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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan warns her sister

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says t Guddan i broke all relationships with him. I have nothing to do with him. You are the one who married me with all this drama not me.
Guddan comes downstairs. Laxmi says sasu ma you look sad. See all these sarees. You didn’t bring us anything. Durga says choose these sarees. Saru says she will like all of them. She has seen this for the first time. SAru says sad because nothing happened or a lot happened? Laxmi laughs. she says tell us sasu ma. AJ didn’t even touch you right? Guddan hand. she says he came close to me like this. Laxmi gets award. she says why are you coming near me. She says I like all of these sarees. Take them all to my room. Laxmi says all of these? Puchki says I am wife to the person whose money you spend. I can spend as much

as I want.
Durga says she has lost it. Nothing happened between them. AJ doesn’t consider her his wife.

Guddan says I got all these chocolates for everyone. AJ comes and says what are you doing? She says have some chocolates It will add some sweetness to your personality. Eat please. He eats it. Guddan gives him whole box. She says happy diwali. He says happy diwali and leaves.
Dadi says you did right. Prev says yes dadi. He comes with his wife. His wife says she is such a young sasu ma. perv says yes she is. He touches Guddan’s feet.
Guddan grasp his hair and says stay blessed. Don’t worry about your sister Guddan. I wont let anything happen to your sister.
Have some sweets. Our new relationship will be filled with sweetness. You can’t say no to parsad. Guddan takes parsad from him. AJ puts his hand on hers and takes it.

Scene 2
guddan comes to Revati. she says who are you didi. Guddan says Perv will come to meet you. Don’t meet him. You have to tell me. He came to my house. Revati says where? Guddan says in my house. He is saru’s brother.
Perv says to Kaushaliya I love your daughter. I will meet her. Kaushaliya says shame on you. You are married. Perv says you can’t separate us. Go and ask your daughter. She loves me equally. And yes I am married. That marriage is just of name. I can leave her anytime.
Gudda says you have to be very careful chutki. Whatever he says please don’t trust him. Promise me you wont. Revati holds her hand. Guddan hugs her and says dont’ worry. As long as i am alive nothing will happen to you. Don’t ever let him come near you. Keep your promise.
Perv shows kaushaliya gold jewelry. He says if I didn’t love her why would I bring all this? I will do anything for her happiness. Just think who will you find like me? The one who is rich and loves your daughter. Revati will be in far more luxury than Guddan.

AJ comes to Guddan. He pulls his hand from her shirt. She is asleep. AJ falls on her. She wakes up.
Precap-Guddan gets ready for Karwa chauth. Dadi gets mad at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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