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Choti Sardarni 1st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav breaks Aditi’s fast

Choti Sardarni 1st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amrita says mummy ji are you all okay? Why did you say you won’t cook? Kulwant says our food would come from outside. Bitu says butter chicken. Rana pizza? Did you order for jeeto? Bell rings. Kulwant says don’t make noise. People shouldn’t know we ordered. A man comes and gives Kulwant something.

Aditi calls her nurse and says give her glucose. Seema says Harleen has invited us to their place. Meher has done all arrangements for pooja. Call Vicky. Seema says he will pick for sure. Aditi says his phone is off. Seema says don’t worry he will come for sure. Meher is on her way. She recalls what Sarab said. Meher is worried. She connects all the dots.

Param plays with Karan. Param says it’s his time to sleep. Please go. Manav says if Karan stops me I will stay here with him. Param is confused. Manav puts Karan in cot. He cries. Manav looks at him. Param says Kara don’t cry. Let uncle go. Manav says papa won’t leave you alone. Param video calls Meher. He says I am angry. Meher says why? Param says Vikram uncle is playing with Karan. I asked him to leave. He isn’t leaving. Param gives the phone to Manav. Manav says Meher come home. I have to talk to you. Meher says I also have to talk to you. Stay there.

Scene 2
Kulwant gives jail like roti to Bitu and Rana. She says eat this. We have jail clouds on us. Better get used to her. When I was a kid there was a woman she was very dangerous. She went to jail 25 times. A baba told her if you jail’s roti is in your fate, you should eat it yourself. Bitu says what if it doesn’t work? Kulwant says then get you used to it. Bitu says this is so hard. He says bhabhi give pickle. Kulwant says you won’t get anything.

Harleen sees Manav leaving. She says you here? He says came to see kids. Harleen says Sarab is right. He’s so weird. He goes out and sees the car. He thinks it’s Meher and opens the door. It’s Aditi. Manav says Aditi you? Aditi is confused. Meher comes in the other car. Aditi smiles. Seema comes as well. Seema says see Aditi, I told you he doesn’t express but love a lot. Surya used to surprise me on all karwa chauths as well. Aditi was so worried. See he was here. when did you come? Meher says we didn’t know he’s here either. We got ot know he’s planning this surprise for Aditi so we came as well to help him. Param says Aditi bua he’s here since 3 PM. Aditi says thank you for this surprise Vikram. Harleen says we have invited all your friends as well.

Manav says to Meher what is all this? She says don’t you want to see your mom happy? Manav says I have to talk to you. Seema says get ready Manav. Get ready before the moon is out. Harleen says you also get ready Meher.

Scene 3
Bitu and Rana’s stomach hurt. Amrita says mummy ji Sarab ji has fired you from PR manager post of Punjab Dal. Kulwant is shocked. She looks at the letter. Kulwant says get ready. Amrita says for where? She says we have to go somewhere.

Scene 4
Everyone is ready for Karwa chauth. Kulwant and Amrita come there. Meher says to Amrita I am glad you came. Manav says in heart I have to speak to Meher about Karan. Meher video calls Sarab and says see there, Aditi is with Manav. She’s smiling. Sarab says I am so happy. All this happened because of you. The moon comes out but hides again. Sarab says I can see it clearly in the red suit. Meher smiles. He says it hid because you’re more beautiful. Meher says you.. He says not joking. The moon will be out in 2 minutes because he would be jealous of you. The moon comes out. A chunri falls on Meher. The song mein taa tere naal plays. Meher smiles. Sarab looks at her.

Aditi does Vikram’s pooja. She does all the rituals with him. Sarab and Meher smile. Aditi looks at the moon and then Manav. Aditi says I love you Vicky. Thank you for everything. Seema says Vicky make her drink water. Manav makes her drink water and then makes her eat. Meher says I told you I will unite them. Sarab says I hope they stay happy together. Thank you. Harleen says we don’t do karwa chauth but your wife hasn’t eaten since morning. Sarab looks at Meher.

Precap-Manav says to Meher I always felt what connection could I feel with SArab’s child. That Connection is with my own child. I lost our love but won’t lose my love’s last symbol. Meher says that can’t happen. Manav says when I gave blood to Sarab you promised me you will give me anything I ask for.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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