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Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) part-4

Gauri’s POV

As the Obros moment is going on, I silently go towards the cd player (it has a USB place) and place the USB I was given and remove the one Anika Bhojai had put. I immediately start to cry looking at the message. I am so surprised that no one showed any kind of emotion, no guilt or even sadness… all they showed was disgust and anger at the poor girl. I was about to speak up when Anika Bhojai (sister-in-law) speaks up. I stand there awkwardly when Bhavya and Rudy bhaiya start accusing Bhojai of showing mistrust. I want to stand up but Omkaraji drags me away from the scene.

Omkaraji (angry) – Why did you have to play that stupid clip? Don’t you realise you are already enough trouble for me? I HATE YOU! Do you not understand? By playing that clip, you won’t gain any sympathy or love from me. You know what… if you want me to be happy then LEAVE THIS HOUSE. You heard me… I will give you the divorce papers… just leave this house and don’t ever show your stupid face to me… You are nothing but a gold digger and your mum…

Me (angry) – Don’t say anything about my mum… I will leave…

Omkaraji immediately leaves the room while I silently cry and pack my bags. After 15 minutes he comes back, thinking he may apologise my face lights up … but… he throws the divorce paper on my face and then leaves. My face immediately drops and I again start crying.

 My face immediately drops and I again start crying

At Night

I silently leave the room and then go towards the exit which is completely dark, I bump into someone. Thinking it must be a family member, I run to hide behind a pole nearby. After a minute or so, I don’t sense anyone so I again go towards the exit and as soon as I reach there I see someone standing there with their suitcase. As I go near, I see that it is none other than Bhojai.

Me (whispering) – Bhojai

Bhojai (surprised and whispering) – Gauri? You here?

Me (whispering) – Bhojai… I can ask you the same thing

Before Bhojai could answer, someone, shouts our names

Someone (shouting) – Anika Bhabhi… Gauri Bhabhi

As we turn around we are in a shock to see Priyanka there. Anika Bhojai immediately covers her mouth and instructs her to be quiet.

Priyanka (whispering) – Anika Bhabhi and Gauri Bhabhi what are you doing here?

As I am about to answer her question a car horns at us and then the car driver whispers.

Car driver (whispering) – Which one of you wanted to be dropped off at the train station? I have to pick up another client so please hurry up…

All of us (whispering) – Me!

The car driver looks at us shocked while we look at each other with a shocked expression. How is that possible?

Anika Bhojai (whispering) – Guys, we should sit in the car and then we can discuss all this.

The driver comes out of his cab and then puts all of our luggage into the cab while all of us sit down.

Anika Bhojai (crying) - You know my life is very strange

Anika Bhojai (crying) – You know my life is very strange… firstly, I got married to that Kanji Ankhon Wala, Billuji forcefully… I was already in love with him and after we got married my love for him got stronger… just a few days ago we became one. Today was supposed to be one of the best day of my life due to two reasons… today was our anniversary and also because… I … I am pregnant… I wanted to tell him that but he… he accused me of cheating on me… and divorced me…

I look at my bhojai with tears… Shivay bhaiya was like a brother to me … how could he do that to his wife? He shows trust on other’s wives yet fails to trust his own … just like Omkaraji told me. Priyanka and I give her a warm hug… And then they all look at me to start mine…

Priyanka (scared) – Did Omkara bhai hit you? As he does that when he is angry… If he did then… I would break all ties with him as a husband is supposed to protect his wife not hit her…

 I would break all ties with him as a husband is supposed to protect his wife not hit her


Me (crying) – No he didn’t but… he did the same thing Shivay… b… I am sorry I can’t call him my bhaiya after what he did to my Bhojai… he doesn’t deserve to be called anyone’s brother… Omkaraji did the same thing that Shivay did… show mistrust… he thinks I am a gold digger… he also asked me to leave the house and…. Sign divorce papers.

Anika Bhojai (angry) – How can Om do this? I trusted him not to go on the same path as his brother… I need to see him… I will talk to him…

Me (holding bhojai’s hand) – No … there is no point…a relationship needs to have trust… or love… But it has nothing like that in mine… I love him and show trust in him… but he… he doesn’t have trust nor love for me.

Anika Bhojai (wiping my tears) – We need to teach these Oberoi brothers what we are capable off… we will not cry for them… we will stand up for what we believe in… we will not let them take us for granted. No more of our tears will be wasted on those guys…

 No more of our tears will be wasted on those guys

Precap – Priyanka tells her reason for leaving OM

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