guys talking about?

Riddhima: Today morning, Sejal dreamt that she married Aryan and I married Vansh!

Sia: Oh!! That! Come on, Riddhima! That was actually the best dream! Imagine all of us living together like a happy family! And, moreover, Vansh Bhai and you look so good together!

Riddhima: Sia!! Not you too!! Come on!! Nobody is taking my side!! I wish Vansh was here!!

Sia and Sejal: Aww!

Riddhima realizes what she just said and put her hands on her head and says, “I am SO Stupid!”

Riddhima: Okay! Now, Cut the crap and Sejal, let’s go! We have a lot of work left.

They leave. 


Sejal is cleaning the guest room when she finds Vansh’s watch on the side table. She goes to Riddhima. Riddhima is busy cleaning her own room.

Sejal: Riddhima! Whose watch is this? I found it in the guest room

Riddhima (absentmindedly): It must be of Vansh. He must have forgotten it last night when he came to apologise…

Sejal: Whaaat!!!?

Riddhima (realizing what she said absentmindedly): Umm… Sejal… Umm… We thought you would feel weird… Umm… So we decided not to tell you all… (suddenly changing her tone) And it was good I hadn’t  told you all! You all will make a big issue out of it now! We only watched a movie together! Friends hangout like that! No big deal!

Sejal: No Big Deal? Riddhima! It’s the first time a boy has been in the house! That too so late at night! And you are saying it’s no big deal!!

Riddhima: Come on, yaar! Drop it now! There are always first times!

Sejal: Okay! Okay! Let’s get back to work!

Sejal leaves the room smiling ear to ear. She goes to the other room and calls Sia.

Sia: Hello, Sejal?

Sejal: Sia! Call Aryan and Ishani and put the phone on speaker! Quick!

Sia does so…

Sia: What is it, Seja?

Ishani: Yup! Speak up! Very excited!

Aryan: Ya! Me too!

Sejal: Guys! I have very good news! Last night, Vansh and Riddhima were watching a movie in our guest room!

Sia, Aryan and Ishani: What!?

Sejal: Ya! And we have never had men in the house! Not even when she was dating Kabir and even Aryan hasn’t come to the house so late at night!

Aryan: Ya!!

Ishani: But Vansh Bhai always sleeps by 10 pm

Sejal: Riddhima also!

Ishani: And Bhai sneaking out to meet a girl! Very unusual!

Aryan: Exactly!

Sia: But this is amazing news! This means that they are closer than we thought them to be! We just have to make them realise that they love each other! Because they are clearly in love! They are revolting their nature for each other! It means they love each other!

And saying this Sia starts jumping on the bed. Ishani too joins her. Aryan leaves the room to talk to Sejal.

Aryan: Sejal, listen! They are not here… I wanted to tell you that as soon as Bhai and Riddhima’s alliance is fixed, I’ll talk to Mom and Dad about us.

Sejal: Okay… I think Riddhima is coming… Love you! Bye!

Aryan: Love you too! Bye!

Riddhima enters the room and sees her on the phone.

Riddhima: Whom were you talking to?

Sejal: Aryan! Very soon, he’s gonna talk to his parents about our marriage.

Riddhima: Lucky girl!

Sejal: Come, let’s have lunch!

Riddhima: You have it… I already had lunch with Vansh.

Riddhima leaves the room. Sejal again starts smiling and texts Sia.

Sejal: Riddhima had lunch at your house!! With Vansh!!

Sia: Ya!! Daadi just told me!! They are a perfect couple!! You know, Vansh Bhai never eats anything when he has work left… But on Riddhima’s one suggestion, he had lunch with her, leaving the work!!

Sejal: Really? How Romantic!!

Sia: They are made for each other!!

Sejal: Ya!

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima play basketball. Vansh is jealous seeing Riddhima with someone.

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