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The episode starts with Shruti’s mom welcoming Aatvik’s mom and dad(Shruti’s uncle and aunt) inside their house.. Shruti is nervous.. She gives a formal smile..

Radhika (Shruti’s mom): How are u Anna(bro) and anni(sis in law)?

Shruti’s aunt : We are fine.. How are u all??

Radhika : We are fine too..

Aunt : Oye.. My daughter in law.. Come and sit..

Shruti comes and sits with a forced smile..
Shruti’s dad and grandparents too come and sit.. They have formal talks..

Aunt : So.. We are here to discuss some important matter with u..

Shruti’s heart beat raises..

Radhika : Hmm.. Tell us anni..

Aunt : Our kids are grown.. Aatvik has a job and here,Shruti too got a good job.. They are settled.. I think it’s time to take their lives to next level.. I mean they have reached their marriage age and I think we have to think about it..

Radhika : Haan.. It’s already decided only no?? We don’t have any objection with it.. In fact,we are very happy to get Shruti married to Aatvik.. I am really happy to get my daughter married to my nephew..(Aatvik is Radhika’s bro’s son)

Shruti does not know what to do..

Shruti : (thinks) Oh God.. What is this?? I am in trouble.. This Aatvik coward made me land in trouble.. I don’t want to get married to Aatvik too.. But the point is,aatvik could have come and stand with me.. Both of us could have convinced our parents.. But that idiot,wants only me to suffer.. I am alone.. I don’t know what to do.. If I say no now,my parents and my uncle and aunt would get hurt.. And this aunt,she will definitely taunt my parents and my upbringing.. No that could not happen.. But if I don’t speak anything now,they may take it that I am happy with this marriage.. No.. I am in love with Arnav.. That innocent girl,Aarti too loves that coward Aatvik.. Now what will I do??

Her thoughts train broke when her aunt spoke..

Aunt : Shruti.. Why are u silent?? Are u getting shy as we are talking about ur marriage??

Aunt laughs..

Shruti gathers courage..

Shruti : No..

Radhika : What??

Shruti : No.. I don’t want to get married..

Aunt : Why? Oh.. U don’t want to get married now.. If so,take ur time.. We will get u married later.. May be after 1 or 2 years..

Shruti : No.. I don’t want to get married to Aatvik..

Radhika : Means??

Aunt : Why??

Shruti : Because.. I .. I .. Don’t like him..

Everyone is shocked..

Radhika : What the hell are u talking?? We have been telling that both of u will get married since u are kids nah?? Now what happened?? Are u out of ur mind??

Shruti : I don’t want to get married to Aatvik and that’s final.. (To aunt) Aunty.. Go and get some other bride for ur son..

Radhika : How dare u?

Shruti did not say anything.. She gets into her room and locks herself.. She burst out crying..

Radhika : Anni.. Sorry for her behaviour.. I will convince her..

Aunt : Radhika.. I did not think that u would have brought up ur daughter like this.. How disrespectful she is!! I don’t want this kind of a girl to my son.. She did not even give respect to our age.. How she talked!! She is asking us to get out of this house nah?? Look.. We will not come to ur house Hereafter.. And u too.. Don’t come to our house doing ur brother-sister dramas.. Thank God.. We escaped from getting such a disrespectful daughter in law..

Uncle : Radhika.. I did not expect this from Shruti.. This is disgusting..

Both of them go out..

Radhika goes and knocks Shruti’s room’s door.. Shruti stops crying and wipes her tears.. She decides not to break in front of her parents..After some time,Shruti opens the door..

Radhika : How dare u do that??He is my only brother.. And now,he broke our relation.. How could u do this??

Shruti : I don’t care..(she said in an irritated tone)

Srinivasan (Shruti’s dad): How could u say so Shruti?? U should have told us later that u don’t want to get married.. But why did u say so?

Shruti : I don’t like that aunt.. And that Aatvik too.. What’s wrong in telling that directly?

Srinivasan : Can’t u see the consequences??

Shruti : Whatever..

Radhika : So.. Nothing matters u other than ur happiness,isn’t it?? U selfish girl.. We pampered u a lot and this is what we got out of it.. A blame on our upbringing.. Get lost from my sight.. Don’t come to me again..

Radhika pulls Shruti out of her house.. Her dad and grandparents stopped her but her mom was determined and she sent her out..

Shruti : I am sorry amma and appa..

Shruti was holding her tears.. She took her scooty and the bag which she packed knowing the consequences..


She cried while riding in scooty.. She calls Abhi and meets him..

She burst out on seeing him..

Abhi : What happened Shruti??

She tells everything to him..

Abhi : How can a person be like this?? That idiot guy made u to suffer and he is enjoying?? Why did u do what he said??

Shruti : He told about his love,Aarti.. She seems so innocent.. I was feeling pity for her.. She is in hospital as she attempted suicide.. I don’t have any other option.. She loves him.. And her dreams should not be shattered because of me.. If I did not do like this,he will never stand for his love.. Then our parents will get us married..That will affect Aarti.. And I can’t handle a coward like him for the rest of my life..(she purposefully did not say about her love to him)

Abhi : Shruti.. U do have a very good heart.. But u could have told the truth to ur parents nah??

Shruti : If I say so,my mom will again go and tell everything to my aunt.. They will compel both of us to get married.. I don’t want that to happen..

Abhi : Hmm.. Ok.. Forget it.. Everything will be alright soon..

Shruti : I need a place to stay..

Abhi thinks..

Abhi : Can u stay with Ritika??

Shruti : Ya.. All I need is a place..

Abhi : Ur parents will come and take u with them soon.. Wait and watch..

Shruti smiles slightly..


They reach Ritika’s house.. Ritika welcomes Shruti and three of them have dinner..

Shruti : So.. Ritika.. U live here alone??

Ritika nods..

Shruti : U were in ur mama’s house nah??

Ritika : I came here before 4 days only..

Shruti : Why?? What happened??

Ritika looks at Abhi..

Shruti : What?? I am asking u and u are looking at that idiot??

Abhi : Shruti.. I have something to tell u.. I should have told it earlier..

Shruti : U will give much build up and the matter will be very silly.. Stupid.. Tell me..

Abhi : Actually.. We.. We..

Shruti : Tell me stupid..

Abhi : We are married Shruti..

Shruti looks at him in shock.. Then she laughs uncontrollably..

Shruti : So.. U are cracking joke now.. To lighten up my mood.. (To Ritika) u know Ritu.. I always tease him that he will not get any girl to marry.. So now,knowing that I am in a sad mood,he is cracking joke to make me laugh.. Any ways, a good joke from u for the first time..

Abhi : Shruti.. Stop it.. I am serious.. We are married..

Shruti : Don’t say the same joke again.. Tell me some other one.. I can’t laugh on the same joke again and again..

Abhi : Show that to her Ritika..

Ritika shows her mangalsutra with her eyes looking down..

Shruti opens her mouth wider.. She looks at Abhi..

Abhi : I will tell u everything before u ask.. First of all I am extremely sorry for hiding this from u guys..

He tells everything to her..

Shruti looks at him angrily.. She beats him..

Shruti : How dare u hide it from all of us?

She stops as she is tired of beating him..

Shruti : So.. U are married for two months now and u have hidden this from us.. How talented! And Ritika.. I did not think that u would be like this??

Ritika : Actually..

Shruti : Don’t say anything..( to Abhi) Stupid.. If u would have told me about her problem before,I would have helped u and both of us could have resolved it.. Talking about it is of no ise now..Ok leave it..

Abhi : Shruti.. Do u think what I did is wrong??

Shruti : ya.. Of course.. U have spoiled an innocent girl’s life.. Oh God.. Give patience and strength to Ritika to manage him..

Abhi : Don’t joke Shruti.. Be serious..

Shruti : Ok.. Abhi.. I can’t say what u did is right or wrong.. But u have taken a bold step to save her life.. And I am really proud of u..

Abhi feels happy and hugs Shruti..

Shruti : So.. U are new bride and bridegroom.. Hmm.. Abhi.. When are u taking her home??

Abhi :As of now, things are not going good at home.. I will take her as soon as possible.. Hope mom and dad will accept this marriage..

Shruti : They will.. Don’t worry.. I support u Abhi.. For the first time..

Abhi : Wah Wah Shruti..

Shruti : I am very happy for both of u.. And I hope u both will understand the love of the other soon..

Ritika : (thinks) Love is care and trust for me.. He really cares for me and I trust him.. So I already feel his love.. I don’t know whether he loves me or not.. But I started falling for him from the day he married me..

Abhi : (thinks) I don’t know what.. But Ritika is different.. And I like that.. Is that what called love?? I don’t know..

Shruti : (to Ritika) Don’t worry.. I am like ur sister.. U can share anything with me.. I will be there for u always.. And u can complain if he troubles u..

Ritika hugs her..

Shruti : I have an urge to say this to Sid and Swadhu.. But they might be slept..

Abhi : No Shruti.. I will tell him directly.. I can’t hear his scolds in phone.. And Swadhu’s taunts.. I will listen to them directly..

Shruti : That is good for u..

Abhi goes to his house.. Shruti and Ritika lay in bed.. Shruti started weeping thinking about her parents.. She thinks of calling Sid or messaging him..

Shruti : (thinks) He must be happy with Swadhu and his family.. Why to disturb him?? I will handle it myself..

PRECAP : Swadhu and Sid in village.. Shruti hugs Arnav and cries.. He consoles her.. Later Shruti buys a bouquet and greeting card and goes to see Arnav..

So guys..is Shruti gonna propose Arnav?? I don’t know.. Let’s wait and see.. I will come with the next episode tomorrow.. Take care guys.. Do like and comment..

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