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Udaan 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor gets in much pain

Udaan 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj seeing Anjor, and crying for her. Vikram calls them and threatens. Vikram says I promised you, I will make Anjor’s life hell, we gave her many injections, she will live in pain and fear, seeing her pain, you will kill her to save her from this pain. Chakor and Suraj get shocked. Anjor gets an attack and shouts. Chakor asks Suraj to do something. Suraj asks Anjor not to worry. He shouts to doctor. Vikram says I didn’t wish to do this with Anjor, then I recalled Suraj’s deed, then I gave her many injections. Chakor says tell me what you did with her. He laughs. He recalls giving injections to Anjor. Vikram says I have such wound to them, that they will never forget.

Rajeshwari says I m glad, but what’s the plan to get rid of police, we will get punished,

police is finding us, all the ways got shut for us. He says don’t worry, I always play a move by thinking next two moves, I have a plan to end your worry, there is a village far away, no one can reach us there. She asks where is such place. Vikram says its not on govt. Records, I have changed that village into a nice place, I have completely changed it. Rajeshwari asks when did you start social work. Vikram says I m a big sinner, I will never help anyone without a motive, I knew that our business has big risk, one day will come when we can’t get saved from laws, we are saviors for those people, we took care of them. I provided them food and clothing, those people will always welcome us, that place is our Lanka. They smile. He says we will live there and do our business, there won’t be any harm. Bacha and Rajeshwari praise him.

Vikram shows them three people captive. Doctor says don’t give her pain killer, she has to live with this pain all her life, she is given many hormones injection, if we give her pain killer, her kidney may fail, it will be more dangerous for her. Chakor and Suraj get shocked. Rajeshwari asks who are these people, they are similar to us. Vikram says yes, so they are chosen, they will be sacrificed today, and we will get free, they will do our duplicate’s neck, you put your belongings on them. Vikram smiles. Bacha pandey and Vikram burn the people. Vikram says we three are dead for the world now. They smile. Suraj says no, do something, there will be some way. Chakor recalls Vikram’s words. Chakor sings the lullaby for Anjor.

Chakor says I swear on Anjor, till I take revenge on them, I will not sit quiet, I will give them a similar life, until then I won’t let them die. Suraj says we will not spare those devils.

Update Credit to: Amena

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