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Bigg Boss 1st November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 1st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone. Salman says we see the episodes whole episodes and ask questions on the weekend. This time Kavita, Rubina, Nishant, and Jasmin are nominated. You can vote to save them. Salman says let’s go in. He says you all look so good. Salman wears red glasses and says when you wear them you see Naina. You were so talkative when you came here, but now you have become invisible like bigg boss. She says I laugh here adn sing with everyone. Salman says we have two singers here as well they sing but they participate as well. This is Bigg Boss not a singing show. You should be seen.

Salman asks Jasmin what is Nauras? She says something that has 9 tastes. Everyone laughs. Ejaz says something that has too many emotions. Salman says experience speaking. HE says Naina gets something from the store. She brings sashes. First is prem ras (love emotion). He says who would you like to give this to Nikki? Nikki says I would give this to Jaan. I don’t know our friendship yet but I love him. She says it in Marathi. Jaan says I couldn’t get it. Salman says learn a bit of Marathi. Salman asks Nikki, this is Hindi show. People who don’t know Marathi, it feels like you are speaking against them. If Naina spoke in Beganli, would you not like it right? She says you’re right sorry sir. Nikki makes Jaan wear it. Salman says say it in Benagli. He says love you in Bengali.

Salman says now Ejaz’s turn. Come.. He looks at his pants and says what is this? He says yes it’s small. Everyone laughs. Salman says next emotion is laugh. Who makes you laugh? He says Nikki. Beacuse she says oh shitt and does cute things. He makes Nikki wear it. Salman says next is Kavita.

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