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Their Marriage Story (Pt 2) by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Sanskar got ready in 3 piece suit…

Uthra:oye.. We are going to see girl not to keep you in exhibition

Sanskar ignores

Uthra:people say girls take time get ready, but here in my home my brother is taking time as a girl

Sanskar:you won’t understand, when we meet some…

Uthra & Ruhaan interrupts imitating him:people for first time then good looks matters.. Aha don’t mistaken not beauty but the way you have appeared.. Didn’t you heard first impression is the best impression. Hamare kaan pakh gaya hai sunn sunn ke.

Sanskar:waise did you see the girl?

Uthra:oye hoye

Ruhaan:i don’t…

Uthra glares him

Sanskar:what happened!?

Uthra :it’s your life, you would know it better.


Ragini was sitting in the balcony, she usually started to stress herself.

Sidhant comes there :what are you thinking?

Ragini:nothing bhaiyya

Sidhant :then you are definitely thinking something, come on say say

Ragini just smiles at him.

Ragini:sometimes i think if i was a bird.

Sidhant smiles listening her

Ragini:god has created many things, if he have created me as anything except a human

Sidhant:you know what? The best creation of god is only and only humans and about all other living being everything has its own problems, birds can’t move so freely as anytime there can be a predators, hunters.

Ragini nods agreeing to him

Sidhant:it is just that we think everything is not in our hands as we fail to get something but God has some better plans always!

Here shekar gets the phone call regarding the same guy who have came to see Ragini and who once rejected her is now agreeing. And they will come tomorrow evening to fix the marriage.

He didn’t feel it’s good, but still he wanted to discuss with his family.

So he informed it to janki

Janki:i think we should talk to Ragini about it.


Here Sanskar and his family gets down the car

Girl’s mom dad welcomes them.

Then the girl was called who has wore a saree..
She was extremely looking beautiful

Sanskar sees her and flashes a smiles
Somewhere he liked her too, he liked her appearance

The way she have wore the saree stylishly and her walking style refers her to be a style freak.
The appearance he wished for, here the plus points.

Soon girls mother:we should let the bride and groom talk.

Girl along with sanskar moves to the garden.

Girl forwards her hand to him:hai, i am Alina

Sanskar shakes his hand with her:Sanskar

She smiled nodding her head

Sanskar:may i know why you are reacting like this, please(actually he didn’t like the way she reacted but still he didn’t wanted to be sound rude)

Alina:Gosh, your name is such a old fashioned. I am really sorry about it. I felt it.

Sanskar forces his smile but didn’t reply back.

Alina:so, how about you? I mean do you have any problem if i hangout with my friends after marriage. Mostly boys

Sanskar: of course not

Alina:and same with me,i also have no problem with it if you hangout with your friends.


Alina:bachelor of arts. But moving further i want to clarify one thing!


Alina:see i am marrying you that doesn’t mean you will rule over me, whatever i will do it’s my choice(sanskar smiles as his thoughts matched with her and was about to speak) and.. Why did you leave your job? And to India permanently

Sanskar:actually my family wanted to…

Alina laughs:you are independent


Alina:for family you left the job and you rejected the green card? You are taking it so lightly?

Sanskar:so what you want me to do?

Alina:i can’t live with your family,if you move back to USA.its good for us in future

Sanskar:if i don’t go then?

Alina:then i won’t have problems but we have to make a separate home.

Sanskar nods:done.

Alina:if we are getting married then we should make a contract!

Sanskar:contract for what?

Alina:of course an contract marriage, definitely till how many days we can stay together, to be frank i don’t like to stay in one relationship.

Sanskar smiles:i really liked your spirit

Alina smiles

Sanskar:i would appreciate about your nature saying everything directly.

Alina smiles:let’s go then..

And later they goes in

Sujatha:so what you decided?

Alina’s dad:what you decided alina?

Alina:i am ready for the marriage dad.

All gets happy

Sujatha:sanskar.. Say..

Sanskar smiles:i like alina

Everyone smiles

Sanskar:may be she is my type, But still she is not my type.

All stands:what?

Sanskar:uncle aunty, if possible do search a employee for your daughter but not a life partner.

Sujatha this the way of talking to elders!

Alina glares him

Sanskar was about to go

Alina:how dare you bl**dy……

Sanskar points his finger to her:mind your language miss, I won’t mind my language.

He leaves from there

Ruhaan to uthra:what was this?

Later at their Mansion

Sanskar:maa, i already told you the reason.

Suji:but why did you…

Sanskar:ma do you want me to leave you for forever?

She was silent!

Sanskar:do you want me to be just a puppet in her hands? Maa.. As your thoughts marriage is not only a life of 2 people’s but 2 families. A husband and wife has a equal part in this relation. I don’t want me to treat my life partner like a servant and neither i want to be the one. I want her to respect and love my family as her and same goes to me.marriage is not to share the life but to live the life together, whatever the decision or phases both should be together that is what husband and wife are!!! And…

Rp smiles:sanskar

Sanskar looks at him

Rp:kuch nahi

Sanskar rolls his eyes at him

While sujatha smiles


Rp:woh i told someone that i will come with my son today

Rp:arey to the same matter

All just looks at him nodding his head


Ragini:why did you ask me? I am always happy with what you decide for me!

Sid was about to interrupt when janki stops him

Shekhar:Ragoo.. You have to decide about it! If you say no then it’s no for us also.


Shekhar:this time you have to decide, you have accept this relation or reject it!

Ragini nodding no :i can’t…

Shekhar :you have to.. And you have to tell me at morning. Think and decide your future Ragini.

They goes out leaving Ragini in a confusion

Sid:papa why did you accept…..

Shekhar :i want to listen this from Ragini..

He goes

Janki:Ragini have become so weak that she don’t want anything. We want her to believe in herself.


Outside a home..

Sanskar:dad.. Today i am really in a bad mood. And most importantly why today?

Rp:who knows after seeing the girl your mood flies in air.

Sanskar:don’t know.. Hope this time i don’t vanish in air.

They goes to the home

Sanskar sees the flex board:look at this guys

Ruhaan:welcome to Facebook family!
(this scene is inspired from a movie😜)

A man comes:arey Ram ji

Ram smiles

Man:jamai ji… Login

Sanskar looks confused at his siblings
They shrugs their shoulders being confused

Man:arey jamai ji login ho jayiye!

He points down

All sees down and sees a door mat where it has LOGIN

Sanskar turns to escape

But uthra holds him

Uthra:may he is joky person


All enters

And was shocked seeing the house filled with newsfeeds

Sanskar reads a feed:today groom is coming to see our daughter

Sujatha pokes ram:what is this?

Ram was too confused

Man:jamai ji.. Don’t be confused we are a friendly family. Wherever we go we just send friend request.. Oh tell me your Facebook id

Sanskar:i don’t use Facebook

All the Facebook family who were standing there :what?

Man:you don’t have Facebook account? Listen…if you don’t have bank account then also no problem but fb account is must to the future son-in-law of Facebook family.

Sanskar looks at His dad

While Ram was searching ways to escape.

Man:don’t worry.. We can create it! Come come have a seat

All sits

Sanskar to uthra:what….

Man:jamai ji do you need wifi password


Man:how did you know!

Ruhaan:just a mild guess
He controls his laugh

Man:jamai ji open your phone and add password..

Sanskar:no no i have JIO

All:ohh then no problem

Then a guy comes
He was live on Facebook :my sister is coming with 6 cups of tea..

Guy:di say hai!

Girl just smiles

Sanskar looks at girl
She smiles at him

Her dad:messenger is on upstairs, you can go there and have private chat

Sanskar:no no

Her dad:arey you have to go

Sanskar having no options he goes

They sit in room

Sanskar:even you are fond of Facebook

Girl:no i hate it!

Sanskar murmurs:thank god

Girl:just for the family purpose i have to do it.


He smiles

Girl:i just wanted a change, so Instagram came on my way.

Sanskar’s face fell

Girl:so are you in Instagram



Sanskar :no

Girl:then i would complain to dad

Sanskar:arey i have a new app,escape&run.

Girl:what is it?

Sanskar:you know we can see everything

Girl:that means you can see past and you already knew that you are coming here?

Sanskar murmurs:if i knew before.. I would have died but would have not come here!

Girl:you are fake account right?


Girl:i mean you are faking right!

Sanskar smiles ;can you please show me balcony!


Sanskar:nowaday jio is not giving network

Girl:oh so you want to install Instagram?


She shows him the balcony:this is wallpaper


She stood there itself

Sanskar:please can you go in


Sanskar:i want to ask my friend to join Instagram.. You would feel bored. In this time you can follow some new peoples

Girl :haan yes

She goes

Sanskar:huff.. Beta sanskar bhaag le yahan se

He with much difficulty gets down the home and sits in the car

Sanskar calls ram:dad.. If you people aren’t in car within 5 seconds then Facebook pe hi orkut basa lena.. Mein jaa raha hoon.

Within a moment all were in the car

All are glaring ram.

And sanskar drives off


Here Ragini was thinking what she should do

Ragini herself:i should say yes, no i shouldn’t. May be i am not good in appearance i don’t want the tag of sympathy or something else. What exactly i should do! I don’t know. Whenever i see a family i think may be they are my future family. No no may be this is a chance i got.. I should say yes.

To be continued…..

So how was the part?

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